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UK Anti-militarism Newswire Archive

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"Good Morning DSEi!"

14-09-2003 13:02

Calling all arms traders! You've just spent hours in traffic queues and on station platforms, and then ages more going through a million pound security operation just to get the chance to buy weapons of mass destruction, only to see a bunch of protesters occupying the same death machines you love. Well - don't worry. This radio programme is especially for you!

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Film screening at the Spitz

14-09-2003 11:15

Indymedia London Cinema screenings this month will see a film night extravaganza:

7PM on Monday September 15th at the Spitz Gallery/Venue 109 commercial street E1
The feature film will be: Unprecedented: The 2000 Presidential Election is the riveting story about the battle for the Presidency in Florida and the undermining of democracy in America. What emerges is a disturbing picture of an election marred by suspicious irregularities, electoral injustices, and sinister voter purges in a state governed by the winning candidate's brother. George W. Bush stole the presidency of the United States… and got away with it. Richard Perez will be giving a question and answer session after the film. 55 mins
Hidden War – Narrated by John Hurt, this award winning documentary is a two year investigation into Iraq and The Gulf War. It charts the U.S. and U.K. governments' relationship with Iraq from the second World War. Essential viewing for anyone wanting to understand issues such as Oil, Weapons inspectors, Depleted Uranium, Gulf War Syndrome and why the U.S. govt. is now targeting Iraq in its War on Terrorism.
Two Shorts – Guerilla News Network presents - S-11 Redux: (Channel) Surfing the Apocalypse. Culled from over 20 hours of television footage recorded over a one month period and across 13 networks, S-11 Redux is a sound-bite blitzkrieg that challenges the messages we have been fed from our mainstream media and the government it serves

If you would like to be put on a mailing list for future events please e-mail

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Bush gets his satisfaction

14-09-2003 00:01

Subvideo 1.

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Indymedia Public Access Point for DSEi - thanks to all imc'istas

13-09-2003 18:02

indymedia access point for dsei protests
A big thankyou to all of the imc'istas who helped set up and run the indymedia access point at ground zero, right next to the ExCel centre at St Annes Parish Hall, as well as everyone who helped and contributed to the reporting, both on the streets and behind the computers in london, the rest of the uk and further abroad - as well as the radio crew who streamed on the net over several days and the video folks who managed to publish a lot of good footage.

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Arms & Leg Dealers

13-09-2003 11:58

Arms & Nuclear War Heads
A report (if a little late) of the Space Hijackers Arms Traders actions on 10/09/03

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"They Have Decided Upon Cold-Blooded Murder"

12-09-2003 21:41

Let no one be fooled by the talk of 'deportation'. There
is no intention that Arafat will survive the encounter with Sharon's

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DSEi Video: NVDA Tues - Section 14 Imposed after CAAT March

12-09-2003 19:54

Short one minute mpeg video clip of the scene as Section 14 of the Public Order act is imposed outside Prince Regent DLR, after those remaining after the CAAT legal march and speeches had returned along the original march route.

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Ministers "block police op on arms dealers"

12-09-2003 18:45

The Daily Mirror says the Met police wanted to arrest
arms dealers inside DSEi. They estimated 300 were
trading without licences. The Home Office instructed
them to do no such thing...

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More from dinner with the arms dealers

12-09-2003 18:15

1 minute 870k windowsmedia

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SchNEWS DSEi Roundup

12-09-2003 17:51

Roundup of the days of resistance against the DSEi Arms Fair from SchNEWS:

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Witness Requests Disarm Dsei 9th Sept

12-09-2003 17:01

Any witnesses to an arrest near Connaught Roundabout on Tues 9th Sept.

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DSEi Arms Fair invaded - pictures and video

12-09-2003 15:01

On Wednesday 10th September seven protesters breached the million pound security operation of the DSEi Arms Fair in Docklands.

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11 Things to Remember on September 11

12-09-2003 14:27

Dig in your heels, the September 11 memorial propaganda steamroller is back again - to quell opposition to US wars and imperial policies. The following points are meant to help you stay focussed. We raise them in deep respect for the innocent people who died on September 11.

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Charing Cross Police Station, Abuse of Rights for DSEi

12-09-2003 12:58

Quick information from an interview conducted with a woman who was arrested near Custom House DLR during wednesday's anti-DSEi protests:

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DSEi Are Doing Market Research

12-09-2003 12:03

A company calling itself Wendy Round Consulting is doing market research on delegates to the DSEi conference.

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Anti-war activist threatened with imprisonment for taking part in Day X protests

12-09-2003 10:23

Anti-war protester Karl Debbaut, who was arrested on the Lewisham school student demonstration on the first day of war with Iraq, is to fight vigorously a charge of assaulting a police officer at his court hearing in London on 24th September.

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Sambatastic at DSEi hotel Dinner

12-09-2003 09:40

The Samba band were fantastic at the DSEi protest last night

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Defence Industry Conference

12-09-2003 09:14

Defence Industry Conference in October - shall we go along to say hello?

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DESi action 12.9.2003

12-09-2003 08:44

DESi action morningof 12th september

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Actions on 10th and 11th September

12-09-2003 08:08

grounds for stop and search given on 9/9 - looks like the 'coz we say so clause'
pix from actions on 9th, 10th and 11th September