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UK Anti-militarism Newswire Archive

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Smash EDO: Upcoming events

30-03-2012 20:42

Just a a quick reminder of some Smash EDO related events happening in the next few days.

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An Interview with Ed Greens: ‘Screaming Revolution’ & Palestine

30-03-2012 20:07

Beats, Rhymes & Revolution, Hackney Picture House, London, 29th March 2012
Ed Greens, 21 year old musical artist & poet from Camden Town, London performed at the Hackney Picture House yesterday. The show premiered the music video to ‘Screaming Revolution’ by Empdy x Ed Greens. I caught up with brother Ed to ask a few questions, particularly, how he came to start making ‘active’ music and why Palestine is a common thread in his music.

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A Night Of Whalepunk In Sheff - Sea Shepherd Benefit!

30-03-2012 11:32

A night of whalepunk to raise much needed funds for Sea Shepherd -

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Fukushima : Appeal Of Hashizume Bun, A-Bomb Survivor Of Hiroshima

28-03-2012 12:31


accuracy : Hashizume Bun, the 80-year-old author of "The Day the Sun Fell: I was 14 years old in Hiroshima", was less than 1.5 kilometers from the hypocenter of the explosion.

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Anti Militarist Billboard Goes Up In St Werburghs

27-03-2012 20:55

Bristol anti-militarists paste a message on a billboard in St Werburghs, the day after the Pakistan President called for an end to US drone strikes and week before a planned protest at the Bristol drone conference.

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Smash EDO: Summer of Resistance talk in Worthing, Thurs 29th

27-03-2012 11:21

Smash EDO will be speaking about the Summer of Resistance at the Worthing Alliance meeting on Thurs 29th, 8pm at Beechwood Hall Hotel, Wykeham Road, Worthing.

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Israelis and Iranians Against War

26-03-2012 11:22

Israelis aren't all like Netanyahu and Knesset extremists like him. Most want peace, not war. On March 24, Haaretz headlined, "Hundreds of Israelis march in Tel Aviv to protest war with Iran," saying: A Ronny Edry/Michal Tamir "Israelis against a war with Iran" Facebook campaign linked anti-war Israeli and Iranian citizens. It inspired protesters after it went viral, saying: "The newspaper headlines tell the tale: The prime minister is trying to legitimize an Israeli attack on Iran, which is expected soon." Another post read: "Most of the Israeli public is opposed to an adventure of this sort that may have catastrophic consequences. Many experts warn of the results an attack on Iran and a declaration of war of this sort may bring. Iran is expected to respond, meaning there would be many Israeli casualties." Quotes from supportive prominent Israelis were added, including former Mossad head Meir Dagan opposing an attack.

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Frontex eyes drones to further war on immigration

26-03-2012 10:59

Last September the European Parliament granted EU border control agency Frontex the right to purchase its own equipment, such as navy ships and helicopters. Up till then Frontex was depending on EU member states defence and police forces for its equipment. The decision of the European Parliament opened up new profit opportunities for the arms industry.
While no orders so far have become public, several military companies started courting Frontex, especially with offers of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs or drones).

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Smash EDO: Summer of Resistance info night, today in Brighton

26-03-2012 10:17

There will be an open Summer of Resistance info night tonight, Monday the 26th, at the Cowley Club in Brighton, 7.30pm. Come and learn more and to find out how to get involved.

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Bradley Manning Solidarity in Wales: 11 - 29 April

25-03-2012 10:13

There are going to be events happening in solidarity with Bradley Manning across Wales during April. As well as organised meetings, talks, discussions and so on, we hope to be out on the streets during the day bringing Bradley Manning's situation and the global issues his case raises to the attention of the public. Please join us!

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Oranges and Warfare - Greece

25-03-2012 08:54

Oranges or arms - economic and other violence

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MoD procurement privatisation - crucial article that didn't appear online

23-03-2012 13:55

This article appeared in the print edition of the Bristol Evening Post but someone somewhere decided it should not appear in the online edition - wonder why? It names and shames the massive companies that are circling round the MoD procurement centre at Abbey Wood, North Bristol like vultures. Just imagine if the private arms firms were in charge of overseeing government arms contracts. Bye-bye future - it's 1984 in spades! The last line - as ever - is the most important considering BAe Systems are 'at the heart of corruption' in the global arms trade.according to Andrew Feinstein (see below)

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Crisis of Civilization Podcast: #2 – Population, Climate Skeptics, Kony 2012

23-03-2012 10:55

Dean Puckett and Nafeez Mosaddeq Ahmed discuss population and why it isn’t a main focus in the film, have an in-depth chat about Climate Skepticism and dissect KONY 2012 – Enjoy !

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London’s ‘Syria Global March’ - 17th March 2012

20-03-2012 19:20

'Syria Global March' Procession, London 17 03 12
On 17th March 2012, a global people’s march was called to commemorate the first anniversary of the Syrian Revolution with a demand to ‘an end the slaughter & carnage of innocent people by a barbaric regime.’ A video featuring conversations with Mohammed, the son of a Syrian Muslim Brotherhood member and a demonstrator, the procession and speeches from the day can be viewed here -

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Catholic Worker Vigil at Watford Army Recruitment Centre

20-03-2012 18:46

Catholic Worker Vigil outside Army recruitment centre in Watford 1
Eight Catholic Workers held a peaceful vigil at Watford Army Recruitment centre on March 20th.

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Stop State Repression against ANTI-KKNPP Activists

20-03-2012 14:52

Dear All,

Kudankulam was encircled by more than 10,000 police, rapid action force. Each village is also encircled by police force. We need to alert each and everyone across the nation. People outside Tamilnadu spread the news. Join hands to protect the people and protest... Fear of life loss prevails as the Police tightens security and arrests the protestors,at one point there will be a violence break out protestors being stubborn to fight the situation. Very sad. we need urgent support from national and international human rights organisation and journalist organisation as Police warned media to leave the place of the protesters immediately

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Target Barclays Sat 24th of March in Brighton

20-03-2012 12:33

During the last month Jordan Valley Solidarity, Brighton and Hove Palestine Solidarity Campaign, Smash EDO and students from Sussex university have held two very successful demos against Barclays' investments in Israel and the arms trade. We will return again this Saturday. Come along to Barclays, 139-142 North Street, Brighton on the 24th help us make this one a success!

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Koodankulam Anti - Nuclear Struggle

19-03-2012 23:47

We look forward communities with humanist concerns, working at National and International levels to raise their voices in support of the protestors who have dared to brave formidable state machinery against all odds, upholding democratic traditions.