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Sydney rally against Israeli aggression 22-7-06

22-07-2006 12:39

Sydney Rally
Keysar Trad, from the Islamic Friendship Association, told Green Left Weekly that more rallies, and bigger ones, would be needed if Israel didn't pull back from its invasion of Lebanon.

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Nuclear Warhead Convoy passing Oxford 22/07/06

22-07-2006 12:04

Second truck
Photos of Nuclear Warhead convoy passing Oxford on the A34 heading north from AWE Burghfield in Berkshire to RNAD Coulport in Scotland (near Faslane). 10:20 am 22/07/06

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A return to the King David Hotel.

22-07-2006 10:52

.. another israel fake cell, this time al-qaeda in Palestine (caught)
60 years ago, on July 22 1946, israel terrorrists - disguised as Arabs - murdered scores of british nationals including servicemen.

This week the great and the good[sic] of israeli politics gathered to celebrate the event.

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Refugees in Lebanon

22-07-2006 10:46

A poem from Prajna

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22-07-2006 10:08


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U.S. Speeds Up Bomb Delivery for the Israelis

22-07-2006 08:21

Yankkkeezzz sending precision equipment to aid the Israeli's in their modern day slaughter of the innocents, just like the tractor busting A10's during the Kosovo massacres
WASHINGTON The Bush administration is rushing precision-guided bombs to Israel at the Israelis’ request, American officials said. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said she would go to Israel tomorrow and then meet Arab and European envoys in Italy.

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Closing Speeches Made in Irish Ploughshares Trial *Verdict Mon(J24) or Tues(J25)

22-07-2006 07:52

The Pit Stop Ploughshares 5 - Deirdre Clancy(Dub), Nuin Dunlop(U.S), Karen Fallon(Scot), Damien Moran(Offaly) & Ciaron O'Reilly(OZ) are presently on trial at Dublin's historic Four Courts for the third time. They are charged with $U.S.2.5million "criminal damage without lawful excuse" to a U.S. Navy War Plane en route to the war on Iraq refueling at Shannon Airport on Feb 3rd. 2003. Closing Speeches to Jury began Thursday (July 20th '06)

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Lebanon/Gaza Protest Outside Israeli Tennis Team Venue

22-07-2006 06:29

Sunday, Justice Not Vengeance and Hastings against War are organising a protest about Israeli aggression against Lebanon/Gaza in Eastbourne - where the Israeli national tennis team is playing.

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Lebanon/Gaza - Successful petitioning in Hastings

22-07-2006 06:16

Justice Not Vengeance has produced a leaflet, postcard, petition and briefings about the current Gaza/Lebanon crisis. We used them to good effect in the centre of Hastings on Friday 21 July, gathering 73 signatures in an hour, in cooperation with Hastings Against War.

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Valerie Plame Lawsuit, Brewster Jennings Spying at NUKE MEETS

22-07-2006 05:04

Valerie Plame "Secret" CIA Unit Was Open in Spying on Iran
Valerie Plame's CIA Unit Spied at 3rd-World Nuke Conference
Jean C. Edwards is a former CIA agent who recently listed Valerie Plame's famous CIA front company Brewster Jennings Associates as her own former employer. Edwards attended at least three conferences with nuclear engineers and scientists from Iran, Pakistan, and other prospective and actual nuclear nations, apparently to spy on them.. The conferences were held in Trieste, Italy, in 1991, 1992, and 1995 while Edwards worked for the CIA. In the lists of attendees below, Edwards is listed as Jean C. Edwards from Jamaica.

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YES TO PEACE NO TO TERROR "Stand with Israel" rally Sunday in Kenton

22-07-2006 03:06

The Board of Deputies of British Jews is sponsoring a rally in solidarity with Israel on Sunday July 23 from 5 to 6 pm at JFS, The Mall, Kenton.

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Save the Lebanese Civilians Petition

22-07-2006 00:30

Please sign this petition and spread the link around the internet

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Israeli Military Tactics and Objectives in Lebanon

21-07-2006 23:52

Don't be fooled by 'Kidnapped Soldiers' and 'Rockets raining down on Israel'. That is all a smoke screen for a crime, a robbery in fact. Unforunately a few thousand people will have to die first. But the US/UK think its worth it. Please read on.

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21-07-2006 23:05

The BBC are broadcasting direct from Trafalgar Square tomorrow (Saturday) as part of their dance week. With many protestors leaving Hyde Park after the march, spread the word and flood the Square. Take over the media. Stop censorship. Do real direct action to show the depth of feeling about this situation.

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21-07-2006 19:53

All-Wales March for Peace and Justice in the Middle East:

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Israelis are using Depleted Uranium in Lebanon

21-07-2006 18:51

Below are links to photos showing Israeli forces loading their tanks with depleted uranium weapons.

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Reagan's "Outrage," Bush's Silence

21-07-2006 15:08

What one American president did to stop an Israeli assault on Lebanon, what another won't do.

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B'Tselem - "Israeli Soldiers use civilians as Human Shields in Beit Hanun"

21-07-2006 13:21

An investigation by the Israeli Information Center for Human Rights in the Occupied Territories, B'Tselem, indicates that, during an incursion by Israeli forces into Beit Hanun, in the northern Gaza Strip, on 17 July 2006, soldiers seized control of two buildings in the town and used residents as human shields.

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Protest Israeli Aggression! Get On TV With Tiger!

21-07-2006 12:58


SUNDAY, 23rd JULY - BRING BANNERS. The world's media is there for the final round of the British Open golf. ALL WELCOME - WE'LL BE THERE A COUPLE OF HOURS SO YOU CAN COME LATE.