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UK Anti-militarism Newswire Archive

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Totalitarian Arabic press better than UK corporate press

10-08-2006 18:49

During the Iraq war, I went to a BBC meeting, mostly to complain about the bias during the so-called glory days of Greg Dyke. Oddly enough, Iranian and even Saudi Arabian journalists who were there said, we thought our press was limited but you are into self-censorship and described how ignorant and misrepresentative news stories were. Many will know about D-notices and such as the like... But now we have a terrorist threat for which these culprits are not guilty, no evidence, Blair on holiday

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Join the Dots: the 'War on Terror' and the War on Freedom

10-08-2006 17:54

This afternoon, police have announced that are searching homes and businesses across the UK in connection with a plot to blow up planes from the UK to US. This appears to have been timed to coincide with the Home Secretary's demand that we "modify some of our freedoms". Or maybe Reid's speech was timed to coincide with the police announcement. Either way, the intention is the same - to attack the working class.

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Anti Israel protest at Liverpool V Haifa

10-08-2006 16:34

A group of anti-war protesters made their point at the Liverpool V Maccabi Haifa Champions League match last night. Despite the Liverpool Echo's scaremongering (, the protesters did not attempt to 'ruin' the match, leaving that to Rafael Benitez's unadventurous tactics.

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Weekly report: Israeli warcrimes in Palestine

10-08-2006 16:01

Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) Escalate Attacks on Palestinian Civilians and Property in the Occupied Palestinian Territory (OPT)

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Attack foiled - how long can this go on?

10-08-2006 14:33

I'm not saying I don't believe they found anything or had suspicions because it is an accusation I would not disagree with but I do not have the information to make. These sort of things will become a more regular occurance as the west fights its never-ending 'war on terror'.

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sick, sick, sick, sick : diabolic clumsy fraud fails again :

10-08-2006 13:20

o.s.p. + u.s.a/ israeli thinktank in court in the states for leaking secret info. . . . but the actual crimes are far worse . . . . - world shattering stupidity :

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No to hysteria - Yes to real security

10-08-2006 12:35

There can be no justification for terrorist attacks but they cannot be stopped by turning Britain into a police state.

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Sheffield Anti-War Demo - Sat Aug 19th

10-08-2006 11:33

Following on from Saturday's 100,000+ demonstration, last nights Sheffield StWC
organising meeting laid down a number of plans and activities for the coming
period, which I will set out below in chronological order.
Given what is almost universally seen as a murdeous assault by Israel on Lebanon
and indeed Palestine, and the the continued bloody occupation of Afghanistan
and Iraq, last night we quite rightly decided to step up the action and pile on
the pressure on Bush, Blair, Olmert and their warmongering cohorts to stop the
slaughter and stop it now.

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do as we do , not as we say : march of friendship

10-08-2006 10:35

as a response to current acts of "disobedience and war" waged by governments around the world, the fun revolution calls on fun revolutionaries around the world to take direct action and "make friends" with someone they dont get on with, and then join a "do as we do , not as we say : march of friendship" through london to downing street or somewhere in the political capital of your own country.

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Hi-di-hi Prestwick!

10-08-2006 09:46

Loitering with a Tent, an ad hoc affinity group established a peace camp in Glasgow Prestwick's main car park for around 11 hours in protest of the illegal military flights that are being allowed through what is marketed as a civilian airport.

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Israeli Anarchists Blockade Air Force Base

10-08-2006 08:48

Around 20 Israeli anarchists on Wednesday blockaded the entrance to Ramat David air force base in the north of the country, from which fighter planes have been taking off to bombing missions in Lebanon.

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Dissident MPs line-up against migration Bill?

10-08-2006 05:29

Attempting to come to Australia by boat
I see so anyone attempting to come to Australia by boat and seeking asylum from despots who want to torture and kill them should just sink? Now that's been done before hasn't it?

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Photo Essay from Lebanon - 2

10-08-2006 04:15

Palestinian Refugees from Ain al-Helweh Refugee Camp, Saida (Sidon)
These images are stories in themselves

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Photo Essay from Lebanon

10-08-2006 04:03

This is how we must bury our dead now - in masses
These images are stories in themselves

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Civil Defense members removing corpses from Marwahin, Lebanon

10-08-2006 02:52

young girl from Marwahin
Civil Defense members removing corpses from Marwahin, Lebanon

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More money for war crimes and less money for social services, nelson?

10-08-2006 02:48

But what a load of rubbish again because Lib/Lab sold us out and there is no party opposed to these illegal and degrading wars and crimes and acts of aggression committed against the indigenous Iraqi and Afghani people!

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Hackney Critical Mass (Lebanon Action)

10-08-2006 02:47

Sick of constant wars being fought over greed, racism and control for the world's dwindling natural resources? Disgusted that the government in this country sits back while a murderous, oppressive state brutally attacks another country, just because the UK government wants to keep its ally in an area it's helping rip apart to guarantee the supply of the last few drops of oil?

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Highlighting the meaning of “Lanterns on the Lake”, Swindon, 9th Aug 2006

09-08-2006 23:54

Follow the signs...
Peace campaigners in Swindon were in attendance at the annual “Lanterns on the Lake” event at Coate Water, to highlight the reason for the event – the anniversary of the world’s first, and hopefully last, act of nuclear warfare, in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and also to publicise the protest at Brize Norton this coming Saturday. Things got a bit heated when an Israeli man and his wife took exception to the leaflets being handed out, but fortunately it ended with handshakes and good wishes.

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Deplete Uranium

09-08-2006 23:35

The Simpsons illustrate the invention of depleted uranium (DU) munitions.