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UK Anti-militarism Newswire Archive

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US Army Admits Use of White Phosphorus as Weapon

10-11-2005 12:39

The claim by the US Government that White Phosphorus was used "only for illumination" at Fallujah has been pre-emptively debunked by the US Army.

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Bali bomber? Azahari dead?

10-11-2005 08:33

You have to trust the Indonesian police?
Sorry to tell everyone out there in TV land but there is more to this than meets the air waves and because it is claimed Husin was cornered by police in East Jave means you have to trust the Indonesian police?

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US govt lies over deadly virus handling

09-11-2005 21:47

Officials seem to have quietly reversed an assurance they gave last month -- that a killer virus recently recreated by scientists would stay in a secure government facility.

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Oxford Arms Trade Investments Exposed

09-11-2005 15:40

Outside St Johns - A College with Almost £2,000,000 in the 6 Biggest Arms Firms
The Oxford University Socially Responsible Investment Campaign today took a walking tour of the top University Arms Trade Investors to expose the millions of pounds of University money invested in Arms...

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Hangings outside the Shell Centre for Ogoni Day

09-11-2005 15:15

Activists from Rising Tide today hung a row of 9 nooses in front of the Shell Centre in London, to represent the companies complicity in the killings of Ken Sarowiwa and eight other Ogoni activists ten years ago.

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Film makers Against War & Indymedia cinema

09-11-2005 14:47

Filmmakers Against War 'FALLUJAH film night';



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Stop the War Coalition discussion group - Thurs 10th Nov

08-11-2005 14:02

The monthly Anti-War Discussion Group meeting on Thursday evening at 7:30PM in the Town Hall, Oxford.

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Prime Minister Guilty of Sedition

08-11-2005 12:07

Conspiring to overturn basic constitutional rights
Wanda Fish calls on constitutional and civil libertarian lawyers to mount a case against Federal and State Governments for conspiring to overturn basic constitutional rights with the Anti-Terrorism Bill 2005. These proposed laws break internationally recognised treaties on human rights, overturn the fundamental principle of presumption of innocence, and seriously threaten free speech and protest.

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ASIO fishing expedition makes arrests

08-11-2005 11:43

But trust us we know best?
Are you satisfied truthseeker? Well I'm not this is just another public relations exercise that no one can prove. But trust us we know best?

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Attack on Syria?

08-11-2005 11:00

attack on syria

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Defend George Galloway!

08-11-2005 10:43

Defend the reputation of George Galloway.

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Weir Group Plc under fire

08-11-2005 10:30

Weir Group Plc

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Fallujah: "Bodies melted away before us."

08-11-2005 00:15

White Phosphorus sticks to the skin, and burns the victims' flesh away to the bones. It's banned under the Geneva Convention. US forces have used White Phosphorus and Napalm, another weapon banned under the Geneva Convention, in the recent action against Fallujah.

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Pitstop Ploughshares trial collapses

07-11-2005 21:44

The 14 day trial of Pitstop Plowshares has collapsed because it has come to light that the judge attended the inauguration of Bush and could therefore be seem to be (just ever so slightly!) biased.

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Alternative Mar del Plata Declaration for the Summit of the Americas

07-11-2005 17:57

Alternative Mar del Plata Declaration for the Summit of the Americas

Joan Russow (PhD)
Global Compliance Research Project

The US Ballistic missile scheme and many other actions by the US, and other states, by corporations, by institutions, and individuals have provoked directly or indirectly conflict around the world.

Time to condemn: the following are 52+ actions, primarily those of the US administration and US corporations but aided and abetted by institutions and individuals, that have to be addressed if the global community is to eliminate global insecurity and to be able to promote true security: common security.

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Violating International Law

07-11-2005 14:39

The war of the US government agaisnt Iraq is based on a legal model without precedent in international law. In the past, the threatened party had to prove that an attack on it was unjustified.. The US uses the "three strikes" maxim, cumula-tive crimes, to change international law and theburden of proof

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Art of War : NeoCon America

07-11-2005 04:53

NeoCon America
Neocon America

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Police State Not Enough - Army On Its Way

06-11-2005 23:14

Easier to militarise the streets
Although the changes are being wheeled as part of the preparation to protect us from a terrorist attack - when you look at what Hill actually says its clear that the Government is trying to make it easier to militarise the streets not just in the event of terrorism but also for protests.