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SmashEDO besiege Brighton bomb factory

13-10-2010 20:25

Today the Smash EDO ITT's Hammertime demonstration saw 300 protesters surrounding Brighton's bomb factory and demonstrating against EDO/ITT for six hours.

The demo was named for the 2009 Decommissioning, when a group of activists broke in to the EDO/ITT factory, decommissioning it with hammers to stop the production of weapons components being used by the Israeli military in the Gaza war. The Decommissioners were victorious in court, when they were unanimously acquitted of conspiracy to commit criminal damage in June.

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Smash EDO's ITT Hammertime Time Line

13-10-2010 09:07

17.00 - Police claim "more than 20" were arrested to prevent a breach of the peace. A photographer who was held in a kettle for 20 minutes, claims that he saw at least 35 arrested from the kettle.

14.10 - People kettled on Lewes Road. A number of arrests have taken place. Police claim arrests are to "prevent a breach of the peace in a Residential Area". Argus claims that those who refuse to identify themselves are being arrested.

12.40 - A protestor says police horses were used to force marchers off the Lewes Road. A group of about 30 protestors has been kettled near Moulescombe Station and is being marched away, possibly towards the 'designated' area. Another group of around 35 is said to be marching towards the City Centre.

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Convergence Space for ITT's Hammertime

12-10-2010 18:06

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Emotional support at ITT's Hammertime

12-10-2010 16:01


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US threat to attack Iran with nukes is “criminal”

12-10-2010 14:49

The U.S. today is threatening to attack Iran “under the completely bogus pretext” that it might have a nuclear weapon, a distinguished American international legal authority says.

When Obama administration officials, like those of the Bush regime before it, say “all options are on the table,” they are threatening nuclear war and that is prohibited by international law, says Francis Boyle, professor of international law at the University of Illinois at Champaign.

Not only has the International Atomic Energy Commission said this charge against Iran “is simply not true,” Boyle pointed out, but threatening Iran with nuclear war in itself constitutes an international crime.

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Afghanistan: Global NATO’s first ground war in its tenth year

11-10-2010 18:42

NATO forces deployed in Afghanistan (February 2010)
A war in its tenth year in which NATO’s casualties mount by the day is not sufficient for an increasingly ambitious and expansionist, indeed global, NATO. While attacks on its forces increase steadily and its troop strength reaches record levels – and with at least 170 of its oil tankers destroyed in Pakistan since the killing of Pakistani troops on September 30 – the military bloc is planning new wars on the scale of the one in Afghanistan.

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Smash EDO's Hammertime: Final info

11-10-2010 14:46

Hammertime is now almost upon us! Just a quick reminder with useful information and advice:

Smash EDO have announced that the 'ITT's Hammertime' mass demo will be meeting at 10am on October 13th at the Wild Park Cafe in Moulsecoomb, Brighton to besiege EDO/ITT.

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2 Days to go until ITT's Hammertime

11-10-2010 13:08

The convergence space for HAMMERTIME has not been announced yet but if you are coming to Brighton for the demo please come to the Cowley Club (London Road) for a meeting at 7pm on Tuesday

If you are coming early and need accomodation call 07538093930

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Elections in Brazil: US Covert Intelligence Operations in Support of "Democracy"

10-10-2010 15:18

"The CIA employs former Brazilian policeman fired from their posts for various reasons to do the field work like surveillance, apartment penetrations, computer data thefts, and blackmail. In the majority of cases, these are individuals with ultra-rightist leanings who regard Serra as their candidate. Brazil's ministries, intelligence community, and military-industrial complex are heavily infiltrated by US agents. The US Embassy and consulate staff in Brazil includes some 40 CIA, DEA, FBI, and army intelligence agents, and Washington plans to open 10 new consulates in Brazil's major cities such as Manaos in Amazonia."

Don't think for a second that the empire has given up on Latain America. Progressives must organize now to defend the gains made there or they will be lost. The CIA has an unlimited bank account and no shame or "morals." Please spread widely.

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Smash EDO visit Oxford

10-10-2010 11:50

The fight continues
How to legally cause £300,000 worth of damage: An EDO Decommissioner and Smash EDO activist came to Oxford to discuss the campaign to close a weapons factory that (illegally) supplies key equipment that was used by the Israeli Air Force in the 2009 massacre in Gaza, and is currently being used in other illegal and immoral wars. The fight against EDO continues with Hammertime on 13 October.

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Media disinformation: Washington's "Regime Change Hit List": Iran versus Hondura

10-10-2010 08:52

Honduran people protest against the US-sponsored coup, June 2009
It would be hard to find a better test of the integrity of the establishment U.S. media than in their comparative treatment of Iran and Honduras over the past couple of years (2009-2010).

