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Smash EDO's Hammertime: Final info

Smasher | 11.10.2010 14:46 | Smash EDO | Anti-militarism | Iraq | Palestine | South Coast | World

Hammertime is now almost upon us! Just a quick reminder with useful information and advice:

Smash EDO have announced that the 'ITT's Hammertime' mass demo will be meeting at 10am on October 13th at the Wild Park Cafe in Moulsecoomb, Brighton to besiege EDO/ITT.

Smash EDO are calling for people to arrive on the 12th October, the night before the demo. A convergence space will be provided. A meeting will be held at the Cowley Club, no 12 London Road ( at 7pm on the 12th. If you can't make this meeting and need info about the convergence, call the campaign phone once in Brighton. If you can make it to Brighton early, there will be a useful FITwatch training session at the Cowley at 5pm on the 12th.

For SMS updates on the demo and details of the location of the convergence space send a text to 07538093930 if you have not already done so.

Important phone numbers you might want to make a note of:
We recommend that you use Kellys Solicitors if in need of legal representation. Phone 01273674898.
Call the legal support phone if you witness an arrest or need advice during the siege 07538121464.
Medics will be available at the Cowley Club and on the streets.

The Cowley Club will be open between 5.30pm-12am on the day of the demo. there will be an evening meal and live music from 8pm featuring The Wildkatz Project and Dirty Scavenger.

There are local contacts available in several different cities:

London -

Cambridge -

Bristol -

Manchester -

Birmingham -

Cardiff -

Swansea -

Nottingham -

Here's details of how to get to the Wild Park Cafe ...

By Bus 23, 25, 24, 28, 29(A+B) from St Peter's Church bus stops.

To get to St Peter's Church from Brighton Train Station; turn left through underpass in front of station onto Trafalgar Street. Walk to the end of Trafalgar Street. Turn left onto York Place, cross to traffic island for bus stops. Remain on the bus past Brighton University's Moulsecoomb campus. Get off the bus at the first stop after the viaduct, just past Home Farm Road. You will see the Wild Park Cafe on the left.

By Train You can catch the train from Brighton Station to either Moulsecoomb or Falmer and walk along the Lewes Road.

From Moulsecoomb Station: Walk down Queensdown School Road to Lewes Road, turn left. After about 500 metres walk under the railway viaduct, go past Home Farm Road on your left and you will see the Wild Park Cafe on the left.

From Falmer Station: Walk under the underpass to the A27 and turn Left. Carry on on the Lewes Road and you will see Wild Park Cafe on your right.

By Bike/On Foot From Brighton Station; walk through underpass in front of station onto Trafalgar Street. Walk to the end of Trafalgar Street. Turn left onto York Place, continue straight and then turn right past the taxi rank. Keeping 'The Level' on your left, keep going straight onto Lewes Road. From here, follow the Lewes Road out of Brighton towards Falmer. Go under the railway viaduct, go past Home Farm Road on your left and you will see the Wild Park Cafe on the left. There are cycle lanes and pavements along the road from Brighton to Falmer.

About convergence spaces:
This convergence centre is a Safer Space This convergence centre has been taken as a political space to organise and prepare for the Hammertime demo.

In order that everyone can participate fully and freely in the demonstration and make the action as successful as possible, both individually and collectively, this convergence has been opened as a Safer Space.

Therefore, we ask you to respect this space as:

1. Drink, drug and intoxication free.

Please do not bring any drink or drugs into this space, consume any drink or drugs in this space, or enter this space if you are intoxicated.

In order that this convergence can function as a Safer Space, we must all take responsibility for our own behaviour and be able to be in control of our actions.

This applies to everybody. We all share the space on the same grounds, anyone involved in setting up the convergence does not have greater ownership of the space.

2. This space is not open to dogs or other companion animals, other than those which may aid you with sight, hearing, mobility etc.

3. No photography. In the event of a police raid or any arrests, photographs can aid police and the CPS in their prosecutions, and can be deciding factors in convictions.

4. NO POLICE. If any police officers come to the door, do not allow them entry into the space on any conditions. If police do attempt to gain entry, please call this number 07538093930. A solicitor can be contacted on 01273 674 898 (Kelly's).

5. As a Safer Space, this convergence is to be free from any behaviour that demeans, excludes or oppresses any individual, or interferes with someone's participation.

This includes, but is not limited to;

>Sexism >Discrimination across lines of 'class' or economic privilege >Racism >Discrimination on the basis of a chosen religion, or the choice to >Transphobia practice religion or not >Homophobia >Discrimination based on choice of tactics or nature of >(Dis)ableism participation in the demo >Ageism Oppressive behaviour includes any form of violence against another person, including physical violence or restraint of movement; verbal violence or abuse; threats of violence; physical or verbal intimidation; any form of harassment, including non-consensual sexualised attention.

Oppressive behaviour also includes verbal or physical domination or exclusionary actions in meeting situations, in shared tasks or any form of organising.

If everyone takes control of, and responsibility for, their own behaviour, this space can be more than a passive space in which we 'don't do' certain things. Rather, it can form part of an active struggle to reclaim and repoliticise our spaces, actions and relationships, whilst challenging oppressive conventions.

If you feel that you need alternative accommodation 07538093930 It is everybody's responsibility to look after this space and enforce this policy. If you feel you cannot, or should not, sort out a problem, anyone can call a group meeting at any time.

And finally: Wear black and Mask up! (Why mask up?...see )

See you on the streets on the 13th!

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