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smashing dates at EDO

arms busters | 03.05.2005 15:41 | Anti-militarism | Repression | London | South Coast

With the growth of the campaign fueled by the futile and costly blunder to quash peaceful protest there will be ever larger demos and rallies. Come and help put the arms dealers out of Brighton and out of business.

Wednesday 4th May - Mass Noise Demo 4-6. Meet at entrance to Wild Park.
Wednesday 11th May - Pro-EDO demo 4-6. Come and salute the warmongers for their sterling service on behalf of their grateful end-users. Give them a hero's welcome! Meet at entrance to Wild Park.
Tuesday 31st May - the Biggie 3-6. National demo at EDO with music and noise. Meet at entrance to Wild Park.
Saturday 11th June - National demo and march in Brighton.
Meet at the Level nr St Peter's church at 12am. Bring banners and musical instruments of any description.

arms busters