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UK Anti-militarism Newswire Archive

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Whither did Codoleeza Go?

20-02-2007 10:20

Ms Rice
To the Sky Lobby in Merckel Land.

In case anyone wants to have a little Protest against US aggression.

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Ridding the East End of Guns! (It’s easy as 1, 2, and 3)

19-02-2007 23:38

Oh Yes!
The main stream media and our Prime Minister appear very concerned about the recent spate of shootings in London. Let’s all get together and drive out these unwanted weapons of aggression.

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Is The Bush White House Advancing Fascist Agenda?

19-02-2007 20:41

With the illegal “war on terror,” renewal of the USA PARTIOT Act, the Real ID Act of 2005, and the implementation of the National Animal ID Act, is the Bush administration taking the Constitutionally guaranteed freedoms of unwitting United States citizens? In this summary of the documentary “One Nation Under Siege,” we can see the pattern of our freedoms falling by the wayside, one at a time.

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Student Blockade of EDO MBM

19-02-2007 18:55

Smash EDO Press Release

Contact Andrew Beckett or Sarah Johnson For more Details

Email -, tel 07875708873


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Video of Nuclear Warhead Convoy near Reading

19-02-2007 17:57

These convoys carry up to six nuclear warheads along public roads from AWE Burghfield (near Aldermaston) to RNAD Coulport, west of Glasgow.

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Survey reveals majority of MP’s would not support attack on Iran

19-02-2007 13:53

PRESS RELEASE – 19th February 2007

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Autonomous Bloc on the Anti-Trident Demo in London

19-02-2007 13:49

call-out for antiu-authoritarian presence at the upcoming Stop the War/No Trident demo this weekend

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Is the Media Fomenting War between Iran and the US?

19-02-2007 13:30

Boredom strikingly prevails on the media stage despite the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq and the forgotten conlicts in other countries.

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"INDEPENDENT"s Thomas Sutcliffe: same 911 smear -doesnt comprehend doublebubble

19-02-2007 12:40

Despite the pretence of independence, the treatment of certain news items by the "independent" is, if anything, more reactionary compared to other papers. The TV review (19 feb 07) of the 911 programme is a good example of this. Too often people that write for this website assume bad intentions, rather than the usual influences, so, as a sort of "informed sceptic", allow some explanations: engage!

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Iran: A Chronology of Disinformation

19-02-2007 11:00

Raw Story's inimitable Larisa Alexandrovna has recently written an excellent article detailing the neoconservatives' six-year long project to use American power to attack and produce regime change in Iran. Appended to the piece is a timeline including key Bush administration statements about Iran, "news" stories and neocon writings abetting efforts to vilify Iran, and the antics of such characters as former Congressman Curt Weldon, Iran-Contra arms dealer Manucher Ghorbanifar, and spy-for-Israel Larry Franklin who have worked to facilitate that attack. I've used it as the basis for this more elaborate (although surely incomplete and imperfect) chronology.

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Israel seeks an alliance with Turkey against Iran

18-02-2007 23:55

Preparing for an attack on Iran, prime minister Ehud Olmert wants to
see Turkey on Israel's side. As the full extent of the alliance
against Iran becomes concrete, the true nature of military agreements
between the two countries will eventually become clear.

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Photos - Italians protest U.S. base in Vicenza

18-02-2007 18:58

Protestors demonstrate against the expansion of a U.S. military base in Vicenza, northern Italy, February 17,2007.

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Terrorist Attacks in Iran and Iraq point to the U.S. and Britain

18-02-2007 18:05

The US and Britain, which allege to be pioneers in the campaign against terrorism, are themselves actually defending the terrorists, training them and providing them with the needed media and financial supports and facilities." (Soltan-Ali Mir, Iranian Interior Ministry)

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Second surprise demo at EDO

18-02-2007 12:31

EDO are Brighton's very own bomb makers...

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Weapons used in Terrorist Attacks in southeastern Iran come from US

18-02-2007 10:04

Explosive devices and arsenals used in a terrorist attack in the southeastern Iranian city of Zahedan on Wednesday came from the United States, the semi-official Fars news agency reported on Saturday.

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US-North Korean nuclear agreement: clearing the decks for Iran

17-02-2007 23:58

Far from marking a fundamental change in the militarist course of the Bush administration, the deal reached between the US and North Korea represents a temporary and tactical shift that conveniently sidelines a potentially explosive issue as the US prepares for war against Iran.

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Is the Bush administration behind the bombings in Iran?

17-02-2007 19:06

Two bombings this week in Zahedan in southeastern Iran are the latest in a series of incidents involving armed opposition groups based among the country’s ethnic minorities. The most recent attacks again raise questions about the activities of the US military and CIA inside Iran as the Bush administration intensifies its preparations for war.

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Make Love Not War Benefit Night tonight @ Vortex

17-02-2007 13:44

Benefit night to raise money for grassroots anti-war initiatives, Disarm DSEi and Faslane 365 Live music, poets and activist video.

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Bush Administration's smoking gun on Iran Misfires

17-02-2007 11:03

Taking into account the false notes struck by the anonymous officials, the damaging admissions they made and the absence of information they needed to make a case, the briefing appears to have been a serious setback to the administration's propaganda campaign. It will certainly haunt administration officials trying to convince Congress to support its increased aggressiveness toward Iran.