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Agreement Lets US Attack any Country from Inside Iraq

04-06-2008 15:58

This story is funny, since this has been the plan all along, and was one of the real reasons behind this illegal war. This seems to be a way of hiding these facts, since the developments on the ground makes this hard to hide under the rug.

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Canada's Opposition Votes to Grant Asylum to US War Resisters

04-06-2008 15:57

Note that this is non-binding ...

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'Hate Iran Week' continues with Rice urging Europeans to jump on the bandwagon

04-06-2008 14:22

Time is running out for the US and Israel as the US presidential elections roll ever closer. They are becoming desperate to gain public support for an attack on Iran and the ‘Hate Iran Week’ AIPAC conference is their last big chance of swinging the American people behind them to support an attack.

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Cheltenham Science Festival Protests this weekend (4 - 8 June)

04-06-2008 13:21

Please join WARN activists from Gloucestershire Animal Action and Cirencester Animal Rights in a protest against Cheltenham Science Festival who have accepted blood money from such monsters of the corporate world including Pfizer, Wellcome Foundation and MRC not to mention inviting vivisector Colin Blakemore to be involved in a talk at the festival.

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Police protester snap did not breach rights rules court

03-06-2008 19:42

The Register is reporting that a CAAT activist has essentially lost a High Court case against the FIT Teams. (See link for full story - rest of this article quoted from that story)

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King Blues live at the carnival against the arms trade tomorrow

03-06-2008 13:35

king blues live tomorrow Brighton

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Take URGENT ACTION for Binyam Mohamed!

03-06-2008 08:55

Binyam Mohamed
Binyam Mohamed is a 29 year old Londoner who is currently facing a military tribunal and the death penalty at Guantánamo Bay. The evidence against him was procured through torture. Write to the British government to urge it to take action IMMEDIATELY to seek his release and return to Britain.

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McClellan's Warning on Iran

02-06-2008 18:32

It's time to DEMAND that our 'elected leaders' take action against these criminals, and if they won't, to hold them accountable for their own crimes in collaborating in these War Crimes.

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Bush Replays Iraq Games on Iran

02-06-2008 17:16

Stop! Please. Get beneath the hype over former White House press secretary Scott McClellan’s book, What Happened: Inside the Bush White House and Washington’s Culture of Deception. Don’t miss forest for trees.

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Meeting Report: Binyam Mohamed: The Last Londoner in Guantánamo Bay

01-06-2008 22:43

At the start of the meeting, David Harrold speaking
Over 100 people attended a public meeting organised by the LGC on Saturday 31 May concerning the plight of Binyam Mohamed, a British resident currently facing a military tribunal and potentially the death penalty at Guantánamo Bay

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LGC Press Release: Tortured Londoner Faces Trial In Guantanamo Military Tribunal

01-06-2008 20:37

On Friday 30 May, the US announced its decision to try Binyam Mohamed, the last Londoner in Guantánamo Bay, on terrorism-related charges. All "evidence" relating to the charges was procured through torture in Morocco, one of his pitstops through the murky underworld of "extraordinary rendition". Binyam, if "convicted" in this "kangaroo court", faces the DEATH PENALTY.

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Turning Weapons into Windmills

01-06-2008 17:34

Cover picture
The Simultaneous Policy (SP) campaign provides a way to implement policies to turn weapons into windmills.

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Iran: Former German official says War Imminent

31-05-2008 20:45

The real choice is clear.

It's devastation through an illegal and unnecessary war, or confronting the Extremists in the Knesset, and avoiding this Madness ...

The fact that this man repeats many of the lies peddled by the 'neo-cons', I'm suspicious of his conclusion.

Note that the one choice he doesn't mention is removing these War Criminals from power and tossing them in jail before they get the chance to compound their crimes.

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George Monbiot Attempts Citizen’s Arrest on John Bolton

31-05-2008 20:35

John Bolton, the former US ambassador to the United Nations, escaped a citizen’s arrest Wednesday night as he addressed an audience in Britain. We speak to George Monbiot, the British activist and columnist who tried to arrest Bolton. Monbiot says Bolton is a war criminal for his role in helping to initiate the US invasion of Iraq.

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D.U. Has Destroyed The Genetic Future Of Iraq

31-05-2008 18:37

When we send to international Tribunal the authors of this ?

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Mask up for the carnival against the arms trade

31-05-2008 18:31

National demo against the arms trade and EDO MBM
mask up and come in RED or your preferd dress

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Provocations as Pretexts for Imperial War: From Pearl Harbor to 9/11

31-05-2008 07:06

The long, unending, costly and losing wars in Iraq and Afghanistan undermined international and national support for the Zionist-promoted New American Century project. US militarists and their advisers and ideologues needed to create a new pretext for the US plans to subdue the Middle East and especially to attack Iran . They turned their propaganda campaign on Iran ’s legal non-military nuclear energy program and fabricated evidence of Iran ’s direct military involvement in supporting the Iraqi resistance to US occupation. But is Iran ’s existence a sufficient pretext or will a ‘catastrophic’ incident be necessary?

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Fallout from McClellan book: The Iraq war’s “complicit enablers,” then and now

30-05-2008 13:19

Former White House press secretary Scott McClellan’s new book indicting the Bush administration for employing a “political propaganda campaign” and deception to drag the US into an “unnecessary war” in Iraq has unleashed a wave of bitter recriminations from the Republican right, while prompting opportunist attempts by Democrats to exploit the tell-all memoir for their own political purposes.

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Lindis Percy jailed for trespass at Fylingdales

30-05-2008 10:57

From The Guardian:

Campaigner jailed for trespass at US radar base

Lindis Percy, the veteran campaigner against US bases in Britain, was yesterday sentenced to one month in jail. Christine Dean, a fellow member of the Campaign for the Accountability of American Bases, said Percy was sentenced at Scarborough magistrates court after being found guilty of aggravated trespass at the Fylingdales early warning radar station in North Yorkshire. The station was recently upgraded and will be part of America's missile defence system. Percy, convicted under the 1994 Criminal Justice and Public Order Act, has been jailed before for her protests.

Richard Norton-Taylor