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UK Anti-militarism Newswire Archive

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Local coverage of Smash EDO Remember Gaza demo

29-12-2009 21:24

Bickering has already started amongst readers of the local Brighton paper The Argus about the Smash EDO January 18th Remeber Gaza demo.

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Gaza Freedom March Update: French delegates take over the boulevard in Cairo

28-12-2009 15:08

French Delegates Take Over the Boulevard in Front of French Embassy in Cairo

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“War is Peace” Prize

28-12-2009 09:56

Barack Obama is nothing if not a man of “firsts.” America’s first Black president has earned the dubious honor of possibly having delivered the first resoundingly pro-war speech to the Nobel Peace Prize Committee. “The new peace prize winner told the world that peace isn’t worth working for and is off the table for his consideration.”

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Confront Counter Terror: Expose the Expo - 14th April 2010

27-12-2009 22:08

Sponsored by arms comapny Thales, and organised by Clarion Events—responsible for Defence Systems Equipment International (DSEi) the world’s largest arms fair, the Counter Terror Expo takes place between 14-15 April 2010 at Olympia, London.

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FLASHBACK: Israel's blonde bombshells and real bombs in Gaza

27-12-2009 21:37

I am not sure that most people understand the meaning of the name "Operation Cast Lead" chosen by Israel for its murderous and criminal attack on Gaza. The name is borrowed from a Hebrew nursery rhyme which was (and may still be) very popular among Israeli children in the 1950s.

The cynicism embedded in the name, selected for what Ari Shavit, one of Israel's most celebrated commentators, called "an intelligent, impressive operation," is symptomatic to the cold, meticulous and calculated cruelty with which this attack was "designed," "executed" and "marketed" to the world.

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FLASHBACK: The Hanukkah Massacres

27-12-2009 20:13

Israeli Air Force dropping cluster bombs on Gaza
On the seventh day of Hanukkah, 2008, as Jews around the world were lighting the seventh candle on the menorah, commemorating the victorious rebellion of Judah Macabbee and the re-dedication of the Temple of Jerusalem 2200 years ago, a terrorist, Zionist entity, with the approval of the world’s last “Superpower” rained down death and destruction on men, women and children herded together on a sliver of the land they had once cultivated and shared with their fellow Semites.

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Target Brimar begin 22 Days of Waging Peace

27-12-2009 09:45

Anti-militarist campaigners from across the Northwest will be holding a 22 day long protest against Chadderton-based weapons component manufacturer Brimar from December 27.

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Filipino journalists remember 'Maguindanao massacre'

25-12-2009 00:14

AKBAYAN (Citizens' Action Party)
Wednesday, December 23, 2009

ZAMBOANGA CITY, Philippines – Dozens of journalists held a prayer rally Wednesday in Zamboanga City to remember and seek justice for the brutal slayings of 57 people, among them at least 30 journalists massacred last month in Maguindanao province in the southern Philippines.

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Obama Is Preparing for War in South America

23-12-2009 15:10

"The 1999 Constitution is one of the most advanced in the world in the area of human rights. It guarantees the rights to housing, education, healthcare, food, indigenous lands, languages, women's rights, worker's rights, living wages and a whole host of other rights that few other countries recognize on a national level. My favorite right in the Venezuelan Constitution is the right to a dignified life. That pretty much sums up all the others."

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Smash EDO: Remember Gaza, January 18th announcement

23-12-2009 15:01

It is now less than a month to Smash EDO's Remember Gaza event. Make sure that you stay updated!

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Elijah Smith 11 months locked up without a trial

23-12-2009 01:14

The 18th December marks 11 months on remand for EDO Decommissioner Elijah (James) Smith. That’s 11 months locked away in a shitty little cell, deprived of all his freedom, and without any opportunity to argue his case in court. 11 months in prison without actually being found guilty of anything.

