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UK Anti-militarism Newswire Archive

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Bush nukes the NPT

04-03-2006 00:59

I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones - Einstein

The Nuclear non-Proliferation Treaty was effectively ended by Bushs nuclear deal with India yesterday. All the old treaties have been ripped up or abused as if we were on the verge of a new world war.

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04-03-2006 00:22

Amnesty International Parody Shopping and Mass Murder.

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Solidarity for Matan Cohen

03-03-2006 19:58

Wednesday 1 March, a small group gathers outside the Israeli Embassy, Kensington High Street, London.

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Do not fund the war

03-03-2006 11:20

Is your money keeping war criminals in power ?

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2nd Renaissance -12

03-03-2006 07:01

As if they had been vaporised
There are reports that in one Balinese kampong that provided labour to the clubs in Kuta Beach, seven empty coffins were buried, because there were no identifiable remains of the missing workers. It was as if they had been vaporised. Scores of people, mainly locals, are thought to have disappeared without trace.

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March March March March on 18th March

03-03-2006 03:24

On Wednesday 1st March I went along to an event that had been advertised as a Tower Hamlets Stop the War meeting. It took place in the Skeel Hall lecture theatre at Queen Mary Univeristy near Mile End, so it was just down the road for me and I thought with the March 18th anti-war event coming up it would be useful to attend the meeting.

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Mysterious forces behind Iraqi violence "paid by us" - Robert Fisk

02-03-2006 22:19

In a television interview that has stunned Australian audiences, Beirut based journalist Robert Fisk has hinted that mysterious forces trying to foment civil war in Iraq are behind the recent upsurge in voilence there.

Fisk went on to state that Sunni Arabs and other Iraqis do not conduct suicide bombings and are not divided as a society.

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world books . . . . something else to remember

02-03-2006 14:29

Lots of chat on this commemorarion / celebration of books occasion . . . . heres a couple of brief snippets about the social / politics history to enlighten things . . . .

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Western Media Fails Balata Refugee Camp...yet again

02-03-2006 11:30

The Israeli army re-invaded Balata Refugee camp in full force on Thursday 23/02/06, killing five camp residents and injuring scores, including two medical workers. In only a few days, the operation termed 'Northern Glory' by the Israeli Occupation Forces has resulted in seven fatalities and around 100 injured.

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Truth For A Change: MNN TV Explodes the Myths that Make for War

02-03-2006 11:06

WTC 7 demolition Smoking Gun of 9/11 inside job
9/11 researcher Webster Tarpley interviewed today and tomorrow on Web TV, claims WTC was destroyed in controlled demolition, not by hijackers, and tells what we can do about it.

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'Women Say NO To War' - US Embassy, London, March 8th

02-03-2006 09:31

In January 'Women Say NO To War' started a campaign calling for an end to the war and occupation in Iraq. The first step in the campaign is a global petition - the 'Womens Call For Peace'.

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01-03-2006 23:00

A review of news & opinion
A review of news, opinion, and photography recorded, from the Indymedia Newswire. With times and freqs for tuning in anywhere you can, at your leisure. Free to rebroadcast. The world & recorded for the community archive! Now crystal clear on widescreen!

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SEC Covers Up UAE Money Laundering with U.S. Stocks

01-03-2006 22:34

And some of that money laundering with this unaudited U.S.penny stock fraud's shares has been in the UAE's Dubai,Kuala Lumpur,Nicosia and through a California bank while W Bush has assured us, in order to run his deal with whoever in the UAE to surrender our ports,that the UAE has cleaned up its act and this kind of thing no longer occurs ! And the Securities Exchange Commission is harrassing business journalists to cover up such stock fraud and thus are also covering up money laundering and illegal pump and dump activities with U.S. penny stocks in the EAU for George W Bush, !

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Media Workers against the War

01-03-2006 22:09

Media Workers Against the War


Press contacts: 07815 111 191, 07801 789 297

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Solidarity with Matan Cohen

01-03-2006 21:50

Tonight London activists picketed the Israeli Embassy in Kensington in solidarity with a young activist who has been badly and deliberately injured by the Israeli border Police.

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Film Screening

01-03-2006 17:27

The university students against war society are showing a Film by the Manchester based art collective Ultimate Holding Collective.

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01-03-2006 07:34

AWE & the health of our community - the social, environmental, economic
and health affects of a nuclear weapons factory in our community

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Global Protest Against Iraq War followed by Mass Civil Disobedience in London

28-02-2006 16:48

Following the calls from the Assembly of the Social Movements alongside the World Social Forum meeting in Venezuala in January, the international anti-war movement is planning mass protests around the world on March 18th / 19th. The weekend will see over 200 anti-war protests around the globe. There will be a demand to end to the brutal, illegal and humiliating occupation of Iraq and against the proposed US attack on Iran. The protests will take place as far afield as Yellowknife in the frozen far north of Canada to Iraq itself where there will be demonstrations in Baghdad and Basra.

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Another Iraqi Milestone...

28-02-2006 15:46

With the deaths of two British soldiers in Iraq today, Coalition fatalities have exceeded two and a half thousand since the invasion in March 2003.