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UK Anti-militarism Newswire Archive

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Shutting down ITT/EDO: A day at the seaside

07-05-2009 13:41

Bringing the foot down
Photos from the Mayday Smash EDO demo. There's a timeline by Last Hours at

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Mayday Mayday, Smashing EDO in pictures.

06-05-2009 21:53

It starts down by the pier with a flag.

Another eventful day by the seaside.

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Why the police riot? - part 11

06-05-2009 21:49

The TSG facilitating protest at Westminster Cathedral
The British police public order manual is a secret document establishing a paramilitary third force in the UK, under the control of a private company (ACPO) with permission from the home office. It's long overdue that more information about this was in the public domain.

This is part 11 of a series, for parts 1-10 see:

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NW // A positive critique of Smash EDO Brighton May Day

06-05-2009 18:04

A personal perspective of the Smash EDO May Day actions on 4th May 2009.

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'Up to 100 dead' in Afghan raid

06-05-2009 13:36

US-Terror i. Afghanistan - 100 Tote Zivilisten
B-1B-Bomber ueber Afghanistan ... Dutzende Tote bei US-Angriff in Afghanistan ... Bei einem Luftangriff der US Air Force im Bezirk Bala Buluk im Westen Afghanistans kommen Dutzende Menschen ums Leben. Nach Angaben des Roten Kreuzes befinden sich auch Frauen und Kinder unter den Toten. ....

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NW // Brighton May Day Smash Edo Photos and McDonalds Video 4/5/09

06-05-2009 00:26

A bunch of photos and a video of the Smash EDO mayday protest in Brighton.

Sorry but the pics aren't in any particular order..

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Photos - FIT & EGT at smashEDO Mayday

05-05-2009 17:40

Photos of FIT & EGT at smashEDO Mayday

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SmashEDO Mayday! Mayday! Street Party 2009 (VIDEO)

05-05-2009 17:28

Video and Demo report from Smash EDO/ITT demo 4th May 2009.

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HSBC Smashed. Brighton.

05-05-2009 15:16

Last night HSBC bank in Five Ways, Brighton was attacked.

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Pictures of Cops on SmashEDO Street Party Demo

05-05-2009 10:57

MAYDAY! MAYDAY! Street Party.
Solidarity. Militancy. Dynamism. Action. Diversity

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‘Mayday! Mayday!’ Smash EDO Brighton: anti-war march clashes with police

04-05-2009 18:35

Mounted police outside McDonalds
May Day, 4th May 2009: Hundreds of people from all over the country met in Brighton today to protest against the war, capitalism, and the arms trade. Organised by the Smash EDO movement, which for years has been campaigning against the EDO/ITT weapons factory based in Brighton, the protest started off very peacefully and remained generally positive throughout the day.

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FIT Teams shut down in Brighton

04-05-2009 12:39

Reports have been received that FIT teams have been physically stopped from operating at the Shut ITT/EDO Mayday demo

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Brighton Mayday update

04-05-2009 09:36

Mounted police on the seafront - Madeira drive outisde Concorde.
London road pigged out - at Cowley Club front and back, and at convergence. 15 cops in all.
Cops in city centre talking photos outside McDonalds on Western Rd

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Indymedia dispatch for Brighton Mayday

04-05-2009 00:46

may the 4th be with you

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May 16th, Day for Gaza

03-05-2009 17:34

Dont let the fight stop. STWC rally for gaza. big turn out please.

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FIT in Brighton

03-05-2009 13:37

FIT (the Metropolitan Police's Forward Intelligence Team) are monitoring people going in and out of the Cowley Club on London Rd in Brighton (2.30). There have been two officers opposite the front and back of the club entrance for the last few hours, so far just making notes.

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extra infolines set up for the Mayday! Mayday! mass street party

03-05-2009 13:30

FOR UP TO THE MINUTE UPDATES ABOUT THE DEMO - call the Mayday! Mayday! infoline - Save these numbers in your phone as this will be one of the only ways to find out the meeting point for the demo

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BP centenary protest, 6-7pm, British Museum, Wednesday May 6th

02-05-2009 13:26

Graphic by Inkthief

6-7pm, Wednesday May 6th 2009
British Museum front gate, Great Russell Street, London WC1;
(Tott. Ct. Rd or Holborn tube)
Art Not Oil: 07709 545116;

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Important - Message about Smash EDO Updates

01-05-2009 20:44


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Sri Lanka rejects ceasefire (by Latuff)

01-05-2009 16:57

Sri Lanka rejects ceasefire
Copyleft artwork by Brazilian cartoonist Latuff, in solidarity with the Tamil People.