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UK Anti-militarism Newswire Archive

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Thank You England From USA

19-11-2003 20:58

PICTURE - Mark Twain, American Author And Humorist. Missouri, USA
Thank you from the USA for doing the right thing and protesting
to our president and his entourage over the invasion and occupation of Iraq.
It is amazing here in the U.S. how the great majority don't know or are ill-informed
on the lies the invasion was based on.

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Wednesday afternoon pics of Bush visit protests

19-11-2003 20:26

On the way to the palace but totally ringed in by cops
Pictures taken on way to buck house and around it as the light was fading.

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Freedom thugs and assasins! pulled?

19-11-2003 19:48

The pigscum wanker and the english braindeads today hijacked Freedom once again.

The transcripts of the speech probably is pulled. seems unreachable. Maybe the popularity of the pigscum. Not sure.

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Bush Goes To England, Blair Goes To Hell

19-11-2003 19:37

It only gets worse from there. Having evidently mistaken England for Baghdad, or worse, some genuflecting banana republic, the whizzes in charge of Bush's security detail proceeded to issue an absurd set of demands seemingly calculated to infuriate their hosts.

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Western Benevolence, Johann Hari And "Us"

19-11-2003 19:24

Writing in the Independent on Sunday, Robert Fisk told the truth about the lie that America and Britain are passionate supporters of democracy:

"We supported the Egyptian generals (aka Gamal Abdul Nasser) when they originally kicked out King Farouk. We - the Brits - created the Hashemite Kingdom in Jordan. We - the Brits - put a Hashemite King on the throne of Iraq. And when the Baath party took over from the monarchy in Baghdad, the CIA obligingly handed Saddam's mates the names of all senior communist party members so they could be liquidated.

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BAE System's Dirty Dealings

19-11-2003 19:15

"The UK's largest armaments producer
running a £20 million ($33.4 million) slush fund to finance prostitutes,
gambling trips, yachts, sports cars, and more for its most important clients
the Saudi royal family and their intermediaries, greasing the wheels of the
largest business deal in UK history..."

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No Afraid to Say We Told You So - a view from the States

19-11-2003 15:32

Bush said: "The terrorists have a strategic goal. They want us to leave Iraq before our work is done. They want to shake the will of the civilized world." It seems to me I recall the civilized world warning Washington about invading Iraq in the first place!

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Anti-Bush Street Party marches to Trafalgar Square

19-11-2003 15:22

100 protesters take part in Street Party through central London

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Wednesday morning pics of Bush visit protests

19-11-2003 15:17

Started with a critical mass
Various pics of fluffy protests on Wednesday morning of war criminal Bush visit

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pics from todays alternative state procession

19-11-2003 14:49

people on march
ok some stills of todays procession

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Ode' To George W.

19-11-2003 13:27

Seeing as George is about to hit the town in London, I thought I'd post this little something I got down whilst I watched lil' George address his lil' servants in the the Australian Parliament last month. A very sad day in Aussie history!

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Protests in London / Americans turn against Bush: 'We won't die for oil!'

19-11-2003 10:11

The current GLW cover
[BRITAIN] 100,000 expected for anti-Bush demonstration
- BY MARCUS GREVILLE, Australians Against the War UK

[COVER STORY] Washington's unpopular war: Americans turn against Bush

[ + ALL headlines of the the full & FREE content ]

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University College London still occupied by anti-war activists - latest

19-11-2003 02:36

At least 60 UCL Stop the War activists are continuing to occupy part of the main building at UCL after taking control around 5pm yesterday (Tues). The occupation is in protest against George W. Bush's state visit.

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Burning Planet demo report & pics

19-11-2003 01:05

The demo just after Trafalgar Square
Another report and pics from the Burning Planet anti Bush demo on Tuesday evening.

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pix from burning planet unwelcome bush protest to US embassy

19-11-2003 00:57

lots of bright lights and puppet type stuff
Pictures from today's noisy unwelcome bush demo from Burning Planet climate change campaign. Marched from Holborn through trafalger square and on to the US embassy where speeches were made acusing Bush and his corporate backers of crimes against humanity and the earth...

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Vote Bush

19-11-2003 00:51

Sorry I meant to say FUCK Bush.
Also FUCK Chrles the arse licker!

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Court Case Against Bush in Brixton, Tuesday 18 Nov.

19-11-2003 00:43

The open Court House
Geroge W Bush had a quite unwelcome reception in Brixton tonight tuesday 18 Nov. Minutes after Air Force One landed in Heathrow, a public court case against the US president took place. The defendant - GW Bush - was found guilty of many counts and crimes against humanity, therefore the jugde ordered the toppling of his statue and a cellebration afterwards. Here there are some pics of the proceedings.

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Burning Planet March report

18-11-2003 22:19

A large crowd of people took part in the Burning Planet march against Bush tonight leaving Lincoln's Inn Fields at about 7.30 pm.

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18-11-2003 21:53

pics of the projections and effegy in Brixton tonite and the

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Students Occupy!

18-11-2003 20:37

Students occupy UCL