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Yard Sign Project Update

Bill Fisher | 28.06.2004 04:35 | Anti-militarism | Culture | Education

Open Invitation to Participate:

Yard Sign Project ( includes two additional images (jpeg attachments included here) for free downloads.i

10 of the Commandments of the Geneva Convention
10 of the Commandments of the Geneva Convention

Home For Sale
Home For Sale

Support Our Troops
Support Our Troops

The invitation below has been sent to artists, friends, writers, activists, and strangers. Please contact me if I may provide further information, images,etc. Yard Sign Project is online at, allowing individuals to freely print a larger, full-resolution image. As a way of dealing with this crises of humanity, dissemination is crucial to this project, a diffusion of what I believe to be rational, universal, humanistic ideals, realities and responsibilities. Any help you might offer (posting the signs, creating a link, forwarding this announcement, etc) would be greatly appreciated.

Yard Sign Project (Partial text)

Red, white and blue signs, approximately 1.5' x 2', are to be placed in
front yards and other public locations. They are designed to resemble
the ubiquitous yard signs printed commercially and posted in front
of homes and businesses throughout the southern USA. The "Ten
Commandments" yard sign includes text from the Geneva Convention
as it relates specifically to treatment of prisoners. "Support Our
Troops" includes previously restricted imagery of the flag-draped remains of US
servicemen and servicewomen. "Home For Sale" includes an image of
the American flag, violently out of focus.


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