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Commemorate Rachel Corrie at National Demo with ISM London

17-03-2004 15:34

) A Year Of Silence Since Rachel Corrie died -
commemorate Rachel at National Demo with ISM London - 20/03/04
2) A Year Of Lies - National Demo. - 20/03/04
3) In memory of Rachel

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Media silence on state killings of Kurds in Syria

17-03-2004 14:12

Press release from the Kurdish Human Rights Project, an NGO based in London.

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Theatre of War: Whitehall protest against occupation of Iraq

17-03-2004 10:25

A theatrical protest and tour of Whitehall to mark one year since the US/UK invasion of Iraq

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US Provocation in Madrid?

17-03-2004 08:41

Who Profits from the Bombings?

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The Usual Suspects, Fascists.

17-03-2004 04:20

Aznar's Popular Party (being the haven of the Franco fascists just as the Christian Democrats in Germany became the haven of Nazis after World War Two) more than likely contracted the men arrested through their handlers (the Bush regime) to plant the bombs that went off Thursday in Spain in an attempt to shift a weakening or possible loss for the Popular Party in the Spanish parliament to a resounding victory for the Popular Party by blaming the attacks on the militant Basque separatists, the ETA.

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Who Can Best Defeat Salafi Terror in Iraq?

17-03-2004 00:45

A rapid response reflection on the US's excuse for staying in Iraq to fight Salafi/Al Qa'eda terror in the aftermath of the Madrid bombing.

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Audio interview about Caterpillar action on the 16th March

17-03-2004 00:32

Audio interview over phone to moving van on motorway (yeah the audios not great).
A couple of minutes, MP3 at 22khz mono.

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Basta Bastardos! La Paz!

16-03-2004 21:47

The Spanish people have shown the way - they have refused to be cowed by terrorism either into inert nationalist fear or into supporting their corrupt, lying government. Let us follow...

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Iraqi Opinion and the Western Media

16-03-2004 17:05

The national survey of Iraq conducted this February by Oxford Research International hit the news on the 16th of March. The poll of well over 2000 Iraqis was sponsored by the BBC in the UK, ABC in the US, ARD of Germany and the NHK in Japan. A news bulletin on the BBC's Radio 1 claimed that "most Iraqi's think their lives are better than before the war a year ago" according to the poll. In the US, the New York Times also covered the story, but gave it less prominence (1). They write that the poll finds "an upbeat sense among most that their lives were better than before the war" although "other questions about the invasion provoked more negative reactions". The BBC news website headlined with the story (2), musing that the poll will "make good reading for US President George W Bush and British Prime Minister Tony Blair". This is no doubt true when viewed through the ideological bias of the New York Times and the BBC. A cursory look beyond their 'liberal objectivity' at the actual facts of the survey suggests very different conclusions.

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ISM Reports: The Price Of An Orange. For Rachel Corrie and Tom Hurndall

16-03-2004 16:44

March 16, 2004

1/ The price of an orange - For Rachel Corrie and Tom Hurndall, by
2/Solidarity with Palestinian political prisoners
3/Praying for the land
4/UK protesters shut down Caterpillar

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16-03-2004 16:33

C4ISTAR in action - the world we all want to live in
The corporations behind the road.

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Caterpillar plant shut down in Shrewsbury

16-03-2004 15:26

Shrewsbury, Northwest of Birmingham, 3:12 pm

12-14 protesters have shut down the Caterpillar plant in Shrewsbury on the first anniversary of Rachel Corrie's death. Plant management have closed the plant completely by triggering the fire alarm. Police, fire engines and a helicopter are on the scene. The protesters walked in calmly through the front gate, and occupied parts of the plant. At least 2 locked themselves onto factory fixtures using bicycle locks, one to the central power controls for the factory.

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the Wicked Witch of the East is Dead a Kasa fell on his Head

16-03-2004 14:58

The Wicked Witch of the East is Dead A KASA fell upon his Head.

By the end of the month of June, which is for Irish readers notable as
it marks the end of the Irish Presidency of the European Union,
if the United Nations the agreed, legal and proper institution of
international arbitration is not completely charged with the task of
Iraqi reconstruction the Spanish Armed Forces will leave that country
and that people.
I repeat :-

Without the UN the war on terror may not be prosecuted, this is
something I and my peers in the international community have
consistently written, said, shouted and proclaimed.

I repeat:-

No UN - No troops in Iraq.

I repeat:-

The wicked witch of the East is Dead.


This is newsworthy for several reasons. It is a clear sign that the
wicked witch of the West is still over there. But we must no longer be
swayed in our resolute belief in the proper institutions of
international co-operation, conflict resolution and arbitration. We must
never again, be turned on the product of our collective history, the
fruit of our collective past, the institutions we created and formed and
have thoughtfully paid all our dues to.


¿How did this come about?

Well, there was a big storm almost like a twister, a little girl and a
little dog called Toto.
There was a Scarecrow who found his courage, there was Tinman who found
his heart, there was a Lion who remembered his brains. And faith and
truth and wisdom. And certain mythical powers ascribed to a perfectly
ordinary man in exile. and those shoes which were made for walking.
and walking they did go.
with TOTO.


¿does this mean Peace in our Time?

Well, no not exactly, we are still targetted by enemies, and we are
still greedy, exploitative, unwise and harsh in our dealings with the
world and our neighbours, but we have learnt that neither appeasement
nor offence will protect us. We have started the return to the balance
established between civilised nations which the founding mammies and
daddies of our little constitutions really really wanted.


¿will this effect my social security entitlement?

Well we as of yet can not say, but a small indication from Spain and
Catalonia was the reduced vote 95,000 for the parties of the right and
the increased vote 200,000 for the tripartitie candidates. The
application of simple mathematics (math in american english) means 105,000
people voted who normally _do not vote_. If these people are on the
dole, they ought be remembered, if these people make your TV you maybe
should watch it, if these people write books, you really ought to make a
mental note to buy a copy sometime. If these people use their walking
shoes and go out with TOTO again, you pay attention to them.

Meanwhile Life goes on as usual.
LIFE goes on as usual.

thank you for the space.
moltes gracies per l'espai.

iosaf ipsiphi O as if.


it's great to be literate.

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Tariq Ali meeting 17/3

16-03-2004 14:37

Tariq Ali & chris nineham anti-war meeting 17/3

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Marchwood 14 case- outcome.

16-03-2004 12:54

The trial today of the 14 Greenpeace activists concluded with fines and sentences handed out by Southampton Magistrates Court. The 14 defendants were charged with aggravated trepass and criminal damage in relation to an action at marchwood Military base on the 4th of February 2003.

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Pics. STW demo to greet the warmonger Bliar

16-03-2004 00:23

Manchester demo 1
photos of STW demo March 13th Manchester by Richard Searle

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PHR: Just another day in the Occupied Territories

16-03-2004 00:04

Just another day in the Occupied Territories

The West Bank, 13 March 2004

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15-03-2004 19:51

Eyewitnes report from Madrid on the crucial Saturday before the Spanish Elections

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Pictures from the Manchester Labour conference demo

15-03-2004 17:23

On the march (1)
Pictures of the march in Manchester on March 13 during the Labour Spring conference, including the toppling of a statue of Tony Bliar (I'm Tory plan B!)