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Call-out for Sheffield Faslane action

Sheffield Faslane Blockadeers | 04.06.2007 22:27 | Faslane | Anti-militarism | Sheffield

Sheffield activists looking to blockade Faslane 28th June-3rd July

A group of us are looking to go up from Sheffield to join the year-round blockade of Faslane, staying from the 28th of June to the 3rd of July (although you're not required to stay for the full length of time by any means, a few of us'll be leaving on the 1st as well), if you'd be interested, email the contact address. There's also meant to be a non-violent direct action workshop and training session organised by Plane Stupid on Sunday the 10th of June, but we haven't really got the venue for that sorted, it should go up here as soon as we know. Think that's all, please do get in touch if you'd be interested in going.

Sheffield Faslane Blockadeers
- e-mail: pandp (at) shef (dot) ac (dot (uk)


NVDA workshop

06.06.2007 14:57

The NVDA workshop mentioned in the article above is now happening at 11 am in the Octagon Bar (near Sheffield University, on Western Bank, near Glossop Road), more details here: