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The ever popular US Embassy.

23-07-2006 15:07

Bush gets the finger.
The demo was unsurprisingly at its most loud and angry when passing the US Embassy. The blatant way in which Bush and his chums are siding with Israel at present demonstrates yet more hypocrisy and double standards in the so called ‘war on terror’.

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Robert Fisk: A gripping diary of one week in the life and death of Beirut

23-07-2006 14:03

The local Beirut papers are filled with photographs that would never be seen in the pages of a British paper: of decapitated babies and women with no legs or arms or of old men in bits. Israel's air raids are promiscuous and - when you see the results as we now do with our own eyes - obscene.

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"Missiles and Bombs Threaten the Future"

23-07-2006 12:52

The spiral of vengeance is not a solution!.. Perhaps a change will come in the US; perhaps questions will be raised soon.. The attack itself-again that I didn't approve-was retaliation for the US policy of the "big stick," retribution for the "new world order" that creates so much poverty.

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Round up of July 22nd Lebanon solidarity protests

23-07-2006 11:59

This is a round up of 7 different reports with photos from the day of solidarity for Lebanon on Saturday July 22nd 2006.

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23-07-2006 11:57

ITN lunchtime broadcast knocked off air at beginning of lead story.

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Middle East: Cradle or Graveyard of Empire?

23-07-2006 09:49

No, the abysmal failures in Iraq have not dissuaded Washington from embarking on yet another adventure. George W. Bush and his warmongering allies are preparing themselves for another major incident in the Middle East. This time Iran is the main challenge in the establishment of the new world order and a direct target.

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Israel, Lebanon, Palestinian Conflict: an Educational Solution

23-07-2006 05:09

Public Information Campaigns in Israel are vitally needed to educate the Israeli Public to (1) the illusory threat of a free and independent Palestine, indeed how this would benefit Israel, and (2) the stain left on the Jewish heritage and soul of Israel by such persistent aggression.

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Website with recent photos from Lebanon

23-07-2006 01:47
Showing results of the attack courtesy of the US taxpayer.

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IsraHell's fair game (part 2)

23-07-2006 01:31

IsraHell drops leaflets in Lebanon telling the people to leave...then KILLS them
Copyleft artwork by Brazilian cartoonist Latuff, on behalf of the brave Lebanese people, massacred by U.S. backed IsraHell's war machine.

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Lockheed Bombs Expedited to Israel To Bomb the Little Ones of Lebanon

23-07-2006 00:23

Lockheed is today's father of Major Barbara. It is the world's biggest merchant of death, and is expediting delivery of its bunkerbuster bombs to burn the babies of the Mideast

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The New Totalitarianism

23-07-2006 00:18

A pretty comprehensive article on where we are now

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photos and short report london lebanon demo 22/7

22-07-2006 23:02

usual suspects
7 - 30,000 protestors, depending on who you believe, marched from whitehall to hyde park today. then they went home

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A letter to Palestinian and Lebanese filmmakers from Israeli filmmakers

22-07-2006 22:28

A letter to Palestinian and Lebanese filmmakers to coincide with the opening of the Arab Film Biennial in Paris July 22nd

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London erupts in mass protest against Israeli crimes.

22-07-2006 20:11

Demonstrators assemble in the centre of London’s government district.
Around 10,000 people of conscience marched through central London today in fierce opposition to Israel’s mass slaughter of the Lebanese and Palestinian people and the British government’s complicity.

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Protestor arrested at Davis Cup Picket

22-07-2006 19:39

A protestor was arrested at the picket of the Israel-Britain Davis Cup tennis tournament in Eastbourne.

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Photos - Stop the War on Lebanon Demo - Manchester 22nd July

22-07-2006 19:10

Photos from Stop the War on Lebanon demo
Manchester 22nd July
March from the BBC to rally in Albert Square
2000 attended

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Sheffield demo against war in Lebanon

22-07-2006 18:44

Some photos from the rally and march in Sheffield held on Saturday 22nd July 2006 against the war in Lebanon.

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The real aims of the US-backed Israeli war against Lebanon

22-07-2006 18:05

As the onslaught against Lebanon enters its tenth day, Israeli troops are poised for a full-scale invasion that has been prepared by murderous aerial bombardment, and the far-reaching imperialist aims of the war have become all too clear.
With the full political, financial and military backing of the United States, the Zionist regime is attempting to transform Lebanon into an Israeli protectorate. This military operation is a continuation and escalation of the imperialist geo-political restructuring of the Middle East and Central Asia that began with the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq, and whose goal is the establishment of US domination of the entire region.
The immediate aim of this war—the elimination of Hezbollah as a military and political force within Lebanon—is directed against all mass resistance to Israeli and American domination of the country. The Bush administration and its allies in Jerusalem see this as an essential step toward: 1) the removal of the Syrian Baathist regime, and 2) the launching of a full-scale war against Iran.

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Newcastle Demo 22nd July Pics

22-07-2006 15:13

Pics from the Newcastle Demo

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Update: Protests at Israel/Britain Davis Cup Game,Bournemouth

22-07-2006 13:30


Protest against Israel-Britain Davis Cup Game UPDATE...