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Target Barclays Sat 24th of March in Brighton

Target Barclays | 20.03.2012 12:33 | Smash EDO | Anti-militarism | Palestine | South Coast | World

During the last month Jordan Valley Solidarity, Brighton and Hove Palestine Solidarity Campaign, Smash EDO and students from Sussex university have held two very successful demos against Barclays' investments in Israel and the arms trade. We will return again this Saturday. Come along to Barclays, 139-142 North Street, Brighton on the 24th help us make this one a success!

For report from the previous actions see:

Callout for Target Barclays actions:

Barclays Bank have along history of profiting from suffering and war, and
most people will be aware of their involvement in apartheid South Africa
in the 70's and 80's. Today the bank profits from Israel's apartheid
system in Palestine.

Barclays is the only major British high street bank with significant
investments in Israel, holding shares in 8 Israeli companies: Tower
Semiconductor, Gilat Satellite Networks, Ceregon Networks Ltd, Ituran
Location and Control Limited, Radware Ltd, Ezchip Semiconductor Ltd,
Mellanox Technologies Ltd and Teva. They also invest invests in a number
of companies linked to Israel's settlements: Unilever, which owns
Beigel&Beigel, a company based in Barkan settlement industrial zone;
France Telecom, which owns the Orange brandname (Orange's franchisee,
Partner Communications, owns mobile phone antennas in the settlements);
G4S, which provides services to Israeli and West Bank prisons and police
stations; Motorola which supplies security equipment and communications
equipment to the Israeli army, settlements and for use in the apartheid
wall; and F&C Reit, owner of settlement real estate through British Israel
Investments. The bank also owns shares in Tesco and Sainsbury, High Street
stores that sell settlement produce in the UK.

Barclays is also the largest global investor in the arms trade and holds
shares in several companies supplying arms to Israel: Smiths, Rolls Royce,
Meggit, Raytheon, BAE, Chemring and Ultra Electronics. Barclays provides
market maker services to ITT Exelis, the mother company of Brighton's
local arms company EDO, on the NYSE.

Barclays eventually pulled out of apartheid South Africa in 1986, after
years of consumer pressure. Now is the time to stop profiteering from
Israeli apartheid.

We encourage groups to take action against Barclays across the country.

Target Barclays
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