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BBC: The Ministry of Information

09-10-2010 09:20

BBC: The Ministry of Information
It has become increasingly clear that the BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) and its News departments are making a concerted effort to misinform and mislead the public.

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BBC reports Nato contractors 'attacking own vehicles' – What is War on Terror?

08-10-2010 03:01

Top Secret: There may be times when host country governments show passivity or indecision in the face of [Taliban/AlQaeeda] subversion ... US Army Intelligence must have the means of launching special operations which will convince host country governments and public opinion of the reality of the insurgent danger ... US Army Intelligence should seek to penetrate the insurgency by means of agents of special assignments, with the task of forming special action groups among the most radical elements of the insurgency.

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U.S. and NATO to wage 15-year war in Afghanistan and Pakistan

07-10-2010 20:31

October 7 will mark the advent of the tenth year of the war waged by Washington in South Asia, the longest continuous combat operations in U.S. history. By invoking its Article 5 collective military assistance clause on September 12, 2001, NATO also joined the war effort and officially took over the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) in August of 2003. Not only are American and NATO military forces not leaving Afghanistan in the foreseeable future, they are expanding their nine-year-old war into Pakistan.

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Criminality of nuclear deterrence - World at the precipice of another world war

07-10-2010 09:35

US nuclear weapons in Europe
Today the world is at a precipice of another world war. The United States government has committed acts of aggression against Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Somalia, Yemen, and has authorized, armed, equipped, and supplied Israel to commit acts of aggression, crimes against humanity, and outright genocide against Lebanon and Palestine. Today the United States government is threatening to attack Iran under the completely bogus pretext that they might have a nuclear weapon, which the International Atomic Energy has said is simply not true. If they attack Iran with the Israelis, a British think-tank has predicted they could exterminate 2.8 million Iranians! They are fully prepared -- the Americans and the Israelis -- to use tactical nuclear weapons.

It is the government officials in the nuclear weapons states and their allied states that are disobeying international law. Every person around the world has a basic human right to be free from the criminal practice of nuclear deterrence/nuclear terrorism, and its specter of nuclear extinction. All human beings in our capacities as creatures of God possess the basic right under international law to engage in civil resistance for the purpose of preventing, impeding or terminating the ongoing commission of these international crimes.

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Smash EDO Press Release - Anti Arms Protester Given ASBO by the Back Door

07-10-2010 09:00

For more info contact: Andrew Beckett or Chloe Marsh, Smash EDO campaign
Tel: 07526557436 E-mail: Website:

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Yemen: The covert apparatus of the American Empire

06-10-2010 20:42

This essay examines the American war in Yemen as a war of empire, as a war against the rising tide of people’s movements and the “global political awakening” that is taking place around the world.

Yemen is perhaps an excellent example of America being on the “wrong side of a world revolution,” as the secret war in Yemen being exacerbated in the name of “fighting al-Qaeda” is in actuality, about the expansion and supremacy of American power in the region. It is about the suppression of natural democratic, local, revolutionary elements throughout the country seeking self-autonomy in changing the nation from its current despotic, authoritarian rule sympathetic to American interests, into a nation of their own choosing. It is about repressing struggles for liberation.

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War recruiters disrupted in Oxford

06-10-2010 16:39

This evening, the Officer Training Corp (OTC) stall at Oxford University Freshers' Fair developed a conscience, grew legs, and walked away(!), leaving the organisation severely lacking in propaganda with which to indoctrinate young minds..

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FBI Raids Activists' Homes in Sinister COINTELPRO Replay

05-10-2010 16:35

"With Friday's raids, the federal government under "change" huckster Barack Obama, has taken their repressive program to a whole new level, threatening activists with the specter of being charged with providing "material support of terrorism." A felony conviction under this draconian federal law (Title 18, Part I, Chapter 113B, § 2339B) carries a 15 year prison term."

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International flaw: With new Iran sanctions, POTUS calls Tehran's kettle black

04-10-2010 15:52

On Wednesday afternoon, in a joint press conference, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Secretary of the Treasury Timothy Geithner announced that the United States had imposed a new set of unilateral sanctions, including a travel ban and freezing of assets, against a number of top-ranking Iranian officials whom it accused of "serious and sustained human rights abuses" since the presidential election last year. The measure, which comes less than four months after the UN Security Council's latest illegal resolution and the Obama administration's last round of economic sanctions, was enacted via an Executive Order signed into effect last night by the President.

The double standards of the US government continue to betray its real intentions and motivations regarding the Middle East, namely the maintenance of military hegemony, allegiance to Zionist mythology, and the continued demonization and threatening of any country that dares question the moral superiority of the United States or opposes American and Israeli imperialism in the region.