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UK Anti-militarism Newswire Archive

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Don't let these people have the final say

27-09-2003 21:21

The BBC Website has a number of very negative posts re: the AntiWar demo. An opportunity me thinks for some posts from indymedia readers in order redress the balance.

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Modem friendly video clips of End Occupation of Iraq London demo

27-09-2003 20:50

Initial BBC reports claimed a few thousand protestors. Hopefully these clips will disprove that farcical figure. Trafalgar Square was absolutely packed and numbers were nearer 100,000.
First 2 clips are MPEG1 format and will play on any computer with nothing extra needed. 3'rd clip allows you to go on a virtual reality tour of the crowds in the square but you need Quicktime 6 installed.

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[Brussels] 2,000 demontrate against occupation of Iraq [11pix]

27-09-2003 20:09

Stop the United States of Agression
Over 2000 demontrators walked in the street of Brussels this Saturday afternoon to protest against the occupation of Iraq and of Palestine aswell. The rally was organized by a wide corrdinatio of peace and anti-war organizations, as a contribution to the worldwide mobilization against the occupation. Other such manifestations were organized in many cities around the world, on the anniversary days of the begun of the second Intifada in Palestine.

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Jesus Died Because Of Bush (and Blair)

27-09-2003 14:13

'You lied, they died,' US parents tell Bush

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Israeli Brigadier General Yiftah Spector and A Few Good Men

27-09-2003 05:42

As some (US) media continues to downplay the massive retaliations against civilians in the Occupied Territories, a few Israeli pilots absolutely REFUSE to engage in the slaughter of civilians, including the famous Brigadier General Yiftah Spector...actual statement enclosed.

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Former Bush Chief of Staff War Profiteering in Iraq

27-09-2003 03:30

It pays to have Bush/Republican connections, and it pays to have the best military in the world, and the biggest Treasury backing up your business activities. That is what this War is all about!

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DSEI police search records still needed by Liberty!! By Monday!

27-09-2003 02:09

On Thursday 2 October, Liberty will be in the high court to challenging the police use of anti-terror searches at DSEI. Were you or your friends searched in London by police during/before the week of September 6th-12 "DSEI week"? Many people have submitted copies of their search receipts to Liberty, but more are needed by Monday at noon!

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Anti-Capitalist Block on Saturday's demo?

26-09-2003 16:12

Will there be an Anti-Capitalist Block on the Iraq Demo this Saturday?
Where is it going from and what time?

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1st Meeting of Anarchist Workers Network - Sept 27th!

26-09-2003 15:56

Sat 27.09.03 AWN inaugural organising Meeting @ 7pm (After the Iraq Demo) the Autonomy Club. Upstairs at Freedom Books, 84b Whitechapel High St. Go to Aldgate East tube, take the Whitechapel Art Gallery exit, turn right and it's down the alleyway on your right.

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NOTIFICATION: Bush State Visit...

26-09-2003 14:36

Bush state visit to spark protests ...

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Audio - Robert Fisk on the current situation in Iraq

26-09-2003 11:59

Program is entitled "What is happening is an absolute slaughter."

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Army Presentation Team To Visit Oxford

26-09-2003 11:41

In an cynical marketing ploy the 'Army Presentation Team' will come to Oxford on 12 November 2003.

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Medea Benjamin on Cancun and Iraq

26-09-2003 11:34

An interesting speech by Medea Benjamin of U.S. NGO Global Exchange, on her recent trips to Cancun and Iraq, drawing connections between the World Trade Organization negotiations and the occupation of Iraq.

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Anti-war movement in London

26-09-2003 10:29

“Future of the anti-war movement” at the London Social Forum
What lessons does the campaign against the Iraq war hold for our future activism? The London Social Forum invites you to reflect on political strategy and network with other activists to sustain a strong and democratic anti-war movement in London and beyond. The discussion will be opened by Naima Bouteldja, Mike Marqusee and Milan Rai.

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Disrupt Army recruiting event in London, 26-28 Sept

25-09-2003 22:45

The British Army is trying to recruit more bodies to throw into war. You have the chance to disrupt the activity during 26-28 September.

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Terrorist threat announcement

25-09-2003 22:03

Before first demo in February - tanks in Heathrow. Now, two days before anti-war and anti-occupation demo - news released of 'prevented' terrorist attacks.

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Happy 5764 (by Latuff)

25-09-2003 17:20

...pilots said air strikes on crowded Palestinian areas are "illegal and immoral." They also condemn Israel's continued occupation of the West Bank and Gaza, saying it corrupts Israeli society...

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Like farts in the wind

25-09-2003 06:03

Like farts in the wind is a farce with Bush, Berlusconi, Rumsfield, Condy Rice, Powell and many others...