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Smash EDO's ITT Hammertime Time Line

IMCista | 13.10.2010 09:07 | Anti-militarism | South Coast

17.00 - Police claim "more than 20" were arrested to prevent a breach of the peace. A photographer who was held in a kettle for 20 minutes, claims that he saw at least 35 arrested from the kettle.

14.10 - People kettled on Lewes Road. A number of arrests have taken place. Police claim arrests are to "prevent a breach of the peace in a Residential Area". Argus claims that those who refuse to identify themselves are being arrested.

12.40 - A protestor says police horses were used to force marchers off the Lewes Road. A group of about 30 protestors has been kettled near Moulescombe Station and is being marched away, possibly towards the 'designated' area. Another group of around 35 is said to be marching towards the City Centre.

12.20 - Group kettled in Wild Park are told they will be allowed to disperse freely if they allow themselves to be escorted to the 'designated' area. Local paper reports that group on Lewes Road has dispersed into residential areas after clash with police.

12.05 - A group of about 40 protestors are marching down the Lewes Road back towards the factory chanting, and being pursued by a police helicopter.

11.40 - Police are attempting to persuade kettled protestors to move to 'designated protest area'. They are refusing. Police report that three groups are known not to be at the 'designated' area.

11.24 - Around 50 reported kettled near factory. Another 50 have peeled off into nearby residential area, police followed them initially and then let them go. One reported arrested with head wound.

11.13 - Small group reported kettled between woods and factory. Other small groups are attempting to approach the factory by different ways.

11.01 - Police horses seen going up hill, but not in the same direction as the protestors. Factory reported to be shut for the day.

10.58 - Protestors in woods met be large line of police. Police helicopter overhead. In the Argus blog the ENA is rumoured to be threatening to 'meet' the protestors when they get back into town.

10.49 - Protesters carrying a large papier mache plan have run into the woods pursued by police.

10.35 - Fitwatchers are calling for help to block FIT cameras. Protestors being pushed up the hill towards the woods by police

10.33 - Ian Skivens and Northants cop spotted filming from top of hill with long lens camera. Inspector was lying.

09.58 - Inspector told Evidence Gathering Team not to film and to get back into their car. He told protestors there is no need for masks as there is no filming taking place.

09.55 - Mobile kettle being held near Wild Park cafe. Fencing erected on slope of Home farm Road with S14 notices. Vehicles being searched. Another arrest reported.

09.47 - Approximately 30 in mobile kettle. Police horses have left the kettle in the direction of the convergence centre.

09.35 - 2 arrests confirmed - Some protestors are being held at the convergence space and others are being marched to Home Farm Road in a mobile kettle.

08.35 - 20 police carriers have arrived at the convergence space Wildkatz social centre in Stanmer Village. They have surrounded the building and some arrests have been made.




13.10.2010 17:39

Smash EDO
Smash EDO

Smash EDO
Smash EDO

Smash EDO
Smash EDO

Smash EDO
Smash EDO

Smash EDO
Smash EDO

Smash EDO
Smash EDO

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