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A New World War for a New World Order

22-12-2009 11:09

G-20 Summit, London, April 2009
Global regional conflicts continue to be waged and expanded, be it in the Middle East, Central Africa or Central Asia, with coups and regime change being furthered in Eastern Europe, South America and across the globe.

All that is required for a new major world war is just one spark: A strike on Iran, particularly with nuclear missiles, as is proposed, would result in World War III.

A New World War would be a global war waged by a global ruling class against the citizens of the world, with the aim of maintaining and reshaping hierarchical society to serve their own interests. It would indeed symbolize a New World War for a New World Order.

In a globalized world, all conflict has global implications; the task at hand is whether the people can realize that war is not waged against a “distant” or “foreign” enemy, but against all people of the world.

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An open letter to Heckler & Koch

22-12-2009 02:55

H&K weapons on display at the DSEi 2009 international arms fair
The first protest against Nottingham-based arms company Heckler & Koch took place in May 2000, but it wasn’t until May 2008 that another demonstration launched the Shut Down H&K campaign, which has been running ever since.

18 months in, the campaign has decided that it’s about time to speak to Heckler & Koch. So, the campaign has written H&K a letter summarising the people’s concerns and asking the company to come clean about its dirty business…

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September 11, 2001: America and NATO Declare War on Afghanistan

21-12-2009 07:53

Both the media and the US government, in chorus, continue to point to the 9/11 attacks and the role of Al Qaeda led by "terrorist mastermind" Osama bin Laden.

The bombing and invasion of Afghanistan is described as a "campaign" against Islamic terrorists, rather than a war.

To this date, however, there is no proof that Al Qaeda was behind the 9/11 attacks.

Neither is there evidence that Afghanistan as a Nation State was behind or any way complicit in the 9/11 attacks.

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London Horse Show Protest Reveals Arms Trade Links

20-12-2009 22:32

Singing at station exit
Sunday 20 December 2009

Campaigners expose Clarion Events arms trade profiteers at international equestrian event in London

SIX members and supporters of London Campaign Against Arms Trade (CAAT) greeted visitors to the International Horse Show at London's Olympia Exhibition Centre on Sunday as they exposed Clarion Events, co-organisers of the Horse Show, as the owners of eleven international "defence" and security exhibitions, including a major London arms fair, DSEi.

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Anticapitalist Revolutionary rock band Rage Against the Machine make Xmas No 1

20-12-2009 20:04

As the UK financial meltdown has deepened, yet another symptom of discontent has broken through into the mainstream. A grassroots Facebook campaign to get the revolutionary song "Killing in the Name Of" to the corporately-coveted Xmas No 1 spot has succeded.

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Chávez: Netherlands and U.S. Planning Military Aggression Against Venezuela from

20-12-2009 03:35

"Socialism, the other spectre Karl Marx spoke about, which walks here too, rather it is like a counter-spectre. Socialism, this is the direction, this is the path to save the planet, I don’t have the least doubt. Capitalism is the road to hell, to the destruction of the world. We say this from Venezuela, which because of socialism faces threats from the U.S. Empire.
From the countries that comprise ALBA, the Bolivarian Alliance, we call, and I want to, with respect, but from my soul, call in the name of many on this planet, we say to governments and peoples of the Earth, to paraphrase Simón Bolívar, the Liberator: If the destructive nature of capitalism opposes us, let’s fight against it and make it obey us, let’s not wait idly by for the death of humanity."

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Smash EDO: Gaza Anniversary

17-12-2009 20:25

We are aware that most things tend to take a bit of a break around xmas, but this year the holidays are also the anniversary of the horrific massacres that took place in Gaza from the 27th of December 2008. Predictably, Smash EDO have a few things coming up...

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ITT there is a bomb in the building.Have fun.

17-12-2009 20:07

ITT who own Brighton bomb parts maker EDO MBM almost got bombed themselves back in April this year by one of their own employees.

The evacuation caused by the threat allegedly cost ITT nearly $300,000 in lost revenue.