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UK Anti-militarism Newswire Archive

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New York car bomb Incident: Another false flag?

08-05-2010 19:36

a police officer approaches the car containing a bomb, Times Square, New York
As long as imperial ambitions and rogue agencies like CIA and their foreign counterparts exist, false flag operations will be commonplace, the May 1 New York one the latest example, and maybe a forerunner of what's to come - another 9/11 some believe, far worse than the first one, perhaps involving a nuclear incident in a US city.

Then using it as a pretext for more war and to divert attention from America's deepening economic crisis, likely to erupt in protests because of Washington's indifference to millions affected.

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Iran, the US and the UN nuclear conference

08-05-2010 13:05

Ad in the New York underground station protesting Ahmadinejad's visit, May 2010
The Obama administration and the US media have exploited the visit of Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to New York to again threaten Iran with further UN sanctions and military action over its nuclear programs and demonise the Iranian president.

Like the Iranian “military threat,” the demonisation of Ahmadinejad serves to deflect public attention from Washington’s underlying aim of dominating the key strategic regions of the Middle East and Central Asia.

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Smash EDO - Target Barclays Picket 11am Saturday

07-05-2010 21:05


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New colonialism: Pentagon carves Africa into military zones

07-05-2010 19:42

Last year the commander of U.S. Africa Command (AFRICOM), General William Ward, said the Pentagon had military partnerships with 35 of the continent's 53 nations, "representing U.S. relationships that span the continent." That number has increased in the interim.

As the first overseas regional military command set up by Washington in this century, the first since the end of the Cold War, and the first in 25 years, the activation of AFRICOM emphasizes the geostrategic importance of Africa in U.S. international military, political and economic planning.

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Corporate Watch: backers of Maskiot settlement in the Jordan Valley

07-05-2010 19:33

Big corporations are not alone in implementing the Israeli occupation on the ground. Especially in the smaller settlements which do not yet have any industry or commercial outlets, ideological charities and religious groups play a crucial role when it comes to encouraging settlement expansion. This is the case with Maskiot, the first new settlement to be approved in the West Bank for a decade when it was officially established in the middle of 2008.

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People's Jury Condemns Arms Manufacturer

07-05-2010 17:14

Marching along Victoria St
Around 30 protesters, many dressed as Judges in wigs and gowns, carried a 12 foot high effigy of Dick Olver the chairman of BAE the world's second largest arms producer, to protest outside the BAE AGM taking place in the QEII Centre, London, UK. 05/05/2010 Photos Copyright (C) Peter Marshall, all rights reserved.

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Voting in Britain for war. Take your pick

07-05-2010 14:29

Edwardian notions of war are again being promoted in western democracies, along with the militarising of history, journalism and parliamentary politics. In Britain, the three main candidiates for prime minister are declared warmakers; and yet popular feeling is very different.

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Dissident Island Radio Tonight - May 7th

07-05-2010 12:41

Sea Shepherd // Merthyr to Mayo bikeride // EDO Decommissioners trial // WAG election analysis // Jammy Bastard

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Brighton Tubas: Israel's tightening grip on the Jordan Valley

06-05-2010 18:36

This is a report about last week's events in the occupied Jordan Valley.
For photos visit the web site.

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The "Evil Guys List"? "Free Journalism" in the Service of US Foreign Policy

06-05-2010 15:55

ad for the photography book marking Reporters Without Borders' 25th anniversary
An organization calling itself Reporters Without Borders has just named Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, China’s President Hu Jintao, Iran’s Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Kazakhstan’s Nursultan Nazarbayev and Belarus President Aleksandr Lukashenko to their list of Forty Worst Predators of Press Freedom for 2010.

Most significant about their list of ‘bad guys’ is the geopolitical relation of those leaders and those countries to the current ‘enemies list’ of the US State Department. That is no accident, as becomes clear when we look more closely at who funds RWB.

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US, UK, France,Italy walk out of UN nuclear conference in war propaganda theater

06-05-2010 07:55

President Ahmadinejad speaking at the Non-Proliferation Treaty Review Conference
The “emperor has no clothes” fact is that the new face of unlawful global imperialism is the old face of 20th Century imperialists. As critical mass of public recognition builds, this time, the public will reject their loveless and mass-murderous empire-building.

The two paper-thin lies the 21st Century fascists use to promote unlawful war is that Iran threatens to destroy Israel and Iran has a nuclear weapons program. Both are quickly proven as lies.

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Words of wisdom: Mohammed El-Baradai on the Iranian nuclear issue

05-05-2010 21:09

International Atomic Energy Agency’s former Director General, Mohammed ElBaradei
As we follow the NPT Review Conference in New York and the enormous salience of the Iranian nuclear issue there, it is useful to consider some recent observations about the Iranian case by the International Atomic Energy Agency’s former Director General, Mohammed ElBaradei. Baradei was in the Boston area last week, where, among other things, he took part in an extended Q&A session with Graham Allison; the event was hosted by the Institute of Politics at Harvard University’s John F. Kennedy School of Government.

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Democracy Village Peace Festival – Pix & Call Out

05-05-2010 17:51

A1. Voice of the Hoi Polloi
Dateline: Democracy Village, Parliament Square, London, UK, 12:00-Late, Thu 06 Mat 10 – As the boss class's 'Electoral Circus' grapples with performance anxiety, the participatory democratic will of the people gains expression through a collective Peace Festival at the ever-expanding Democracy Village, camped out on the very doorstep of the House of Conmens in Parliament Square.

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Message from a Concerned Citizen of the Democracy Village

05-05-2010 14:32

An account of my stay at the Democracy Village, and a call to all 'Concerned Citizens'

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Reminder - Bad Music Demo at EDO/ITT Today 4pm

05-05-2010 11:36


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The declared nuclear powers, US, UK and France defeated by the power of reason

05-05-2010 11:16

Brown, Obama and Sarkozy at the G-20 summit in Pittsburg, USA, 25 September 2009
It is a fairly reliable rule of thumb that when a person refuses to listen to the argument of another, it is a sign that the person is betraying the fact that his own argument is flawed – or downright spurious.

Take the case of the US and its allies, Britain and France in particular, which allege that Iran is a threat to world peace, has sinister ambitions to build nuclear weapons and is in violation of the Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT).

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Parliament Square Democracy Village - Day 4 pics

05-05-2010 07:15

Tent Village
Pics from Democracy Village on Tuesday, 4 May 2010

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Obama and Iran: All "options" are on the table...(by Latuff)

05-05-2010 07:10

Warmonger Obama and his "options"...
Artwork originally produced for Iranian newspaper Jame-Jam.

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Election posters subverted in East Oxford

04-05-2010 23:59

Andrew Smith poster stickered
Various election posters were subverted in East Oxford tonight to remind people with short memories of the blood our politicians still have on their hands.. Many other posters have mysteriously disappeared.