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UK Anti-militarism Newswire Archive

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Collective Punishment & the Violations of the Fourth Geneva Convention

06-07-2003 15:05

The international community does nothing to enforce Fourth Geneva Convention and so the confiscations go on, slowly changing the landscape and dispossessing the Palestinians; confining their existence to smaller parcels of land while the colony-settlements expand. One more way for the Israelis to pressure the Palestinians to move away. It is wrong and wrongful and does nothing to perpetuate peace.

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Hear Palestine: Khan Younis: Resident Killed in Israeli Booby Trap

06-07-2003 13:24


Saturday, 05 July 2003

**Khan Younis: Resident Killed in Israeli Booby Trap
**Jenin: Israeli Army Withdraws this Morning after Military Invasion
**Provocative Measures Escalated in Jerusalem; Major Settlement Plans
**Tulkarem: Military Order for Confiscation of More Land
**Hebron: Curfew Imposed on Old City
**Bethlehem: Tight Military Siege and Oppressive Measures at Roadblocks

**Israeli Soldiers Attack Children and Patients at Na'alin Military
**Dividing Wall. Humanitarian, Economic, Environmental, Social Catastrophe
**23 Students and Teachers Killed in Hebron during Intifada

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Defend democratic rights in Manchester!

06-07-2003 10:21

Defend democratic rights in Manchester!

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more from menwith hill...july 4th 2003

06-07-2003 06:14

arrest for "assault"
pictures from the independance from america day at menwith hill spy base

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Fairford, 4 July 2003

05-07-2003 23:00

Declaration of Independence from USA: More pics, short report below pics

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Independence Day in Plymouth (Photos)

05-07-2003 20:05

Photos - report to follow

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Menwith Hill - Call for witness to an arrest

05-07-2003 18:19

Of the two arrested at Menwith Hill on Friday, one is an ex sheffielder now living in Nottingham. He has been charged with obstruction, resisting arrest and assaulting a police officer

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Menwith Hill - bogus liberal politics

05-07-2003 12:59

UK Police defending US government property from UK citizens
Analysis and photo of Independence from America day and the mixed up society we live in.

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Penny Rimbaud at Menwith Hill

05-07-2003 12:53

Penny Rimbaud at Menwith Hill
Pic and article about Penny Rimbauds performance at Menwith Hill on Indpendence from America day.

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Independence from America day

05-07-2003 12:49

Independence from America day
A great day out at Menwith Hill of July 4th.

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RAF Waitrose.

05-07-2003 12:28

Waitrose claims AirShow helps RAF families.

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London Menwith Demo

05-07-2003 12:17

London Menwith demo flops.

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Protest, in Gaborone, Botswana

05-07-2003 11:45

A small anti-war protest in Gaborone, Botswana

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A Light at the End of the Congo Tunnel

05-07-2003 00:37

A short-mandate force of international troops, led by France, is in the process of installing itself in Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) (Background Report), a nation just coming off a five year civil war which saw more deaths than any conflict since World War II

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menwith hill 04/07/03 sheffield samba band

04-07-2003 23:58

menwith hill gatecrashers ball
sheffield samba band

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Fairford Independence from America Day

04-07-2003 21:22

First pictures from Fairford of the Gatecrashers' Stroll and Declaration of Independence from America.

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Scott Ritter Speaks In Galway

04-07-2003 19:56

Scott Ritter Galway July 03
Scott Ritter former UN Weapons Inspector spoke last night in Galway
in support of Mary Kelly's actions in Shannon airport where she attempted to disarm
a US Military Warplane. Scott was in Ireland to testify at her trial.

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Disarm DSEi Film Night

04-07-2003 19:00

A Disarm DSEi Fundraiser
Film Night
27th July, 5pm
@ LARC (62 Fieldgate St, Whitechapel)

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menwith independabce day report

04-07-2003 15:45

report on menwith independance day action