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XE's Raymond Davis, Afghanistan, Libya, opening shots of World War III?

05-03-2011 01:59

Broadcast at 6pm Friday 4th March 2011.
This week's discussion was about the deepening military conflicts in Afghanistan, Pakistan. The new military government in Egypt and nascent civil war in Libya.

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20th anniversary - How George Bush, Sr. sold the 1991 war on Iraq

04-03-2011 17:01

A military show by the Kuwaiti Army marked the 20th anniversary of the Gulf War
The 2nd of March 2011, marked the 20th anniversary of the 1991 Gulf War on Iraq....

"Hill & Knowlton, then the world's largest public relations firm, masterminded the Kuwaiti campaign to sell the 1991 Gulf War to the American public. By the time their lies were exposed TV newscasters were waxing ecstatic over the rockets' red glare, computerized 'smart-bombs' bursting in air, and 250,000 people were dead."

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Tories to cut may day

04-03-2011 08:26

Please note: whether or not you agree with my particular take on this matter, the simple fact of this article is that the coalition is attempting to scrap a historic day of working class pride and replace it with empire pride. I hope this is something that many people take as seriously as I do. We must fight for our day before it is gone forever.

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Current United States bellicose 'Cognitive Infiltration' of the Enemy

03-03-2011 21:47

Here we see that 'culture' is the social substratum for ruling class psychological operations and 'infiltration of the enemy', ...

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4th March Demo in Solidarity with the Middle Eastern and North African Uprisings

03-03-2011 17:56

Demonstrate Friday 4th March
Brighton, Old Steine, 5pm

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David Cameron: We will use military force to free Libya

02-03-2011 21:17

The Times, 1 March 2011
The US and NATO bases in Italy are preparing for military action against Libya. Britain, France and the United States have dispatched hundreds of military advisors to Libya to set up military bases in the country's oil-rich east. British and US special forces entered Libyan port cities of Benghazi and Toburk on February 23 and 24.

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Imperialist Hands off Libya

02-03-2011 19:18

"The "lap dog presses" in western nations will not assist in revealing the horrific imperial grab now shaping up in North Africa. The western powers are on the "counter attack" as naval might is now poised to "intervene" in Libya to "save the day," read steal the victory, after the people themselves have deposed the dictator and begun to set up their own government. That is the west's' worst nightmare. Normal human beings, peacefully governing themselves? That would be a disaster and the most feared example from the "great white man's" perspective. And of course they want the oil and a potential launch pad for attacks (remember the contra war against revolutionary Nicaragua) on the new governments in Tunisia and Egypt should they deem to be too independent from the dictates of capital. Eh gads! They might decide to meet the needs of their citizens!

The people of Libya will need to state to the entire world that they will defend they're independence and sovereignty with the force of arms from all invaders. Only then will the imperialist consider backing off."

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Activists block access to BIS and UKTI DSO to demand an end to arms sales

01-03-2011 17:56

Solidarity with the libyan people. The police issue warning to government departments with links to Libya to be "extra vigilant" following the demonstrations this morning.

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Brighton demo this Friday in Solidarity with the Middle Eastern Revolutions

01-03-2011 16:27

The uprisings in the Middle East and North Africa are ongoing. Gaddafi has now lost control of the majority of Libya while, an uprising has begun in Oman while resistance continues in Bahrain and Yemen.

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Could Venezuela see her future in the oily crystal ball of Libya?

01-03-2011 02:36

On the 'Dark Continent' the Twilight of the 'Wretched of the Earth' is casting an obscure anticipatory awakening on the northern part of the continent ...

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Libyan Opposition Spurns Calls for Foreign ‘Help

01-03-2011 02:24

"The US is already in contact with Gadhafi. They will keep him “in country” until they make they’re move. Capture or kill the old “asset,” it will make little difference to the US ruling class or the “seals” that carry it out. All that matters to the “masters” are two things: 1) The country’s’ oil. 2) Certainty that the new rulers represent the same elite class interests. Nothing is to be gained by the Libyan people. They will have to fight to be able to determine their fates. Perhaps many others will rise with them? Otherwise, it will be imperial conquest as usual."

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Libya: Is Washington Pushing for Civil War to Justify a US-NATO Military Interve

28-02-2011 19:06

“There is now talk about a “humanitarian intervention” in Libya, similar to Yugoslavia and Iraq. A “no-fly zone” over Libya has been mentioned, as has NATO military intervention. The aims behind such statements are not humanitarian, but are intended to justify foreign interference, which could potentially lead to an invasion. Should this come to fruition, Libya would become an occupied country. Its resources would be plundered and its assets privatized and controlled by foreign corporations as in the case of Iraq.
Today, in Libya and the Arab World the ghosts of Omar Mukhtar and Saladin are still very much alive and active. Getting rid of Gaddafi and his sons alone is not the solution. The entire corrupt system of governance in Libya and the culture of political corruption must be dismantled. At the same time, however, foreign interference or domination should also not be allowed to take root in Libya. If the Libyan people are mobilized and steadfast, they can fight such schemes.”


