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UK Anti-militarism Newswire Archive

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U.S. propaganda (by Latuff)

09-06-2007 14:11

U.S. propaganda
Copyleft artwork by Brazilian cartoonist Latuff.

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Ten arrests at AWE Aldermaston

09-06-2007 10:38

Ten women arrested at nuclear weapons factory as bylaws to keep them away come into force

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The JFK Pipeline Plot: Forcing the Chávez Connection

09-06-2007 04:19

Breaking: The latest terror threat has connections to latin is the US trying to find an excuse to invade Veneszuela?

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2005.07.06 Gleneagles video

09-06-2007 04:19

G8 Gleneagles June 6th 2005

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Bush's lies and cons

08-06-2007 20:50

Evidently Rome is not yet included among the 60 or more dark corners of the world that the United States military must be ready to pre-emptively attack, as Bush proclaimed at West Point on June 1, 2002...

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ElBaradei speaks against more sanctions and pressure on Iran

08-06-2007 15:47

Speaking on the BBC programme, Inside the IAEA: A year with the nuclear detectives broadcast today, Dr. ElBaradei gives a candid assessment of the current standoff between the UN Security Council and Iran. He stresses the fact that "having an enrichment capability and developing a weapon are two different things." He also makes it clear that Iran has a fundamental right to uranium enrichment and acknowledges Iran's belief that "the Security Council is exceeding its authority" in imposing sanctions.

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Assembly details for Gordon Brown Hustings Demonstration, June 10th

08-06-2007 13:53

Dear friends,

The assembly details for the demonstration at Gordon Browns Hustings in Oxford this comming Sunday (June 10th) are as follows.

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REMEMBER the STUPIDITY of treacherous scams : G8 : the "straight" news PR spin

08-06-2007 11:35

A meeting of the the worlds "key economies" is taking place, when it is clear to all economists, most people in the "cash industry", - most national leaders too - that the way it is structured at present is - almost for the sake of its loopholes,( to allow actual criminals a cash-laundry taxhaven loot hoarding effect,) for all serious purposes, inadequate - but the media havent raised this key question once.

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Announcement/PHOTO OF CIA Agent in First CIA Renditions Trial-starts tomorrow

08-06-2007 04:08

Robert Lady, Leader of the 26 CIA Agents on Trial
The long awaited trial of 26 CIA agents led by Robert Seldon Lady (left in photo) begins tomorrow in Milan, Italy, despite the presence of President Bush in Italy! In conjunction with this, a North Carolina group is scheduling a training sesssion at the headquarters of the CIA's airline, Aero Contractors Ltd. -- something CALCULATED TO SEE THAT THERE ARE MANY MORE SUCH TRIALS.

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James Bond, Peace Activist, in Neath Court

07-06-2007 22:06

James Bond in the dock for heckling!

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Gordon Brown Husting in Oxford this Sunday (June 10)

07-06-2007 13:49

Dear Friends,

We have just received confirmation of the venue for the Labour Party hustings being held by Gordon Brown this coming weekend. It will be at Modern Art Oxford, 30 Pembroke Street on Sunday (June 10th)starting at 12 noon. We expect to assemble at 11:30 AM. We will announce the precise assembly point later today.

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Bomb Iran: For Israel and America!

07-06-2007 09:09

Unsubtly titled "The Case for Bombing Iran: I hope and pray that President Bush will do it,", Norman Podhoretz's op-ed column in the Wall Street Journal is a work of eloquently simplistic and hysterical propaganda, truly a model of the genre. I recommend it as a seminal document of the Bush era, prior to what may well be its crowning disaster. It's lengthy but worth reading closely as a concentrated statement of the argument we will probably hear in ever shriller pitch in the coming months.

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The Salvador Option in Beirut

07-06-2007 01:33

Considering the Zionists' considerable operations to destroy Lebanon, it's becoming clearer why "Neo-Cons" such as Eliot Abrams created Fatah al Islam, just as Israel created Hamas decades ago, to undermine Palestinian unity.

The paradigm of the US rushing weapons and advisors to Lebanon (remember how Vietnam started?), in order to help them crush a group created by US/Israeli Neo-Cons, symbolizes everything wrong with US foreign policy in the region.

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Another not guilty verdict for a Fairford protester

06-06-2007 21:02

Josh Richards was arrested at Fairford in March 2003 - reportedly headed towards the B52s with a can of fuel and a box of matches - reportedly to burn them. After waiting several years for judgement of his actions and waiting through his two trials.....he was given that judgement today!

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CASMII condemns Republican candidates for refusing to rule out using nukes again

06-06-2007 19:21

In a debate on Tuesday June 5, in Manchester N.H., four of the ten Republican candidates, namely Rep. Duncan Hunter (R-Calif.), former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani, former Massachusetts Fov. Mitt Romney and former Virginia Gov. Jim Gilmore, declared that they would use tactical nuclear weapons against Iran.

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The Salvador Option in Beirut

06-06-2007 17:41

From mission statement to mission accomplished, the slam dunk cakewalks continue. But from Baghdad to Beirut, the forgery looks the same.

Unlike Iraq, there is no “weapons of mass destruction threat” to facilitate toppling the Syrian regime. This time, a United Nations Tribunal could provide the means, deploying Lebanese Prime Minister Rafiq Hariri's murder as the weapon. But like the US show trial to convict Saddam Hussein, the show trial to convict Syria for Hariri's murder, built by the United Nation's International Independent Investigation Commission (UNIIIC), has a history of problems.

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Wednesday Rostock-Laage Airport rallys

06-06-2007 14:23

Camp Reddelich
Today, we went over to see what was going on at the supposed airport blockades at Rostock-Laage airport and found only a small number of protesters at each of the four rally points.

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Deconstructing Fatah al-Islam an Easy Task, Thanks to DEBKAfile

05-06-2007 23:45

In other words, we can assume Fatah al-Islam, linked to the Shin Bet compromised PFLP through the splinter group the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestinian-General Command, is yet another covert operation, designed to go up against Hezbollah, never mind the futility of such an operation. It appears to be a collaborative black op intelligence effort between the Israelis, the Saudis, and the neocons—with the cooperation of the Senora government in Lebanon—all interested in taking down Hezbollah a peg or two, especially considering the disturbing fact the Islamic organization is now capable of fending off Israeli predation.

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A shockingly awful public relations campaign is underway for yet another war

05-06-2007 21:50

Let me light a lantern in a bell tower for my fellow Americans. You must awake. There are PR armies of the night with shiny media kits and Dick-Cheneyfied “intelligence” reports quietly at work right now, building momentum for a strike on Iran and a vast broadening of this too costly—and let’s just say it—too crazy war on terror.

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Call-out for Sheffield Faslane action

04-06-2007 22:27

Sheffield activists looking to blockade Faslane 28th June-3rd July