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24-07-2005 15:42

In a repeat of history the plight of the oppressed are compared 60 years apart - Berlin 1945 and London 2005

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Cousin of shot Brazilian man speaks out

24-07-2005 09:39

'I can't believe they shot him, because he was not a terrorist. He was an honest man. We [the family] are still too shocked to talk about it. But I am sure [that] he didn't do anything wrong. It was not right for the police to do that.' Alex Pereira, a cousin of the shot man who lives in London

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Dirty War Tactics honed in NI troubles being brought to bear on UK streets

24-07-2005 09:19

"A variety of intelligence, police and army sources [have] confirmed that “dirty war” tactics honed in Northern Ireland’s Troubles are now being brought to bear against Islamic terrorists in mainland Britain." The Sunday Herald

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CCTV for illegal and degrading war

24-07-2005 07:43

Would CCTV be more effective in a war-zone?
Well prevention is better than cure and if john hoWARd's proposition for one of those security measures is taking a photo with CCTV, after the terrorist has blown people up, most people would say that measure really wasn't very effective at all, especially if their own life depended on it!

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Bombings in London: The high price of Blair and Bush’s imperialist policies

24-07-2005 00:36

Blair fascist... you are the terrorist !

March ! for an end to the occupation of Iraq !!!!

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The Faslane G8 Blockade from a cyclist's point of view

23-07-2005 19:57

More pictures finally retrieved from IMC Faslane laptop about the Big Blockade on 4th of July 2005 at Nuclear Base in Helensburgh.
This set is from someone who participated in the g8bikeride.

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Note To Downing St: G8 Meeting/London bombs

23-07-2005 19:52

This is the HTML version of a note I will soon leave or have already left at Downing Street's online E-Mail facility, mainly concerning the G8 meeting and the London bombings, with which it was contemporaneous.

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Campaign against EDO public meeting

23-07-2005 19:21

On Wednesday 10th August there will be a public meeting at the Cowley Club, London Road, Brighton from 6-8 about the local campaign against arms dealers EDO/MBM.

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police murdered innocent man on tube

23-07-2005 16:50

Fuck it's true. Cops really did shoot and kill a man who not only was unarmed and not carrying a bomb but was actually not even connected to the terror attacks.

The man was followed by police from a block of flats that was under surveillance, chased onto the tube then pinned down while police fired five bullets into his head at point blank range.

The Metropolitan Police Service have now admitted he was not connected to the failed bombing on Thursday and have described the shooting as a "tragedy" that the service "regrets".

It was also revealed that the driver of the train was chased by cops and had a gun pointed at his head as he tried to flee the scene.

great... trigger happy cops and bombers on the underground - I'll stick to my bike thanks.

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The European Social Forum (ESF) - Athens 2006 - full details

23-07-2005 16:39

Where to find full details of the European Social Forum in Athens 2006

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New terror in the tube as cops get trigger happy

23-07-2005 16:22

The driver of the train which was the scene of a brutal police slaying on friday morning was himself chased by armed terror police who held a gun to his head as he tried to get away from terrifying 'shoot to kill' attack.

The driver started running as passengers fled from Stockwell Tube station following the shooting of a man it has since been revealed was unarmed.

According to officials from the train drivers' union Aslef, the train driver was chased by police who on catching up pointed a gun at his head.

Hearing about this outrageous behavior by armed cops given orders to shoot to kill, many train drivers have been understandably reluctant to continue working normally, the union's London officer Steve Grant has reported.

He said this incident highlights the tense atmosphere that his members are having to cope with since the 7th July attacks.

Apparently police have since apologised, which I am sure will have made the driver involved feel much better.

So, with armed tigger happy homicidal cops running around London we now have something else to worry us. We are therefore forced to raise the unofficial terror alert to 'dont run!'.

This highten security level means - don't wear bulky or baggy items of clothing if you are dark skinned - if you see police, walk at a resonable pace away from danger - whatever you do, do not run!

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23-07-2005 13:32

"Security sources said at least one car that blew up on Saturday had special plates indicating it had come over the Israeli border at Taba on the Sinai peninsula."

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Smoking Gun Memo - Reminder

23-07-2005 12:49

Hey, we've been handing the smoking gun memo aka the "Downing Street Memo" on a platter. This document needs to be given more prominence in all media.

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Iraq/France and Euro Referendum/G8/Agentina Film Review at FIGHT BACK Blog

23-07-2005 12:15

Whats on today (Saturday 23.07.2005) at FIGHT BACK Blog

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Part 4 of "Make Poverty History" Pictures

23-07-2005 10:24

Here some more pictures from the "Make Poverty History march" on 2nd of July in Edinburgh.

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Increasing concern & outrage at apparent police "shoot to kill" policy

22-07-2005 22:26

The cold-blooded, apparently racist murder, of a young Asian man today by undercover police/security agents is outrageous & a frightening development and a dark day for civil rights & democracy in Britain.

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Part2 of "Make Poverty History" Pictures

22-07-2005 22:22

Here some more pictures from the "Make Poverty History march" on 2nd of July in Edinburgh.
Part 1 under:

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Pictures of Make Poverty History March

22-07-2005 21:36

Here some more pictures from the "Make Poverty Histroy march" on 2nd of July in Edinburgh.

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Part 2 of "Even more pictures about Faslane Big Blockade"

22-07-2005 20:24

More pictures finally retrieved from laptop about the Big Blockade on 4th of July 2005 at Nuclear Base in Helensburgh.

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More pictures from Big Blockade at Faslane

22-07-2005 20:07

More pictures finally retrieved from laptop about the Big Blockade on 4th of July 2005 at Nuclear Base in Helensburgh.