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UK Anti-militarism Newswire Archive

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Israeli ambassador disrupted at SOAS

22-02-2005 20:42

Anti-aparthied student activists today tried to prevent an Israeli government official from speaking at SOAS. A demonstration was held, before fire alarms went off and everyone had to leave the University buildings, exactly as the ambassador was due to begin his talk.

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Caravan for Palestine : Call for the organization of local comittees

22-02-2005 20:17

A great and ambitious project is under construction in France. A caravan constituted by more than 100 vehicles will leave Strasbourg (seat of the European Parliament) on July 4, 2005 and will reach Jerusalem on July 19.
75 persons (about 20 vehicles) are already registered for the journey, whose route passes through great cities like: Geneva, Bologna, Ancona, Patras, Athens, Thessalonica, Istanbul, Ankara, Damas and Amman…

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exercise scorpio 2

22-02-2005 18:01

As a part of the biennial exercise Manchester Airport are looking for volunteers to act as Evacuees or Friends and Relatives during "Exercise Scorpio 2" which will take place on Sunday the 20th March 2005.

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Revolt of the Unpeople in Brussels

22-02-2005 12:47

We are on the train from Cologne to Brussels to cover Mr. Bush's visit to the European Union for Indymedia UK. Newsstands and websites display pictures of happy European statesmen - Jacques Chirac looking aggressively relaxed during the handshake - and the talk is of rapprochement, a new partnership between America and Europe. Like a bad song or an awkward lover, Mr. Bush declares to the assembled notables that “no power on Earth could ever divide us.”

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Travelling to Brussels to give Bush the welcome he deserves … none.

22-02-2005 11:39

I came into Brussels this morning from Germany to join the European protests against Bush's international policies.

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Scott Ritter says US attack on Iran planned for June

22-02-2005 03:32

Former UNSCOM weapons inspector Scott Ritter has made two shocking claims: George W. Bush has "signed off" on plans to bomb Iran in June 2005, and the U.S. manipulated the results of the Jan. 30 elections in Iraq....

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Anti-Bush Protests in Belgium (20th jan sunday reports)

21-02-2005 15:06

Yesterday, 20th Feb, between 500 and 1000 people protested against Bush in front of the Brussels Stock Exchange at the start of his European visit. A big banner saying "The world holds you accountable", made clear that many hold him responsible for the death and pain of thousands of people. Posters with the names of countries that were bombed by the US illustrated this statement.

For more reports over the next two days see:

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Iran attack imminent!

21-02-2005 12:11

Scott Ritter Says US Attack on Iran Planned for June.

How can we stop these mass-murdering neocon maniacs?

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Conscientious Objector To Speak In Oxford

20-02-2005 21:54

Lance Corporal George Solomou
A public meeting with speakers including George Solomou of the Territorial Army. A lance corporal in the Royal Army Medical Corps, he has publicly declared he will not fight in Iraq and is the first UK soldier to call on other soldiers to "speak out or opt out".

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Trial of the protest camp 3

20-02-2005 19:35

Trial of the Protest Camp Three
Three activists were arrested at the Smash EDO Protest Camp last
August. They were staging a twenty four hour occupation of EDO’s roof.

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Regaining My Humanity

20-02-2005 09:27

"Let us, collectively, free our minds, softenour hearts, comfort the wounded, put down our weapons, and reassert ourselves as human beings by putting an end to war."

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19-02-2005 15:40

Tony Tether, director of the Defense Advanced Projects Research Agency, said that the Pentagon in Iraq also will use a new electronic detection device that could help pinpoint cell phones or pagers, which sometimes are used to detonate homemade bombs aimed at U.S. troops.

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19-02-2005 09:06


Announcing a new anti-capitalist website:

It has lots of pamphlets in PDF form, as well as a number of online texts.

Check it out.

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Millions suffer under Kim Jong-il. We should have stood up to him long ago.

18-02-2005 12:51

We must do more to stop Kim Jong-il's human rights violations and Songun crimes in the DPRK. People in North Korea (DPRK) do not need nuclear weapons agreements, they need human rights.

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Why Should Ken L Apologise?

18-02-2005 12:05

I argue that morally deteriorated leaders often ally themselves with Jewish and Zionist organisations.

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New account adds weight to interrogation claims

17-02-2005 21:29

After ASIO and the AFP made further allegations at the Senate Estimates Committee, pro-govt media done just the same CH/7 accusing Mr Habib of meeting David Hicks in Afghanistan, CH/10 running a flawed poll with it's viewers suggesting 80 per cent say his guilty. Ch/7's flawed poll suggesting 52 per cent of its viewers said it's okay to torture people under certain circumstances? But 48 per cent don't think so.

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New FANtastic Action at EDO MBM

17-02-2005 14:08

Losing Fans!

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Christo Art in NY City an Important Message to America

17-02-2005 08:16

7,500 frames with "orange" cloth blowing in the wind.
America..... the answer is "Blowing in the Wind".

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Ballsy Article Re: Media Iraq Censorship

17-02-2005 03:16

"Most Americans also don't know there are four permanent U.S. military bases in Iraq, with the Halliburton subsidiary Kellogg Brown and Root diligently constructing 10 others"

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Stirling Army Recruitment Protest

16-02-2005 18:06

students protest in Stirling
Students studying at Stirling University, involved with the group People and Planet, today protested at the Army Recruitment Centre in Stirling.