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US Provocation in Madrid?

vngelis | 17.03.2004 08:41 | Anti-militarism | London

Who Profits from the Bombings?

Europes 9/11?

Who profits from the bombings?
The 'Left' who bought the propaganda of 9/11 lock stock and barrel, about Arabs and planes, about suicide bombers and a world wide conspiracy of terrorism going by the name of Al Quaeda will obviously be confused now the same movie is replayed on European soil but leads to totally different conclusions in relation to the perpetrators of this criminal atrocity. Wokers going to work on commuter trains are suddenly bombed out of existence. As always the mysterious and ever present Al Quaeda are blamed.
The war on terror never ends. The provocations never cease...

When on Friday the detainees from Guatanamo spoke about the torture received at the hands of US captors Colin Powell was forced on tv to state the US never tortures anybody. Fiction turned to farce. Now an attack occurrs and all from Guatanamo is silently forgotten or buried under a tidal wave of newsreporting regarding the event in Madrid.

Its funny but the Yanks once more assumed the American political situation is identical to the European one and that the Spaniards would vote for the elites candidate Aznar as he is tough on terrorism supporting the invasion of Iraq with occupation forces. This didn't happend and it is the second election in less than a month in Europe where the pro-American candidate has lost.

If there was a left which wasn't frightened of saying the truth the terrorist mythology which has come to replace the communist threat would be revelaed for what it is. An attempt by the American state to impose a global dictatorship of its multinational corporations on earth.


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