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UK Anti-militarism Newswire Archive

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Peace Conference in Nottingham, Sun 13th Feb

01-02-2005 10:49

Nottingham Student Peace Movement are holding a Peace Conference at the University of Nottingham on the afternoon of Sun 13th Feb.

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Aust Community criticises Govt for 'crimes'

31-01-2005 22:56

The 'Community' is waiting for the prosecution of these offenders. The offenders of these premeditated, vicious and callous crimes should be charged with the offences they have been alleged to have committed. Mr Habib should complete a record of interview taken by the police.

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Voting by the Script: Where Did the 8 Million Iraqi Voter Turnout Figure Come F

31-01-2005 19:43

Where did the Independent [sic] Election Commission of Iraq get the turnout figure of 8 million voters? The answer is that's exactly the same number the commission predicted more than two weeks before the elections. That's a sign of how scripted the Iraqi elections were.

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East Oxford Stop the War Meeting - Feb 1st

31-01-2005 17:21

Tuesday 1st February,7.30pm,
East Oxford Community Centre,Princes St(off Cowley Rd.),Oxford.

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Citizens' Declarations for a Nuclear-Free World

31-01-2005 16:35

Citizen Law can help abolish nuclear weapons.

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Iraqis risk their lives to vote, but the occupation continues

31-01-2005 02:04

Voices in the Wilderness draw attention to the inability of the Iraqi election to change the fact of occupation.

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Toronto Coalition to Stop the War Condemns the Unfair and Illegitimate Election

30-01-2005 23:38

Sunday, 30 January 2005

TORONTO, ONTARIO, CANADA -- The Toronto Coalition to Stop the War strongly supports the right of people in Iraq to democratically determine their own future. That must include choosing a legitimate and representative government through free and fair elections. However, the exercise taking place under foreign occupation on January 30 will be neither free nor fair.

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The Drums of War

30-01-2005 19:47

The probable propaganda techniques for the next war and the reasons I believe it will be against Iran.

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BRISTOL & REGIONAL Stop-The-War NEWS : February 2005 : (Virtual Version)

30-01-2005 00:02

[South West, Wales & West Midlands] Please send us your events.

19th MARCH NATIONAL DEMO: Coach Tickets Now Available.
Greenleaf Books, 82 Colston St. £12/£6 (see section 4 for info).

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BRISTOL & REGIONAL Stop-The-War NEWS : February 2005 : (Printer Version)

29-01-2005 23:37

Welcome to the February version of Bristol & Regional Stop-The-War News. This printer friendly version is part of a tactical response to the gap between the amount of info we've been able to send those with email, & those without. Please read on to find out how you can help us close this information gap.

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Irish American Humanitarian Arrested by Israel

29-01-2005 23:37


On Monday January 24, Israeli police arrested 41 year old Irish American ISM activist, Patrick O’Connor, on suspicion that he was carrying a fake passport. O’Connor was on his way to Jerusalem after planting olive tree seedlings with Palestinian, Israeli and international activists in the path of the Wall in the occupied village of Biddu. For the past year, Israeli and international activists have supported the villagers of Biddu through nonviolent protest and legal appeals in their struggle against the destruction of their farmland for the building of the Wall.

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US military death rate in Iraq continues to speed up

28-01-2005 23:51

The US military death toll in Iraq is continuing to speed up.
It has been more or less steadily increasing since May 2003.
The last six months are all at or above the linear fit, suggesting
that the death rate might even be increasing faster than linear.

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Broadcast Your Documentary in America

28-01-2005 18:09

We will broadcast your documentary.

Alternate Focus announces a call for Middle East-related documentaries.

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Down with War Up with the Protest

28-01-2005 17:31

An idea for effective protest in London.

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CamPeace talk about Iraq

28-01-2005 15:10

Talk: "Iraq: after the elections."

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Smash EDO - Smashing dates for your diary

28-01-2005 14:52

Join the campaign against EDO MBM. Brighton's arms manufacturers supplying bomb release mechanisms to the UK and US as well as Raytheon systems

for more info contact

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Liverpool University Students Anti-war 'Teach-In'

28-01-2005 14:26

Liverpool Universirty Students are planning a teach-in on March the second in an attempt to give a wider education to fellow students.

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DISARM DSEi - Action planning meeting

28-01-2005 12:54

Planning Meeting and film showing
13th February, 3pm, LARC, Fieldgate Street, Whitechapel
International Day of Action and DSEi 2005
Get involved, plan actions, eat food, watch films.

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Deal inked for 2nd season of "Democracy in ... Iraq"

28-01-2005 01:06

Both the Network and producers have inked the deal to renew the hit reality series "Democracy in... Iraq". The George will be back with his trademark bufoonery. Maybe this season he will walk on water!