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Tribute to a National Hero

15-04-2006 02:37

RAF Flight Lieutenant Malcolm Kendall-Smith, having refused to serve in Iraq in what he correctly believes is an occupation brought about by an illegal war, is predictably given an 8-month prison sentence, fined £20,000 costs and dismissed from his job. Kendall-Smith, now a national hero, follows in the steps of Ben Griffin who resigned from the Army SAS in a similar protest.

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Transport of Weapons of Mass Destruction to Iran by Israel and Britain

14-04-2006 21:51

How the Israeli Secret Service Shin Bet and the British Mi6 facilitated the transport of material for the production of weapons of mass destruction to Iran -not so long ago-, and what the failed coup in Equatorial Guinea in 2004 has to do with it.

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Protest for James Miller and Tom Hurdnall outside the EU Office in Edinburgh

14-04-2006 20:52

This is a short piece with 10 photos about the protest outside the EU Commission Office in Edinburgh today.
The protest was about the withholding of aid to the Palestinians by the EU and also for justice for James Miller and Tom Hurdnall who were shot by the Israelis.

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Loose Change 2 Showing, Kings Cross, London (18.04)

14-04-2006 16:33

Loose Change 2 Film Showing and talk/question and answer with David Shayler and Annie Machon

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Southcoast Vine and Fig Planter gets muddied hands in Sweden

13-04-2006 16:33

Hoppestubbe Mor goes to deepest Sweden to infiltrate the Swedish Peace movement / and a weapons factory at Borfors (SAAB/BaE etc).

Much intrigue ensues better than any TV (get involved and TV will only bore you). Wink wink.

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Rally for freedom for Vanunu - Wed 19th April

13-04-2006 11:53

The Vanunu Freedom Bike Ride from Faslane to London will arrive in Oxford on Wendesday April 19th.

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war hero convicted

13-04-2006 11:41

Flight-Lieutenant Malcolm Kendall-Smith is a New Zealand doctor serving with the RAF. After serving twice in Iraq and also Afghanistan he decided for himself that the war is illegal and refused a further posting. He was just court martialled and found guilty and so faces unlimited imprisonment and the full costs of his conviction, literally.

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vital need to boycott israeli products

13-04-2006 07:33

we try to argue that all products exported by israel to european countries should be boycotted, as a pressure mean to force israel to enter into a peace process with the palestinian autorities

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Bush's Act of Treason

12-04-2006 14:29

The president and his crazed gang of warmongers have put America gravely at risk by threatening first use of nuclear weapons against a non-nuclear power.

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Major Bush Lie Leading to War Revealed

12-04-2006 13:48

"A secret fact-finding mission to Iraq -- not made public until now -- had already concluded that the trailers had nothing to do with biological weapons."

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Failed Strategies

12-04-2006 06:08

The New World will not be dominated by military might or economic strength, it will be dominated by the will of the people – all people everywhere acting in the interests of each other and the planet that sustains them. Analysts are highly paid to determine future directions; recent social history has laid bare the most likely outcome. The recent capitulation of the government to the will of the people in France; the demonstration of six hundred thousand Hispanics in LA, the success of the people against their corrupt leader in Thailand. All these events in very close succession signal with clarity the world ‘government’ of tomorrow.

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. . . . remember

11-04-2006 18:47

. . . . " the eleventh of EVERY month " campaign.
Despite much effort to play people off against each other, attempts to cover up good sense with "events-based news management", + infowar of all sorts, the success of this campaign is in its problem-solving attitude to the "past". . . .

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Open letter to David Aaronovitch about Iraq.

11-04-2006 17:57

David Aaronovitch
This is a 1,000 word letter to pro-war journalist David Aaronovitch with a number of links about the invasion and occupation of Iraq and the continuing scandal of Guantanamo Bay. The impending attack on Iran is also dealt with.

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Palestinian Medical Teams denied access to those in need of help

11-04-2006 15:56

Listen to an interview with Dr Ghassan Hamdan of the PMRS as he tries to gain acess to two families of 15 people imprisoned and held captive by the Israeli army as they use their home for a sniper base.

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Korean Farmers Attacked for US Base Expansion

10-04-2006 19:14

April 7th, 6,000 riot police and 700 hired thugs attacked the
Autonomous Peace Village of Daechuri. They succeeded in destroying the irrigation system, making farming a near impossibility. 40 protesters were arrested, 30 were injured, 5 of those seriously.

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Milan Rai: Speaking Tour

10-04-2006 16:19

Title: "7/7 Islam and Terror"
Name of Lecturer: Milan Rai
Venue: October Books
Time: 19:30
Date: 19 April 2006


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Hundreds Pledge themselves for Human Shield Mission to Iran as Movement Comes Ou

10-04-2006 12:52

The Human Shield Mission to Iran steps up a gear following revelations in the New Yorker magazine that the US are planning military action against Iran.

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International Law and The Iraq War

10-04-2006 10:27

Press release from Tony Benn

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Aldermaston contractors blocked

10-04-2006 07:49

ha ha
This morning nonviolent direct action group Block the Builders took their protest against the controversial Orion laser facility to the doors of one of current contractors working on a range of projects at AWE Aldermaston.