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UK Anti-militarism Newswire Archive

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"Proud of Britain": Googlebombing New Labour

30-11-2004 05:33

What can you do about the Labour Party's new shameless campaign, which asks you to tell them "what makes you proud of Britain"?

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`Troops Out` picket of BBC, Queen Margaret Drive, Glasgow. Monday 29 November.

30-11-2004 04:10

BBC Scotland building in Hamilton Drive, Glasgow.
This is an 860 word report of the Glasgow `Troops Out` picket of the BBC Scotland building in Queeen Margaret Drive, Glasgow, on Monday 29th November 2004.

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Swansea meeting in support of Palestine

29-11-2004 19:24

Ater Arafat ...What future for Palestine?

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turk gets 10 months jail for collating Kurd Stuff on DmOz

28-11-2004 08:25

makne writes "H. Ertas, a Turkish editor of the Open Directory Project ( has been sentenced to 10 months in prison after being found guilty of editing a category about the Kurdish Workers Party (PKK)..."

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January 20 Call to Action: RISE Against Bush/SHINE For A Peaceful Tomorrow

28-11-2004 02:57

RISE Against Bush
SHINE For A Peaceful Tomorrow

A Call for Anti-War Actions in Washington, DC, January 20, 2005

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In bed with the marines - dead-checking in second USUK Falluja Massacre

27-11-2004 10:10

I will never forget the three or four women I saw fatally shot and partially burned, still seated in a bus on the road north of Nasiriyah. Or the little girl, about four, lying by the side of the road in a pretty dress, her legs neatly and inexplicably chopped off at the knees. Mercifully, I remember thinking at the time, she was dead like all the others.

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The US Casualty Rate in Iraq: 9%

27-11-2004 09:38

The total number of casualties is about 25,000, plus the more than 1,200 killed.

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Iraq Dispatches: 'Unusual Weapons' Used in Fallujah

26-11-2004 19:17

The U.S. military has used poison gas (created by burning white phosphor) and other non-conventional weapons against civilians in Fallujah according to eyewitnesses and some media reports.

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Eyewitness Iraq

26-11-2004 16:01

Touring UK, courtesy of Voices UK, Christian peacemaker Peggy Gish recently returned from Iraq with eyewitness accounts of what was happening on the ground. Tales of occupation and solidarity.

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Anti-war activists bring horror of war in Iraq to Uk Government

26-11-2004 15:55

Anti-war activists bring horror of war in Iraq to the heart of

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UK arms companies market into Indonesian war zones

26-11-2004 15:53

UK arms companies are amongst those attending the first arms fair in Indonesia. A subsidary of UK based BAE Systems and Rolls-Royce are exhibiting.

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OIL: what is it, where is it, and why we are willing to kill for it

26-11-2004 15:52

OIL: what is it? A hydrocarbon. Where is it? Trapped in porous reservoir rock underground. Why are we willing to kill for it? Cos it's finite, far away, and the planet is addicted to it. And more....

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the rise of europe

26-11-2004 14:35

Blair and Chirac

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East London protest against the war and occupation

26-11-2004 13:43

Join tomorrow's protest in East London against war and occupation

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Please attend the December 2 vigil outside the BBC.

26-11-2004 13:10

Second USUK Falluja massacre
As part of its patriotic role, the media is drip-feeding the British public the impression that Iraqis are in control of their country and are deeply committed to fighting the insurgency. This is crucial propaganda lending a veneer of legitimacy to an illegal occupation and the staggering violence by which it is being maintained. The reality - that a Western superpower is imposing its will on an impoverished but oil-rich Third World country against the will of its people - is nowhere in sight.

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Army, Navy, Air force recruitment bus outside brixton ritzy

26-11-2004 13:03

A nice double decker bus is parked outside the Brixton Ritzy now - 1pm friday

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Bring the War Home communique

26-11-2004 12:59

This is a primer written by anonymous authors under the banner heading of Bring The War Home. It is a discussion piece about organising direct action against the occupation of Iraq and those who support it.

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25-11-2004 15:11

Even when the security guard tried to pull Mr Said to safety, the student said the attackers threw bottles, forcing the doorman to lock the doors to ensure his safety.

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25-11-2004 09:55

A must watch video on the corruption of the racketeering Bush Crime Regime.

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ImpeachBlair website shut down: online petition lost

25-11-2004 06:43

On Tuesday (23/11/04), on the eve of the motion to call Tony Blair to account in parliament and in an echo of the recent Indymedia server seizure, the cross-party impeachment group's online petition was lost when the ImpeachBlair website was unexpectedly shut down. The following message was sent to subscribers yesterday...