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UK Anti-militarism Newswire Archive

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Gaza: Spread the word share this art (by Latuff)

03-03-2008 06:28

I'd like to beg all viewers to spread this image anywhere, as a way to expose Israeli war crimes against Palestinians. Use it on t-shirts, posters, banners. Reproduce it in zines, papers, magazines, and make it visible everywhere.

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3 Women for PeaceMarianne Williamson, Medea Benjamin, Judith LeBlanc speak at th

02-03-2008 21:05

Marianne Williamson, Medea Benjamin, Judith LeBlanc speak at the World Peace Forum.

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"Women and War" Art Exhibition, Cambridge, 8th-20th March

02-03-2008 15:16

Opening night is on the 8th at 6pm-8pm. St. Paul's Centre, Hills Rd, Cambridge. Prior to the art exhibition there will be an Iraqi women's group called "Act Together" who are holding an auction of promises from 3pm-5pm.

We will be making a banner at this exhibition where everyone can add their bit. If you have any art materials, poems, quotations, fabric, glue etc. that could be useful for this (and other art work which we will be doing), please contact Charlotte Synge

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Israel Preparing World for Gaza War

02-03-2008 01:28

What has happened to the Antiwar Movement?

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Fake anti-war movement protested in Bristol

01-03-2008 13:41

In an act of surreal doublethink, Stop The War coalition have brought a spokesman for a fascist military cadre to the UK to make everyone who protested against the war look like utter idiots. I wasn't going to have this in my town and took it upon myself to tell the truth, however unpopular this made me. A full report follows.

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Washington gets a new colony in the Balkans

01-03-2008 11:59

First, Kosovo is not gaining independence or even minimal self-government. It will be run by an appointed High Representative and bodies appointed by the U.S., European Union and NATO. An old-style colonial viceroy and imperialist administrators will have control over foreign and domestic policy. U.S. Imperialism has merely consolidated its direct control of a totally dependent colony in the heart of the Balkans.

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Israel threatens to unleash 'holocaust' in Gaza (by Latuff)

01-03-2008 07:50

Israel's plans for Gaza: Holocaust upon the Palestinians!
Copyleft artwork by Brazilian cartoonist Latuff, on behalf of the brave Palestinian people and their struggle against U.S. backed IsraHell's state terror.

High-resolution version for printing purposes here:

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Chance for peace: UN should accept Iran's offer to implement Additional Protoco

01-03-2008 00:48

The Campaign Against Sanctions and Military Intervention in Iran (CASMII) appeals to the 5+1 group to positively consider Iran’s offer of implementing the Additional Protocol and enter into unconditional negotiations with Iran.

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Hammersmith Goldhawk Rd protest against Total Oppression in Burma

29-02-2008 20:48

Seven protesters demonstrated at the Raven Total station at 372 Goldhawk Road, Hammersmith against the French oil company on Thursday 28th February. Total's pipeline in Burma was built with forced labour and the company has for years been the largest western sponsor of the brutal regime, funding the military junta with hundreds of millions of dollars a year.

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UN: Israeli Occupation, Policy Causes 'Terror'

29-02-2008 19:07

In the current situation, Israel imposed illegal measures of Collective Punishment on Gaza months ago, in order to "suffocate Hamas", despite warnings from its own defense staff that this policy would provoke a violent response.

Israel is now attempting to justify an attack on Gaza it planned before the Annapolis Conference on the rockets its policy provoked.

Sadly, the media has been, up to this point, willing to help them do this.

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Ex-SAS man accuses Britain of wholesale complicity in extraordinary rendition

29-02-2008 13:05

Ben Griffin, former SAS soldier's banned speech to Stop the War conference in London on Thursday 28 February on Britain's involvement in extraordinary rendition. A gagging order was put on him immediately afterwards.

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Media cover up.

29-02-2008 05:33

Cynics who dismiss conspiracy theories might like to take a look at a conspiracy fact for a change.

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Eyewitness from Iraq and Lebanon in Tour

29-02-2008 03:46

Andrew Murray / Chair of Stop the War Coalition
Several Eyewitness from Iraq and Lebanon gave a talk today 28th February 08, in the Friends House in Euston, London.

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Students Call For An End To University Involvement In The Arms Industry

29-02-2008 00:09

On Wednesday 27th around 40 students assembled in front of the Portland Building on University Park campus to hold a ‘die-in’ in protest to the Universities’ involvement with the arms industry. This event was part of a ‘national day of action against University involvement with the arms trade’, and similar events took place at Universities around the country.

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Danger or Nuke storage etc, near Derby, Glasgow, Plymouth globally

27-02-2008 19:17

Earthquake near old nuclear bomb storage depot Faldingworth village, possibly connected to explosions reported in Market Rasen paper in last few weeks. This relates to nuclear leak after earthquake in Japan than was only around 6.5, just above our 5.3 felt in Southampton.
Threats in UK to Derby rolls royce raynesway nuclear uranium processing,PLymouth & Faslane near Glasgow Trident.

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Aldermaston - we want women!

27-02-2008 10:40

On Easter Monday - 24 March, thousands of people are expected to converge on Britain's nuclear weapons factory - AWE Aldermaston - to celebrate 50 years of anti-nuclear protest and to call on the government to abandon plans for a new generation of Trident.

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Iraq War stork (by Latuff)

27-02-2008 07:29

Iraq War stork
Copyleft artwork by Brazilian cartoonist Latuff.

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Anti-arms trade die in - Nottingham University

26-02-2008 11:31

Come 'die' with us to tell the university how we feel about its links with the arms trade..