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UK Anti-militarism Newswire Archive

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One, two, many Iraqs (by Latuff)

07-04-2004 06:36

Bush's Vietnam
Copyright-free artwork by Brazilian cartoonist Latuff on the brave Iraqi people and their resistance against U.S. occupation in Iraq.

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URGENTE desde Bagdad - Observatorio de la Ocupación en Bagdad

06-04-2004 22:54

Iman Khamas, directora del centro del Observatorio de la Ocupación en Bagdad ha remitido esta tarde el siguiente mensaje sobre lo que está ocurriendo en las ciudades iraquíes.

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new issue of Traveling Soldier: "I saw the destroyed villages, I saw lives destr

06-04-2004 20:10

feature articles from the new Traveling Soldier, an anti-war newsletter for GIs

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Competing Ourselves to Death?

06-04-2004 11:55

Industry lobby groups cheered when the EU's Spring Summit agreed to
do 'business impact assessments' for all new EU legislation and re-
evaluate EU climate change policies. This year's European Business
Summit showed that industry's list of 'obstacles to competitiveness'
ranges from chemical safety rules over GM food restrictions to
'insufficient' military budgets.

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[Biddu, Palestine] People's Resistance Pushes Israeli Military Out Of Village

05-04-2004 19:25

April 4, 2004

Boy suffers skull fracture

(See below for links to pictures)

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Russian is Arming: Brazil, Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico, Chile and Urugu

04-04-2004 20:53

Russian is Arming: Brazil, Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico, Chile and Uruguay

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04-04-2004 16:23

Flowers of gratitude

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Video clips from last week's Manchester West Bank Wall Die-In

04-04-2004 14:48

A scene from the die-in
On 28th March 2004, the Manchester Palestinian movement, organised under the umbrella of Manchester Palestine Forum, organised a protest action against the West Bank Wall. The protest took the form of a die-in.

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stop the silence - START THE NOISE

04-04-2004 11:44

April 5th sees the anniversary of the shooting of ISMer Brian Avery in Jenin. Brian is one of many thousands of people who have been seriously injured by the Israeli Army during the 37 year illegal occupation of Palestine. Join in a noise demo outside the offices of the Israeli Arms Company - RAFAEL 3/5 Duke Street W1

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Palestine Solidarity in Hackney

04-04-2004 08:24

Six pictures of the new Hackney Palestine Solidarity Campaign building support for tearing down the Israeli's Apartheid Wall, brilliantly supported by the Rhythms of Resistance samba band; Stoke Newington Church Street, Sat 3 Apr 04.

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Roots of the Neo-Con Junta

04-04-2004 08:20

Richard Perle and Paul Wolfowitz
Leo Strauss provided the Machiavellian thought, Albet Wohlstetter provided the strategic military concept. Paul Wolfowitz and Richard Perle as prime movers of neo-con policy have sought to change the world. And they have.

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Thoughts on the Fallujah Massacre

04-04-2004 07:14

Four US mercenaries massacred in Fallujah
The Massacre of four American Mercenaries this past week in Fallujah is an unfortunate consequence of 400 years of ethnic cleansing that is such a part of the American psyche.
How can we hope to transcend our own brutality if the language we use defines our enemies as sub-humans, or paints our often psychotic and homicidal past as a glorious Biblical epic?

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A Legacy of Struggle: The Importance of Knowledge

04-04-2004 05:50

The importance of a knowledge of history in understanding the present and to develop an appreciation for the sacrifices and accomplishments of the progressive people who preceded us.

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Bush Blocks 9/11 Panel From Seeing Clinton Papers + W)199-EYE-WF-213589

04-04-2004 04:17

2nd April 2004
Democracy Now!{} report that Bush is blocking release of Clinton era documents from 9/11 investigation.
Could this be because of a certain Clinton executive order.....

In much the same way that the President tied the hands of the FBI, shortly before 9-11, by reissuing Clinton's Executive Order (W)199-EYE-WF-213589.......ordering the FBI not to touch Arabs, any members of the Saudi Royal family or Iraqi Republican Guard, and further, to purge from FBI and airport computers all the names of any middle eastern types brought over here to be trained in in the US, at our military bases and at our own expense, and taught to fly airliners at our own flight schools, the media at large has been discouraged from publicly examining the data. (video) of 1st page of 199-I)
(above-FBI web page = info re: the definition of order encoding, such as #199-EYE)

Former Deputy Director of the FBI, John O'Neill [5], famed for his personal perseverance against terrorism, resigned his position at the FBI on account of the issuance of EO# 199-EYE, and at his and his department's own hands having been tied by it. He was offered a new job as head of security at the WTC (which alleged to pay $300, 000 more than his FBI salary), and barely two months after the execution of order # 199-EYE, he died on his first day of work at the WTC, on September 11, 2001.[6]

Coincidence? I can't even go there.....

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Wilkinson's Slave Labour Camps (IN THE UK!)

04-04-2004 02:29

Grass Roots Comes To Suburbia! In response to receiving this story i am organising a lock-down in a few local Wilkinson stores in north-west london. i personally will be chained to a checkout in Hayes and could do with some observers (legal knowledge and video artists would be helpful!). get in touch!

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03-04-2004 19:13

The propaganda value of the mutilation of American corpses in Falluja and a case for who the real barbarians are in Iraq.

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The non-Islamic oppression of women

03-04-2004 18:19

Just a thought.

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Quagmire in Iraq: U.S. Casualties Up To 11,700

03-04-2004 17:56

*Headlines for April 2, 2004*

- Bush Blocks 9/11 Panel From Seeing Clinton Papers
- House GOP Drops Medicare Cost Inquiry
- Bush Signs Unborn Victims of Violent Act
- March: Second Deadliest Month for U.S. in Iraq
- Sharon Threatens to Assassinate Arafat