"Reports by Al Jazeera about Libyan jets firing on protesters in Tripoli and the major cities are unverified and questionable. [9] Hereto, the reports that Libyan jets have been attacking people in the streets have not been verified. No visual evidence of the jet attacks has been shown, while visual confirmation about other events have been coming out of Libya.
Al Jazeera is not alone in its biased reporting from Libya. The Saudi media is also relishing the events in Libya. Asharq Al-Awsat is a Saudi-owned paper that is strictly aligned to U.S. interests in the Middle East-North Africa (MENA) region. Its editor-in-chief is now running editorials glorifying the Arab League for their decision to suspend Libya, because of the use of force by Tripoli against Libyans protesters – why were such steps not taken for Egypt, Tunisia, Bahrain, or Yemen? Inside and outside the Arab World, the mainstream media is now creating the conditions for some sort of intervention in Libya."

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UK Census 2011: Why I Will Be Breaking The Law on March 27, 2011

28-02-2011 16:14

On Sunday March 27, 2011 I will be breaking the law.

If you live in the England, Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland then I would also like you to break the law. We can do it together, and I know for a fact that an awful lot of people will be doing the same.

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The tide of media disinformation: First Egypt, next Venezuela?

27-02-2011 11:26

As the wave of popular uprisings has spread across the Arab world, a flurry of articles have appeared suggesting Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez could be the next “dictator” to be overthrown.

Such arguments follow a pattern in the corporate media of slandering the Chavez government and the revolutionary process it leads.

They aim to conceal the real threat that haunts imperialism: that the Arab world may follow the example of Venezuela and other countries in Latin America — and break away from Western hegemony.

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Defend Julian Assange

26-02-2011 12:06

"Please do all you can to support this heroic “world citizen.” The comparison of the treatment of Assange vs. Pinochet is as revealing as it is monstrous. The former an eloquent advocate of freedom in the truest sense of the word. The latter a promulgate promoter of inquisition and vicious torture who ordered the butchering of thousands of his fellow Chilean citizens. Imagine family members forced to watch the heinous torture of totally innocent loved ones. Pinochet made Caligula proud. That the “leaders” of the US will prosecute Assange in such an arrogant and lawless manner speaks volumes of that nations’ descent from liberal democracy to “terror dungeon dictatorship.” Little wonder that today we find our world in such unparalleled peril."

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Libya: Is US pushing for civil war to justify a US-NATO military intervention?

25-02-2011 19:58

Tony Blair met Muammar Gaddafi at his desert base outside Sirte, 29 May 2007
One should be opposed to dictatorship, but one should not forget the issue of foreign domination.

Is “manufactured destruction” or “creative destruction” at work?

Is Tripoli being set up for a civil war to justify U.S. and NATO military intervention in oil-rich Libya?

If Qaddafi is not ousted, are the talks about sanctions a prelude to an Iraq-like intervention?

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Calls for military intervention in Libya

25-02-2011 19:32

"The Imperialist powers, they’re economies wrecked by the hubris endemic to their systems, would like nothing better than to seize, Libya’s petroleum assets during this time of eternal turmoil. And why wouldn’t they desire to invade now? They get to derail revolution and they get the oil! This would be London and Washington’s wet dream. And it would be a disaster for the people everywhere! In fact we may ultimately find that their dirty, greedy hands were behind the disaster in Libya in order to create pretexts for actions “imperial in nature” all over Africa. At any rate, no progressive person can believe that “western intervention” will be other than another grotesque rape of the people of the African continent. Please do all you can to resist this horrible possibility? The western powers simply cannot be trusted. Defend the Libyan nations’ right, and indeed all the revolutionary peoples’ of Africa’s’ right to self-determination. No less, and in fact, much more is at stake."

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U.S. Army Ordered Psy-Ops to Sway Lawmakers on Backing Afghan War

25-02-2011 02:13

The U.S. military is facing allegations of illegally ordering a "psychological operations" campaign to convince Senate members to increase support for the war in Afghanistan.

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Food not Bombs launch regular streetmeals in Oxford

25-02-2011 00:02

food stall complete with music machine
Last weekend Oxford Food not Bombs did our first stand-alone street meal.

A quick report from a friendly food squirrel...

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Democracy promotion: America’s new regime change formula

24-02-2011 19:48

"By the 1980s, the reign of terror that blazed across Latin America was too much for most people to stomach. From death squads to torture chambers and various massacres, the Latin American generals who trained in the US to spread democracy around the world quickly gained reputations for major human rights abuses.
To replace the overt support for dictatorships, a new concept for regime change was born; one that sounds and looks better – democracy promotion."