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Protestor arrested at Davis Cup Picket

Serious criminal | 22.07.2006 19:39 | Lebanon War 2006 | Anti-militarism | London | South Coast

A protestor was arrested at the picket of the Israel-Britain Davis Cup tennis tournament in Eastbourne.

Around 35 people or more turned up to protest outside the Davis Cup tennis tournament today. A minibus from Brighton was followed by police all the way from Brighton to Eastbourne a fine example of wasting tax payer's money.

Outside the venue the many police in attendance behaved like bastards from the start pushing protestors around and forcing them under threat of arrest to the opposite side of the road behind a barrier.

Anyone leaving the cordon was followed through the streets of Eastbourne and the police gave the good people of Eastbourne a preview of the forthcoming police state being introduced by this Government. These days going to buy a sandwich is a potential criminal act so must be closely monitored by the police.

It seemed that our megaphone was upsetting unamed members of the public and so we were ordered to stop using it. We were given 10 minutes to stop using it. After only a minute the megaphone was handed over to one of Sussex Police's favorite protestors so they took their chance to nab him and immediately without warning arrested him.

He is now at Eastbourne Station. Saturday night in Eastbourne! The police station is probably the best place to be.

Sussex Police have an awful record of prosecuting Brighton Activists and I don't see the pattern changing now.

Please get down tomorrow for the singles match and some more police fun.

Serious criminal


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