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"To End War - The People Must Go On Strike"

04-11-2011 12:17

30th NOVEMBER 2011...

3 Day continuous international strike..


From Midnight Thursday 29th November – 12 Noon Saturday 3rd December 2011

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U.N., NATO War Crimes In Libya Sparks Anger And Continuing Resistance

03-11-2011 15:26

New alliance of imperialist-led states plot theft and repression

In the aftermath of the brutal assassination of Libyan leader Col. Muammar Gaddafi and the destruction of his hometown of Sirte, the United Nations Security Council voted unanimously to end its so-called “No Fly Zone” over this North African state. The Security Council voted during March to impose an arms embargo and the “No Fly Zone” which resulted in a massive naval blockade and aerial bombardment that killed thousands and caused tens of billions in property damage.

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The Guardian: Britain prepares to take part in US strikes against Iran

03-11-2011 08:47

The Guardian, 3 November 2011
Once again, The Guardian takes the lead in promoting war propaganda...

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A Return To Mubarak's Prisons

02-11-2011 19:23

Alaa Abdel Fatta
The jailed Egyptian revolutionary Alaa Abd El Fattah has written a secret letter from his prison cell, accusing the country's military rulers of murder and lamenting what he views as the army's hijacking of the revolution.

The letter, produced covertly from inside Bab el-Khalq prison where Abd El Fattah is being held, was handed to his pregnant wife, Manal, during a visit on Monday. It is being published in Arabic by the Egyptian newspaper al-Shorouk and in English by the Guardian, and is likely to intensify the growing divisions between Egypt's increasingly repressive army junta and pro-change activists on the street.

Abd El Fattah, one of Egypt's most prominent anti-regime voices and a former political prisoner under the Mubarak dictatorship, was taken into military custody on Sunday evening following public criticisms of the army's conduct on the night of 9 October, when at least 27 people were killed during a Coptic Christian protest in downtown Cairo.

Like many other activists, Abd El Fattah accused the army of direct involvement in the bloodshed, a claim that appears to be supported by extensive witness reports and video footage. He was charged by military prosecutors with "inciting violence against the army", and is being held initially for 15 days – a detention period that can be renewed indefinitely by the authorities. His arrest has provoked outrage across the Middle East and beyond.

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Syria, the Arab Yugoslavia of Middle East

01-11-2011 11:37

U.S. and NATO seem now in a race against time to preclude the implementation of the Syrian package of reforms, until the ruling regime is coerced into compliance to trade their support of these reforms for the current Syrian foreign policy agenda.

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Solidarity from Canada for Census Resister Judith Sambrook

01-11-2011 08:16

Judith Sambrook from Shrewsbury refused to complete her census in protest at the involvement of deadly weapons manufacturer Lockheed Martin in the data processing under a lucrative contract with the government. She will appear at Wrexham Magistrates Court on 11/11/11 (Remembrance Day) at 10.30am where a demonstration and vigil will be held in solidarity with Judith and all census resisters, and against Lockheed Martin, all those involved in the arms trade and all wars. These messages of support have arrived from Canada, where Lockheed Martin is also involved in the census.

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Feeding the 99%

31-10-2011 18:26

Birmingham Food not Bombs was officially re-launched on Sunday as the group spent several hours in Victoria Square distributing free food.

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"To End War - The People Must Go On STRIKE"

31-10-2011 12:10


30th NOVEMBER 2011
From Midnight Thursday 29th November - 12 Noon Saturday 3rd December 2011

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Occupy: War resisters Ciaron O'Reilly and Ben Griffin speak out for Manning

31-10-2011 07:33

Ben Griffin speaking at Occupy lsx
There has been an anti-war presence at Occupy LSX outside St Paul's almost every day with Ciaron O'Reilly, Ben Griffin and others speaking in public about Bradley Manning, the ongoing war in Afghanistan and war resistance amongst other things. It's shocking how many people still aren't familiar with Bradley Manning's name or the Collateral Murder footage, though everyone knows about the leaked cables and war logs.

