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UK Anti-militarism Newswire Archive

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Alternative Votes: Results

06-05-2005 02:59

Results from the Election 2005

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Funeral for Civil Liberties at Lancaster May Day

06-05-2005 00:13

flying the flag
A funeral procession for civil liberties, dressed in Guantanamo style uniforms and led by the Grim Reaper in chains, joined Lancaster's May Day celebrations to point out the decline of civil liberties in the UK including internment, deportation and repression of protest.

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Picket of Reed, DSEi orgaganisers

05-05-2005 23:49

Bloody doll
Report & photos from monthly picket at Reed Exhibitions on 3 May 2005. Photos have been edited to remove faces.

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Thanks, UK, for Electing Your Mussolini to Our Hitler (from USA)

05-05-2005 16:51

Tony Blair is Mussolini to our Hitler, America's first openly fascist president. We had no choice (Kerry): You at least have a choice. Below is a secret memo showing how subservient your government is to ours (America's). With the arrest of the Israeli syp Larry Franklin of the Pentagon, we now know to whom our govenment (US) is subservient.

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Of Gnats and Camels

05-05-2005 12:51

Moral Priorities: WWJD?
Can we trust the morality of the myopic?
Commentary on the bogus morality of the religous right and Jesus' challenge to the Pharisees, the religous right of his day.

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05-05-2005 11:37

Block the Builders blockade at Aldermaston nuclear base

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Iraq-o-mat: Cleaning Dollars for Corporations

05-05-2005 08:23

Corporations profiting from Iraq
Much of the post-war corporate activity in Iraq has come under heavy criticism from many different fronts. There are accusations of corruption, bribery and nepotism as well as simple incompetence - the jobs just aren't getting done... So what is all the `reconstruction' activity in Iraq really about? Supposedly post-war Iraq is a neo-liberal utopia, an economy freed of the tiresome and inefficient burdens of government regulation. Yet an examination of this same economy may lead one to conclude that the system as it stands is rampant with inefficiency. Indeed Iraq's economy today looks less like an economic utopia than a giant money-laundering operation...

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04-05-2005 19:35

Today was the Annual General Meeting for shareholders of BAe SYSTEMS PLC, (the corporation formally known as British Aerospace).

BAe SYSTEMS produce weapons of mass destruction and torture implements, both of which they sell to governments with attrocious records on human rights.

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IFJ launches press freedom/civil liberties report condemning "war on terrorism"

04-05-2005 12:52

On May 3rd, Press Freedom Day, the International Federation of Journalists together with Statewatch, launched a new report on the impact of the war on terrorism on civil liberties and press freedom.

Dopwnload full pdf report:

Statewatch website:

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Blair's next war

04-05-2005 08:32

"This notion that the United States is getting ready to attack Iran is simply ridiculous. (Short pause) And having said that, all options are on the table." (Laughter)
George Bush - press conference, Brussels, 22 February 2005

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US bunker-buster "mini-nukes" would kill a million people

04-05-2005 07:56

Emperor George II & Cabal will ignore this,
and give the nod to use these "bunker-buster"
bombs....after all, murdering people is
standard for the church-state.
(A repost of article e-mailed to me)

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03-05-2005 21:37

If your against the Invasion of Iraq, If your against the Occupation of Iraq, If your against the killing of 100,000 Iraqis by U$ and British forces, If your against attacks of Civil Liberties, then come down to Brighton, Defend the Right to Protest and support the Smash Edo Campaign!

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Sedgefield Interview with Derek Cattell

03-05-2005 16:21

short interview with Dereck Cattell, moved from the Labour Party to support Independant candidate Reg Keys in sedgefield Other supports include Brain Eno and Fredrick Forsyth.

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Billy Bragg for Blair?

03-05-2005 16:03

Deeply probing interview with Billy Bragg on the UK elections...just pulled it off the web. It makes for an interesting read.

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smashing dates at EDO

03-05-2005 15:41

With the growth of the campaign fueled by the futile and costly blunder to quash peaceful protest there will be ever larger demos and rallies. Come and help put the arms dealers out of Brighton and out of business.

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The AUT boycott and the rights of Israelis and Palestinians.

03-05-2005 15:39

Attempts to overturn the recent AUT boycott of Haifa University and Bar Ilan University, focus on the rights of Israelis at the cost of the rights of Palestinians. The ICj ruling on the Apartheid wall has come to nowt, now academics fight to ignore the Palestinian call for a boycott.

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Iraqi Petroleum Conference 29/06/05

03-05-2005 14:40

Time to Re-build & Develop the Oil & Gas fields in a Country Containing the World's Second Largest Oil & Gas Reserves

This is a unique conference on the Iraqi petroleum industry with speakers and attendees from the Ministry of Oil, Iraq, and international oil companies giving their insight on the current status of the Iraqi oil industry and its current and future needs.

Every professional from major international oil and gas operators, service companies and general investors who has an interest in Iraq and the Middle East should attend this conference.

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Smash EDO Mass Demo This Weds 4-6

02-05-2005 15:56

Smash EDO Mass Demo This Tues 4-6

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Dutch ambassador: be a militarist, vote Blair

02-05-2005 15:09

Castle of Marchant et d'Ansembourg noble family
The Dutch ambassador to the UK, Count Jan de Marchant et d'Ansembourg, said he hoped that Tony Blair would win the British elections of 5 May. That, he said on Dutch NOS TV, would better for Dutch relations to George W. Bush's USA.

It would also be better for chances of forming an European army (for wars like in Iraq?).