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UK Anti-militarism Newswire Archive

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Martin Luther King Day

14-01-2005 13:49

Dear Friends,

Monday January 17th is 'Martin Luther King Day'.

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J18-03 MLK WDC Photos Never Before Seen

14-01-2005 05:31

Cop on Duty . MLK Anti-War Demo . WDC . 18jan03
On 18 January 2003, over the Martin Luther King Holiday, in WDC A.N.S.W.E.R Internataional held one of the largest anti-war demonstrations in recent history as thousands gathered on the National Mall for an 11am Rally and then March pass the US Capitol to the Navy Yard, an historic Defense Installation located in SE WDC. In commemoration of the 2005 MLK these images have never before been seen ...

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A Video Message from the Iraqi Resistance

14-01-2005 02:35

Reuters obtained from Iraqi guerrillas "an English-language video urging U.S. troops to lay down their weapons and seek refuge in mosques and homes" (Michael Georgy, "Iraq Rebels in Video Taunt," January 12, 2005), promising protection to soldiers who heed their call. The Information Clearing House has made the video and a transcript of its content available: "A Message from the 'Iraq Resistance.'"

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Brighton Arms Co in sticky situation

13-01-2005 18:37

Workers at edo/mbm on the home farm industrial estate in brighton arrived at work to find that their locks had been glued shut

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EMPIRE & RESISTANCE: From Caracas to Fallujah - TARIQ ALI

13-01-2005 14:29

From Carcas to Fallujah

A talk by TARIQ ALI

Monday 17th JANUARY 2005 @ 7pm
Khalili Lecture Theatre,
Russell Sq.
London WC1H 0XG

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Smash EDO roof occupation trial update (Brighton)

12-01-2005 19:16

Smash EDO is a local campaign (Brighton) against EDO MBM Technology Ltd, on Home Farm Road, who manufacture release mechanisms for Paveway bombs supplied to Raytheon and used in Iraq, amongst other things. In May last year, 5 activists got
on the roof and hung banners. They are charged with aggravated trespass. It's been an interesting day in court - circular logic from the judge and a distinct lack of evidence from the prosecution.

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Tsunamis and Wars

12-01-2005 17:51

A comparison of US government spending on wars and on aid to victims of natural disasters and the reasons for the difference.

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Conference of Finance North Africa / Middle East

11-01-2005 23:20

Conference of Finance North Africa / Middle East
On the 11th of february 2005 for the first time the conference of finance concerning the region of North Africa and Middle East takes place in the "Dorint Sofitel Hotel Bayerpost", Bayerstr. 12 in Munich. The conference will be organized by the association of the German industry (BDI) and the association of the German banks (BdB) incorporated in the initiative of the German economy (NMI). The worldbank group and the bank of european investments (EIB) are coorganizers of the conference. Up to 250 important participants from politics and economy will take part in the conference.

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The World Can Force the U.S. Out of Iraq!

11-01-2005 15:56

LONDON - Britain will send another 400 troops to Iraq ahead of elections there, Defense Secretary Geoff Hoon said Monday.


A U.S. Soldier Speaks of the Atrocities He Witnessed
Scott Fleming 10 Jan 2005 22:08 GMT

"People in my unit used to break bottles over Iraqi civilians' heads."

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News on the Draft Issue in the US

11-01-2005 07:39

Links to a number of recent news stories on the draft issue. Includes information related to all of the drafts: poverty draft, youth draft, skilled worker draft and backdoor draft.

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Lords of the WEF, MIttelerde schlägt zurück

11-01-2005 00:04

dance out wef
Dieses Jahr burnen wir an der anti-WEF-Demo das Gurtenfestival, das Bierhübeli und das Stadttheater gemeinsam. Deine Meinung, Dein Friede, Deine Füsse. Künstler, Musiker, Freunde für eine gerechtere Welt.
Für die farbigste aller Demos dieser Tage!!

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International Day of Action Agains the Arms Trade

09-01-2005 20:31

International groups are calling for a day of direct action
against the arms trade on 21st March 2005 to coincide
with the second anniversary of the start of war on Iraq.

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Hebron children arrested for playing football in the street.

09-01-2005 15:28

Internationals witness the arrest of children in Hebron whose heinous crime was for playing football in a deserted street.

Monday 03/01/2005

Myself and three other internationals arrive in Hebron to liaise with local land action groups to fight the land seizures as more illegal settlements are built and the plans for the apartheid wall continue.

Hebron has been a divided city since the implementation of the Hebron accords which sliced it into areas H1 and H2, the population of over 120,000 people is all Palestinian Muslim apart from 500 or so Israeli settlers who are protected around the clock by 1200 Israeli soldiers.

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Locks Glued at DSEi Company

09-01-2005 13:22

Locks were glued last night at the offices of Reed and Spearhead Exhibitions, the company that organises DSEi, the world's largest arms fair.

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"Spinning the Axis of Evil" - Oxford Stop the War Meeting - Jan 13th

09-01-2005 13:17

Happy New Year to everyone. Our first meeting of the new year will be
held next week on Thursday, January 13th at 7:30 PM in the Town Hall,

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Tsunami Bush connection

09-01-2005 10:38

small bundles - no DNA
God is angry at Bushists, his poodlers and the illegal USUK attack.
Many of the poorest have to pay.
Poor Bliar.. the suicide cometh.
Holidays at Windscale, abortion et al.

Praise be and pay your tax...

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MP Accountability: Shaun Woodward - New Labour - St Helens Sth

08-01-2005 16:55

An open letter to Shaun Woodward, New Labour MP for St Helens Sth. In which I examine his actual parliamentary record (support for Iraq War, Tuition Fees, Foundation Hospitals and ID cards), how he (mis)represents his electorate, ask some awkward questions and urge change.
Go to research your MP, name & shame and contact them for an explanation. With the General Election looming, publishing their actual (and most probably poor) record could have a real impact. Hold 'Em To Account!!

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An ISM activist reports from occupied east Jerusalem

08-01-2005 11:22

After stupidly missing my morning flight to Tel Aviv on Thursday, I had to get the evening one instead. Arriving Friday morning after a comfortable flight (on which I had been upgraded to business class) I was lucky enough to happen upon another ISMer in the shared taxi to Jerusalem, although this only dawned on the both of us when we both ended up going to the same place where we were meant to make contact with the ISM.

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Palestine Action Workshop and Palestine Festival in Brighton next week

07-01-2005 12:47

Two Plaestine Solidarity Events in Brighton next Week