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UK Anti-militarism Newswire Archive

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Four more U.S. soldiers die in Iraq yesterday and today

17-01-2004 17:17

TIKRIT, Iraq - The number of American service members who have died in the Iraq conflict since war started last March reached 500 Saturday after a roadside bomb exploded near Baghdad, killing three U.S. soldiers and two Iraqi civil defense troopers.

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Afghanistan: elections in the North...

17-01-2004 15:26

Atta walks in
A few photos and report from the North of Afghanistan, where a citizen of Oxford is now a UN volunteer.

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IOF Lock Out 500 People From Their Own Homes

16-01-2004 18:02 in a Week
from the Anti-Apartheid Wall Campaign

January 16, 2004

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America's Empire of Bases

16-01-2004 15:04

With all of the activity going on against American bases such as "RAF" Lakenheath and "RAF" Fairford recently, here's an interesting overview of how local campaigns fit into the global picture.

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Appeal for resistance against the meeting of the World-War-Elite in Munich

15-01-2004 20:20

from 6 to 8 February, 2004

Against EC military power and German war politics:
Stop Nato Countries’ global war!
Keep on moving – come to Munich. Against the Nato War Conference from 6 to 8 February, 2004

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Celebrating the U.S. "Conquest" of Iraq At Leeds North Bar

15-01-2004 16:22

Leeds North Bar is currently celebrating the American "Conquest" of Iraq.

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Alexis Keller racist? Alexis Keller raciste?

15-01-2004 15:44

Is Alexis Keller, the promoter of Geneva initiative, defending racist ideas?

Est-ce qu'Alexis Keller, le promoteur de l'initiative de Genève, défend des idées racistes?

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Police 'Abused Power' by Barring Anti-War Protesters

15-01-2004 12:29

Police 'Abused Power' by Barring Anti-War Protesters
By Jan Colley, PA News

The police were guilty of an “abuse of power” in barring three coachloads of protesters from a demonstration against the war on Iraq, the High Court heard today.

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15-01-2004 11:11

As part of international celebrations on the anniversary of last year’s historical global peace marches the producers of the Peace Not War Music Fesival in London will be the biggest ever grassroots peace festival in the UK.

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Tom Hurndall Vigil

15-01-2004 10:02

A vigil for Tom
Pictures from the Tom Hurndall vigil at Downing Street. Of course the Police felt it was neccesary to be a pain becasue after all protestors are terrorists too...

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Corporate Coverage of Fairford Coach Judicial Review

15-01-2004 09:47

Monitoring press coverage about the Judicial Review:

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Channel 4 Political Awards

14-01-2004 23:13

You can vote for George Galloway - by ringing 09011 27 27 03. Calls cost 25pence (bit of a profit maker this one!)

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Turin Samba Player freed

14-01-2004 17:59

Expecting to end the day behind bars .......

Turin Sambista walked free from Horseferry Rd Magistrates Court in London on Tuesday 6th January.

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Cambridge man in Palestine

14-01-2004 14:06

A press release from Cambridge Students Against the War

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Reclaim Lakenheath : 18th Feb 2004

14-01-2004 09:46

Reclaim the bases! Demonstration at Lakenheath

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Tom Hurndall - Press Release & Action

14-01-2004 09:32

There is now a press release from the family and a call for action today.

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WE, THE PEOPLE, want justice and democracy

14-01-2004 02:29

WE, THE PEOPLE, want justice and democracy !

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Tom Hurndall has Died

13-01-2004 20:36

Tom Hurndall is dead

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Iraq attacks down 22% since Saddam capture.

13-01-2004 19:24

The Iraqi Resistance Packs it in - It's Official!! According to USA Today , that bastion of serious news coverage, attacks on US troops are down 22% since Saddam Hussein's capture. What we are supposed to infer from this is that the Iraqi resistance was a concoction of Saddam Hussein and the Ba'athists. They don't represent the Iraqi people, (even when polls show they do), and they obviously don't have the usual rights that occupied citizens have to resist their occupiers...