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11/11/11: Demo and Vigil at Census Court Case

30-10-2011 10:34

Judith Sambrook refused to complete her census form in protest at the involvement of weapons manufacturer Lockheed Martin in processing census data. She has been charged and will appear at Wrexham Magistrates Court on 11th November at 10.30am, which happens to be Remembrance Day. Judith, a single parent from Shrewsbury who is on dialysis three days a week, plans to continue her resistance by refusing to pay any fine imposed and is prepared to go to prison if necessary. Read on for details of demo and vigil:

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Against Armed Drones: Women in Black to hold follow-up vigil on 12.11.11

29-10-2011 09:47

Oxford Women in Black have dedicated their October and November vigils to highlighting the shocking increase in the development and use of armed drones by Britain and other countries including the US and Israel. As always we encourage anyone who is concerned about this issue to join us for our next vigil on Saturday November 12th at 11.15am in Bonn Square, Central Oxford.

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Occupy Movement - an opportunity for demilitarisation

27-10-2011 14:12

The 15-M movement - which began occupying city squares on May 15 - has not emerged as a movement with necessarily overt antimilitarist, pacifist or nonviolent overtones. It has, however, from its very inception declared itself as “pacifist”, and conducted its protests through “peaceful means” and “without violence”. Without having carried out a detailed analysis of what this means exactly I can say that the many thousands of people in the squares of the Spanish State, have opted to carry out actions and raise their voices without using violence.

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The BBC: NATO’s media partner-in-crime

25-10-2011 21:49

Well they’ve finally silenced Muammar Gaddafi, the man the BBC calls “an oddball until the end”. The manner of his capture and death seems not to bother the BBC but then who cares about ‘oddballs’?

Attacked by NATO jets, then tortured and shot in cold blood in front of jubilant ‘rebels’, all BBC’s chief foreign correspondent John Simpson has to offer is the perpetuation of racist Western myths about the Arabs, about the ‘other’. Disgusting stuff but totally in tune with BBC’s role as NATO’s media partner.

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Smash EDO: Halloween noise demo Wed 26th

25-10-2011 17:05

The traditional Smash EDO Halloween noise demo returns to the gates of EDO/ITT tomorrow, Wednesday the 26th of October, 4-6.

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UK's left-wing press jubilant over the assassination of deposed Libyan President

21-10-2011 21:37

The Guardian, 21 October 2011
News coverage of the deposed Libyan President Muammar Gaddafi's assassination offers yet another striking illustration of the state of the "left-wing" press in Britain.

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EGYPT: Imprisoned blogger Maikel Nabil Sanad to be sent to psychiatric hospital

20-10-2011 14:40

Maikel Nabil Sanad
War Resisters' International learned today that a military court ordered on 18 October to send imprisoned pacifist blogger Maikel Nabil Sanad to a psychiatric hospital for examination. According to the information received, the blogger is presently still being held in El Marg prison, and is on hunger strike since 23 August.

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Britain’s Own Pravda-Style Propaganda: Ten Years Of ‘Involvement’ In Afghanistan

18-10-2011 14:16

Imagine Britain had been invaded and occupied by armed forces from another region of the world with China, for example, as a significant 'partner' in the 'coalition'. Imagine tens of thousands of Britons had been killed, and millions had fled as refugees. This is how the Chinese state broadcaster might report the invasion ten years hence:

'It's ten years this week since Chinese forces first became involved in Britain, and more than five years since they assumed responsibility for south-east England. So what's been achieved in that time?'

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Autumn Action Day at Faslane Peace Camp 22nd October

14-10-2011 19:54

A day of wonderful workshops, events and direct action.

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Royal Navy Medic Michael Lyons loses appeal

14-10-2011 10:33

Today at the Royal Courts of Justice Royal Navy Medic Michael Lyons was unsuccessful in overturning his conviction for refusing to carry out rifle training in preparation for deployment to Afghanistan. He was also unsuccessful in arguing that his seven month sentence was excessive.

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Michael Lyons: Appeal turned down at Royal Courts of Justice

13-10-2011 17:15

michael lyons
Michael Lyons is the young Navy medic who was sentenced to seven months military detention after refusing to take part in rifle training pending the outcome of his application for conscientious objector status. Lyons became opposed to the war in Afghanistan and to all wars since reading the Afghan War Diaries and other documents Bradley Manning is accused of leaking. Today, Lyons' appeal against the court martial and the length of his sentence were both turned down.