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UK Anti-militarism Newswire Archive

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Ignoring the Intelligence: How New Labour Helped Bring Terror to London

22-07-2005 17:34

By pursuing policies that are increasing the threat of terrorist attacks on Britain, New Labour has rendered itself fundamentally unfit to govern

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Adjournment of EDO court case

22-07-2005 15:53

The trial of the CIA (Citizens Inspection Agency) 3 scheduled for 28 July - 1 August at Brighton Mags has been adjourned. The new date will be set next Friday.

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Brighton Council EDO Motion

22-07-2005 14:56

Brighton & Hove City Council voted for an amendment of a motion yesterday condemning warmongers EDO/MBM's trade as 'immoral' and 'unwelcome'.

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Idea - New Anti-terror legislation

22-07-2005 12:32

I have an idea but I would like to run it past people, especially those of a legal persuasion

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Iraq the cause quotes bomb responsibility claims

22-07-2005 12:03

A group called the Abu Hafs al Masri Brigade has claimed responsibility for London blasts in a statement posted on an Islamic Web site.

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video - Bethnal Green bus 'bomber'

21-07-2005 21:30

'Nothing to see'
shot 21/7 around Hackney Road, Bethnal Green, East London

Shows some kind of offical - probably police forensics or scene of crimes investigator in decontamination suit, plastic boot covers and latex gloves - entering the number 26 bus some time after explosives specialists have checked the device.

Quicktime movie , approx 1 min long
(One modem friendly version and one slightly better quality)

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Deja-vu as copycat 'bombers' bring second round of chaos to London

21-07-2005 20:19

It should have been obvious that the first attack would not be the last but I don't think many people expected it so soon.

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21-07-2005 17:33

In the week leading up to the fourth anniversary of September 11th, Oxford 9/11 Truth will be hosting a series of events aimed at raising public awareness of the 9/11 Truth Movement.

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EDO Warmongers Face Brighton City Council Vote of Censure

21-07-2005 11:37

Today at 3pm inside Hove Town Hall, Brighton and Hove City Council will vote on a resolution saying EDO MBM are not welcome in the city.

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Blair still in denial over the London attacks!

21-07-2005 11:09

Will he come clean?
Post 7/7, the need to understand what caused four British men to blow themselves up is crucial if we are to mount an effective defense strategy. Honest relection by all is urgently required.

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Iraqi Civillian Fatalities - 37% are caused by US troops!

21-07-2005 11:01
The report that appeared yesterday on this site shows that 37% of Iraqi cvillian fatalities have been caused by US/UK coalition troops with 25,000 dying in the first 2 years of the conflict. Previous research published in the Lancet suggest things are even worse.

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Curfews / Stop The War / Miners Gala / The Bomb all in FIGHT BACK Blog today

21-07-2005 09:38

Whats new today in the FIGHT BACK Blog - assisting all those building a Socialist alternative to "New Labour".

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Iraqi Body Count Poem

20-07-2005 13:11

I've just seen the figures on this site for the war in Iraq and stats just do me head in ! Human beings are what we are talking about here, pure flesh and blood, no more , no less !

Its heartbreaking and so wrong !



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IBC Report

20-07-2005 11:57

The publication of a report by Iraqi Body Count yesterday shows that 37% of Iraqi cvillian fatalities have been caused by US/UK coalition troops - the single biggest cause. 25,000 have died in the first 2 years of the conflict and casualty rates are increasing.

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The Arms industry dominates EU Defence Policy

20-07-2005 09:29

The European Union Defence policy is increasingly influenced by the interests of the arms industry. The arms industry was deeply involved in the drafting of the European Convention and is also over-represented in many influential advisory committees on an EU level. This way, the interests of the arms industry have taken a central role in the determination of EU policy, as is shown in the report released today “The emerging EU Military-Industrial Complex – Arms industry lobbying in Brussels”, by Frank Slijper in cooperation with the Transnational Institute.

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Karl Rove: PARENTS ABANDONED HIM--George Bush Can't

20-07-2005 00:39

Whom Would You Hang?
Today Bush says he will fire for convictions, not mere leaks. The consensus of lawyers is that Karl Rove will be indicted in the Valerie Plame outing case -- and not for what you think. Special prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald appears to have a slam-dunk case under Title 18, Sec. 641, USC (which is NOT about outing a covert agent) just as the DOJ did for leaker Jonathan Randel, who got a year in prison. Karl Rove was abandoned by both of his parents -- the man he called Dad left home, Rove found out "Dad" wasn't his father after all (his aunt and uncle "outed" this at the dinner table), and his mother committed suicide.

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Reviewing Pre-1950 Iraqi History: Conclusion

19-07-2005 21:34

Conclusion of a short review of pre-1950 Iraqi History for US and UK anti-war movement activists.

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19-07-2005 15:19

Hiroshima remembrance vigil and blockade at Aldermaston

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An Iraqi powderkeg

19-07-2005 14:51

Over the past two years, in joint US-Iraqi military raids, hundreds of Iraqi Turkoman and Arabs have been taken from their homes or seized from the streets of Kirkuk and secretly sent to prisons in Kurdish held northern Iraq.