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30-06-2004 20:07

remember to be afraid - be very afraid - many thanks - MoD
-Upcoming 911 events and meetings in London
-Introductions of new members and websites and opportunity to link up
-Suggested activities and how we can help each other
-Wider events and news from the 911 truth movement

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Protest the Democratic National Convention on July 25

30-06-2004 17:42

Sunday, July 25
National Rally/March through the streets of Boston, MA to Protest the DNC
12 noon - Boston Common

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Preventive Warriors

30-06-2004 10:09

The NSS two yeras later.

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Manchester Protest 30th June - Iraq for Iraqis -the handover is a fraud

29-06-2004 23:39

part of a nationwide day of action called by the Stop the War Coalition

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Limits on Transfer of power to Iraq

29-06-2004 00:13

Coalition Orders and

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Against "Human Rights"

28-06-2004 23:04

The Kosovo war was fought "not for territory but for values" according to Tony Blair. The bombing of Afghanistan in 2001 was conducted to help "the oppressed people of Afghanistan", according to George W. Bush, so that they may know "the generosity of America and our allies". Meanwhile, according to Jack Straw, stopping the bombing "would only prolong the suffering of the Afghan people". Pro-war adepts could easily adduce similar comforting thoughts about the war waged on Iraq in March 2003. The ideology of human rights is not only unversalist, but also universally accepted. Human rights organisations now regularly call for "humanitarian intervention" and decry the lack of attention to such crisis spots as the Democratic Republic of Congo. David Rieff notes that humanitarian organisations are now "among the most fervent interventionists". From a politics of fence-sitting to one of active political engagement, the ‘human rights’ movement has conducted a rapid and striking volte-face in the past decade, a paradigm-shift of shocking proportions. It is as if Ptolemy and Aristotle had given way to Copernicus and Descartes in ten, instead of 200, years. And David Chandler, for one, would like to know why...

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Pilot who shot down Flight 93 on September 11th named

28-06-2004 21:32

"At 9:35, the Happy Hooligans, the Air Guard flying the F-16s were ordered to take the plane out. And they took it out from 9:35 to 10:00" - Colonel Don de Grand-pre.

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ResIstanbul - protests against NATO summit

28-06-2004 13:58

On the 28th and 29th of june politicians and military officials meet in Istanbul for the NATO summit.
For weeks protests against the summit take place in Istanbul and other cities against the NATO summit, globalisation of profiteering and power, as well as against the politics of the turkish government.
Whileas the turkish military and government are keen to get a “piece of the cake” which is called Iraq, a social movement is born on the streets.
About 24000 policemen and the declaration of state of emergency in Istanbul give the impression of Turkey being a proud host of the NATO summit.

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show your anger at the sham handover TODAY

28-06-2004 12:41

Demo in oxford city centre TODAY 6pm against sham handing over of Iraq

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Global Peace and Justice Coalition of Turkey

28-06-2004 10:27

Global Peace and Justice Coalition of Turkey
50 000 demonstrated to show that Istanbul is for peace, not for war, despite the minority NATO leaders claim otherwise.
It was big, international and peacefull!

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Yard Sign Project Update

28-06-2004 04:35

10 of the Commandments of the Geneva Convention
Open Invitation to Participate:

Yard Sign Project ( includes two additional images (jpeg attachments included here) for free downloads.i

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A Fantastic Tale

28-06-2004 01:49

Drugs, Faustian Alliances and Sibel Edmonds

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Mass murder in Darfur, South Sudan

27-06-2004 19:26

A demonstration against the mass murder in Darfur moved through the busy street of London duirng lunchtime on Friday.

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U.S. should face court, Annan says

26-06-2004 21:54

"UN Secretary General Kofi Annan is leading the charge against Washington's call for the UN Security Council to renew its special exemption for U.S. forces from prosecution by the United Nations war crimes court."

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Genoa Diaz Court Case - Quick Update - Saturday

26-06-2004 19:03

Quick update from on the ground in Genoa, Italy:

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Fascist Mercenaries Come to Iraq

26-06-2004 17:43

Previously, I posted an article about fascist mass murderers and torturers from Latin America's "dirty wars" against leftists being employed by Blackwater. Now, it seems that former members of South Africa's secret police, who tortured and murdered black activists during apartheid, are also mercenaries in Iraq.

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Fahrenheit 9/11 - The New Pearl Harbor - audio interview

26-06-2004 17:01

Interview with Professor David Ray Griffin - author of The New Pearl Harbor

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25-06-2004 12:54

A wheelchair user was amongst those who breached security by breaking into a top UK nuke base yesterday. Veteran campaigner, Roz Bullen, spent several minutes painting, "No WMD" and other peace slogans on buildings before being arrested.

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Stop the War Coalition protest at labour's big converstaion

25-06-2004 08:50

We received a tip off that top government minister Charles Clark would be holding a “big conversation” meeting in Swindon on Tuesday, so 6 of us from the Stop the War Coalition leafleted the meeting with our banner outside (despite terrible rain).