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UK Anti-militarism Newswire Archive

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UN Urges Halting and Tearing Down Apartheid Project, While Israel…

22-10-2003 16:44

…. Blatantly Seizes More Palestinian Land.

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Celebrating Protest and Peace - film night organised by Y&S CND

22-10-2003 14:15

The Youth and Student CND has organised a short film night on Tuesday 28th October.

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UK antiwar group wrecks Bush visit

22-10-2003 13:02

An report...

by Shaista Aziz
Tuesday 21 October 2003 2:16 PM GMT

Antiwar activists are claiming a first round victory over attempts to stop President Bush's first state visit to the UK.

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A Summer of a Thousand Nights: From Tehran to Susa

22-10-2003 00:15

Mark Dankof employs his diary kept in Iran over a quarter of a century ago to lay the groundwork for a present critique of the New World Order and the accompanying American quest for Empire linked to oil consortiums and the Israeli lobby. The 14 chapter work gives special emphasis to the importance of distinguishing between the Kingdom of God and the Empires of the Political Realm, with discussion of the dangers awaiting those who blur the clear lines of demarcation between the two.

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CamSAW speakers Galloway, German

21-10-2003 22:39

On 14 October 2003, Cambridge Students Against War invited Lindsey German and George Galloway to speak to an audience of over 100 about the current occupation of Iraq. Below are the audios of the two speeches.

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Manchester Camp X-Ray - new panoramic footage

21-10-2003 18:15

Just before the Manchester Camp X-Ray art installation ended, I got some panaoramic overhead footage of the camp on a beautiful Autumn day...

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Another Israeli Raid Against Civilians INDIRECTLY Funded By US Tax Dollars

21-10-2003 05:29

"Israel's Channel 10 TV said that none of the dead were militants, characterizing the refugee camp strike as a "mistake."Residents said one of the dead was a doctor who was treating victims when a second missile struck. The identity of the other victims was not immediately known."

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Seymour Hersh on the US intelligence communities failures in reporting WMD's

21-10-2003 02:23

Since midsummer, the Senate Intelligence Committee has been attempting to solve the biggest mystery of the Iraq war: the disparity between the Bush Administration’s prewar assessment of Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction and what has actually been discovered.

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Is Zionism a Failed Ideology?

20-10-2003 22:47

"In Israel, Avraham Burg, former speaker of the Knesset, recently warned that if Israel wishes to preserve what little democracy it still has, it must either withdraw to its pre-1967 boundaries or grant full citizenship to the approximately 3.5 million Palestinians in the occupied territories, a step that would spell the virtual end of the Jewish state...."

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Come and give BP boss Browne a (globally) warm welcome, Oct 23rd 5pm

20-10-2003 22:39

This Thursday evening (October 23rd), BP boss John Browne will be attempting to spread some top-dollar greenwash at a lecture called 'Squaring the circle: The role of energy in Sustainable Development'.

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Anti Bush Demo Reports from Philippines - Australia Prepares Protests

20-10-2003 16:05

Quick compilation of reports from protests against the bush visits in philippines and planning for protests in a couple of days throughout australia.


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STOP George W. BUSH in AUSTRALIA - Big Mobilisations...

20-10-2003 15:41

Some Posters...
GIANT protests against the Bush visit on Oct22 (5pm @ Sydney Town Hall) and Oct23 (9am @ NATIONAL DEMONSTRATION @ Parliament Hill, Canberra)
Visit and join our up-to-date low-volume e-list @

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Al Brazil (Rafah, Gaza) is being invaded now

20-10-2003 15:17

Writing to request 'a call to action' - I have attached a short update on the
situation in Rafah (from today, Thursday 16th of October and also one from
Sunday 12th October) and hope that most of you get the chance to read it...

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20-10-2003 11:28

An extract of a report from an anarchist in Iraq, about the new forms the class struggle is taking there after the fall of the Baathist "socialist" regime. Wildcats strikes, picket lines with AK-47s, workplace militancy and State repression.

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"The Most Powerful Men in the World, The Peroxide Spook and The 25c
Armed Picket Line"

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Fake letters, fake numbers and other facts

19-10-2003 22:22

Again and again lucky soldiers write home about their nice experiences in Iraq

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Panoramic Overhead Stills of Manchester Camp X-ray

19-10-2003 14:03

Manchester Camp X_Ray 1
Some new, panoramic shots looking down on Manchster Camp X-Ray

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Ordinary Iraqis Among Guerrilla Movement

18-10-2003 15:19

Despite U.S. insistence on publicly focusing the scope of Iraq's guerrilla movement on Saddam Hussein loyalists and foreign militants, organized Iraqi civilians also participate in the violent resistance to the U.S.-led occupation

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new Iraq Occupation Watch website

18-10-2003 11:33

click on the link-