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UK Anti-militarism Newswire Archive

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Tracing a Trail of Destruction: Report from Lebanon, August 13, 2006

14-08-2006 03:28

BEIRUT, Lebanon - The wounds of war were evident shortly after we crossed the Syria-Lebanon border at 1130 in the morning on August 12. At Haissa, about three kilometers from the Dabboussiyeh border crossing, we come across the ruins of a bridge hit by Israeli war planes just the day before. Villagers tell us 12 people were killed and 10 wounded, all civilians.

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Stop the Slaughter! - Tuesday 15th August

14-08-2006 03:16

Israel out of Lebanon! Stop rocket attacks on Israeli civilians!

Why the camp of workers' politics is a necessity - against imperialist domination and Islamist oppression

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Book/prisons Western Hemisphere

14-08-2006 03:09

Dear Friends, This is a special effort by CURE in the US. We have pasted the first part and the section about the US on the bottom for those who can't download the 1.8mb book. It gives a sense of what we could do.

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Mildenhall Peace Camp

13-08-2006 23:03

Peace Camp established outside the USAF base at Mildenhall

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Peace Demo in Edinburgh, Saturday, 12th of August

13-08-2006 22:12

The demonstration to support a ceasefire in the current Lebanon/Israeli conflict, gathered at around 1.30pm at the Meadows path. Lots of flags there, but the spectre of the demonstrators was varied.

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Brize Norton Peace Camp needs support

13-08-2006 21:46

A peace camp was established at RAF Brize Norton yesterday (Saturday) to monitor the use of the airfield following reports that it (along with RAF Mildenhall and Prestwick Airport) had been used to refuel planes carrying bombs from the US to Israel.

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Want to Stop Nuclear? - Faslane 365 London meeting

13-08-2006 17:12

Want To Stop Nuclear??!

On the 1st October 2006 an audacious civil resistance initiative to close down, for a whole year, the Faslane naval base in Scotland, where the UK’s nuclear warheads and nuclear submarines are stored, will begin.

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Sources claim latest "terror plot" a hoax cooked up to divert attention from Bla

13-08-2006 17:10

According to knowledgeable sources in the UK and other countries, the Tony Blair government, under siege by a Labor Party revolt, cleverly cooked up a new "terror" scare to avert the public's eyes away from Blair's increasing political woes.

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9-11 "conspiracy theorists" vindicated: Pentagon deliberately misled public opin

13-08-2006 16:50

Recent revelations by members of the 9-11 Commission (quoted in the Washington Post, 2 August 2006) have far reaching implications. They confirm that the Pentagon was involved in criminal wrongdoing by deliberately distorting and/or withholding information concerning the September 2001 attacks

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Incompetent UN Resolution Draft

13-08-2006 14:41

When the war criminals George W Bush and Tony Blair howl like wolves in the choir, that is a prelude to shooting.. State terrorism becomes ionternational policy. The UN only seems to be used for legitimation.

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Photos from RAF Brize Norton A12

13-08-2006 13:22

Cardiff Anarchist Network at the main gate.
Anarchists, peaceniks, sambistas and hula-skirted murderers in the heart of Oxfordshire.

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Brize Norton - 2nd gate closed

13-08-2006 13:13

While peace protestors and activists block one gate - a covert group from London including a full pink samba band blocked the second busy gate on carterton highroad.

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Video of Israel Shooting Peace Prostester in Head (he's now brain-damaged)

13-08-2006 07:08

an Israeli activist has been seriously injured, apparently brain damaged, by Israeli police

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The Don't Support Israel Shopping Guide

13-08-2006 06:54

A useful list of products to avoid if you want to take part in the Israeli Goods Boycott.
More information at the War on Want and at the Boycott Israeli Goods web sites.

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Report of all Scotland demonstration for Lebanon Saturday 12th August 2006

13-08-2006 05:51

This is a 1,770 word piece with 20 photographs about the large and successful demonstration for Lebanon on Saturday 12th August in Edinburgh.

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The Israel Lebanon War for Water

13-08-2006 05:25

Background on the significance of the Litani River waterway in the Middle east conflict.

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Paying attention yet?

13-08-2006 04:51

Prepare yourselves
Or still wasting your precious time on backstory issues? Well, for those who are interested in attacking the beast at its most vulnerable point, read on.The Anglo-American empire’s “next 9-11” will set up final war; “foiled” UK terror plot a propaganda dry run

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hackney critical mass against the occupation

12-08-2006 23:07

the mass set off
this afternoon hackney corporations were targeted in a small critical mass of a dozen cyclists with a sound system. the local population were very receptive and loads of leaflets were handed out.

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Ceasefire graffiti

12-08-2006 22:21

Heres a photo of a new mural on the cowley road in east oxford.

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Against Israel's war on Lebanon & Palestine: AUSTRALIA

12-08-2006 21:29

Sydney rally against Israel's war
The crowd at today's rally was smaller than at the major demonstration on July 22 but just as determined. We were protesting against Israel's ongoing war against the people of Lebanon and Palestine.