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Nottingham University Student Die-In :: to protest at un-ethical investments

21-03-2007 00:31

Nottingham University Student held a Die-In outside the Portland Building On Tuesday afternoon [20 March] at 1.00pm to protest at un-ethical investments and the university's connection with the arms trade.

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20-03-2007 20:10

An anti-war anti-trident protest song to mark the last 4 years in Iraq and a future world full of tridents

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Iraq 4 years on – vigils held in Swindon

20-03-2007 20:00

Lunchtime vigil
Four years on from the “shock and awe” invasion of Iraq, peace campaigners in Swindon, determined that this anniversary should not go unmarked, braved the bitter cold to hold vigils at the Cenotaph at lunch time and in the early evening.

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Army Recruitment Picketed in Liverpool

20-03-2007 19:02

our target!
Fifteen activists picketed Liverpool army recruitment on James Street yesterday, in an event organised by Liverpool Social Forum and the Merseyside Anarchist Group. We were marking four years since the invasion of Iraq began, but we were also starting a round of campaigning which we hope will break the Stop The War Coalition's stranglehold on the anti-war movement in the area.

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Vigil outside FA HQ against the Israel/England Euro 2008 Qualifier

20-03-2007 18:28

Boycott Israeli Goods Campaign Press Release

Kick Apartheid Out of Football

Vigil outside FA HQ against the Israel/England Euro 2008 Qualifier
Soho Square 24th March 2007, 1pm

Tel 02077006192, 07845039980

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TURKEY: Conscientious objector Halil Savda sentenced to 15 months imprisonment

20-03-2007 17:29

Halil Savda
On 15 March, Turkish conscientious objector Halil Savda (TK14682) was sentenced by the Corlu military court to 15.5 months imprisonment - 12 months for "desertion", and 3.5 months for "continued disobedience".

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M19: CAAT-London Arms Trade Crawl

20-03-2007 12:35

Marking the fourth anniversary of the Iraq invasion the newly-formed London CAAT group went on a Central London Arms Trade Crawl yesterday.

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Anti-Trident Protest at Atomic Weapons Establishment - 19th March

20-03-2007 12:29

Demonstration at AWE Aldermaston, Berkshire against parliamentary decision to renew Trident, and ongoing construction and development work at the site.

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Seven British Doctors in Gaza (Press Release)

20-03-2007 09:26

The last voyage
A neonatologist, a senior lecturer in public health, a Professor of Physiology, an anatomist, a urological surgeon, a physician with an interest in endocrine disease and a trauma and orthopaedic surgeon are going to Gaza, to learn, to teach and to stand with a captive people.

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Killing two birds with one Mohammed

20-03-2007 02:10

Alas, Khalid Sheik Mohammed has confessed to masterminding the 9/11 attacks at a Guantanamo Bay military hearing. He also took the rap for masterminding more than two dozen other terrorist acts around the world and the murder of reporter Daniel Pearl. As the Pentagon release reported, he said “I was responsible for the 9/11 operation, from A to Z.” So there you have it. It’s a wrap. And who needs to catch Osama Been Forgotten? Rip up the wanted posters and throw away the fake tapes.

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Demilitarize the World!

20-03-2007 01:59

War is Just a Racket: Take a Stand; Dismantle the War Machine; Demilitarize the World!

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Glasgow activists commemorate Rachel Corrie anniversary

19-03-2007 21:56

A small but dedicated contingent of Glasgow activists gathered on Friday afternoon in Glasgow city centre to mark the 4th anniversary of the tragic death of American human rights activist Rachel Corrie.

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Sheffield AF Anti-Recruitment Centre - March 17th

19-03-2007 20:42

Only Anarchists Are Pretty

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The Political Economy of Diamonds

19-03-2007 18:25

A few years before 9/11, the world's curiously selective conscience was shocked by images from the little West African country of Sierra Leone. To horror stories from Sierra Leone (and Liberia) were soon added those from Angola and Congo. The conflict diamonds (later reincarnated as "blood diamonds," when the original images started to lose their shock value) were already high on the international agenda before the conveniently timed discovery that behind the trade could be found the evil hand of al-Qaeda.

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Iraq: What about the ‘surge’ in civilian casualties?

19-03-2007 16:43

What about the ‘surge’ in civilian casualties? In the media coverage of the American 'surge' - committing 20,000 extra troops to the war in Iraq - there has been barely a word about the likely consequences of this intensified combat for the Iraqi civilian population.

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In The Navy!

19-03-2007 15:49

Today the Royal Navy visited the University of Bradford. Publicity for the event was terrible, and in fact - the only poster we saw after touring the entire campus was placed outside the meeting room a bunch of activists were meeting in. And not just any activists, but a bunch of activists who were discussing anti-trident actions.

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Activists Target Labour Constituency Offices

19-03-2007 12:19

In protest at the Labour Party's responsibility fort the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and the activists target constituency offices in London.

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Four Antimilitarist Spaniards Arrested At Faslane

19-03-2007 08:56

Antimilitarist activists of diferent parts of the
Spanish State have travelled to the military base where this submarines
are located in Faslane (Scotland), to carry out an action of blockade.
This antimilitarist action is within the framework of a campaign that is
taking place since last october.

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Open Letter to Farah Diba: "Kindly Come and Do Us a Favor, Oh Lady"

19-03-2007 01:31

Note from the translators: Azadeh Forghani is one of the women’s rights activists who was arrested for peaceful protest on March 4th 2007 in front of the Revolutionary Court in Tehran. The following open letter was addressed to Farah Pahlavi, the empress of Iran during the reign of Mohammad Reza Pahlavi. Forghani critiques the cooptation of the Iranian women’s rights movement by Farah Pahlavi and opportunistic opposition groups. The original piece in Persian was published by on March 13.