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NW // A positive critique of Smash EDO Brighton May Day

Netcu Watch | 06.05.2009 18:04 | Smash EDO | Anti-militarism | Repression | Terror War | South Coast

A personal perspective of the Smash EDO May Day actions on 4th May 2009.

May Day in Brighton was another positive move towards a more effective leaderless resistance that the UK needs so sorely, it would seem that radical activists have learned much from the G20 protests in London. The police were outwitted at almost every turn with a crowd of around 1000 seemingly shaking the police presence all together for around 10 mins. Fitwatch tactics were not restricted to the organised few but a tactic used by hundreds of activists at the same time which made evidence gathering ops virtual impossible at times.

It would seem that one of the major benefits of decentralised protest actions is that the masses are opportunistic and unpredictable which is something that will win over the inflexible structure used by police during public order situations. Police simply looked like they were waiting on orders on many occasions and by the time orders came through the protest had taken a new tangent leaving police exposed and dumbfounded.

The more important benefit of having no official organisers during mass actions is that individuals and affinity groups have to take the day for themselves and make their own plans or the day will simply fall flat, that said the frequent chaos proved to be most interesting.

Whilst the day was incredibly positive many people have been talking about police horses and missile throwing during the day. It is important that animals that have no choice e.g. Horses and dogs and considered during these situations. They should under no circumstances be targeted as if they are simply equipment of the state. Some missiles throw from far away during the march were also dangerous to other activists and members of the public, one missile was thrown near the Dome that if not for someone closing a door at the right time would have seriously injured someone. The fact is if you are not sure about hitting your target then don’t throw anything. The last criticism is of those who graffitied and smashed lights on local businesses on the pier, this sort of unacceptable stupidity has no place and in my opinion is counter revolutionary and will only alienate those who may support our struggle.

Regardless of these minor criticisms the day was fantastic and we can only hope that we learn, adapt and organise in this vein for future actions. Finally the Smash EDO pirate radio was fantastic and set the day off with a serious bang!

Solidarity and respect.


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