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[Brussels] 2,000 demontrate against occupation of Iraq [11pix]

red kitten [ ] | 27.09.2003 20:09 | No War F15 | Anti-militarism

Over 2000 demontrators walked in the street of Brussels this Saturday afternoon to protest against the occupation of Iraq and of Palestine aswell. The rally was organized by a wide corrdinatio of peace and anti-war organizations, as a contribution to the worldwide mobilization against the occupation. Other such manifestations were organized in many cities around the world, on the anniversary days of the begun of the second Intifada in Palestine.

Stop the United States of Agression
Stop the United States of Agression

Stop occupation of Iraq, stop agression : Indymedia Belgium

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Even if the headlines don't mention it anymore, a war is going on in Iraq. Mass
destruction weapons are yet to find, but the oil have been found! But the situation
for the population is a disaster. The country is occupied by paranoïd soldiers
and civilians are permanently being killed, arrested or harassed. Basic needs
aren't filled anymore because of the chaos, the plundering of hospitals and
public services, and so on.

Therefore the peace movements whom didn't succeded to stop
the USA and their [ few ] allies to start the agression are no demanding the
occupation troops to leave Iraq and organized world wide days of mobilization
from September 25th to 28th, exactly two years after the begun of the second
Intifada [ 'uprising' ] in Palestine.
This afternoon's demonstration gathered about 2,000 people
whom marched from Rouppe square to Marché au Grains square where there were
speaches and music were performed. The all event occured in a relax atmosphere,
with many families and children, music and humor.
call for the demonstration + list of the organizations
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2,000 people
by red kitten

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Despite a light promotion of the event, about 2,000 people
from different political organizations, NGOs an, trade unions demonstrate to
remind the occupation and demand US troops to leave Iraq.

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too young to chant
by red kitten

02-kidandguy.jpg, JPG image, 400x533

Usual slogans were heard, like "Bush, Sharon, assassins",
" Bush, CIA, how many kids did you killed today" or "we don't
need your occupation" sung on Pink Floyd's Wall tune. Even the old "yankees
go home" is getting fashionable again.

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unionist are there too
by red kitten

03-acv-csc, JPG image, 533x400

A group of Socialist Christian [ the main Belgian trade union
] trade unionists took part to the demonstration. Some section of this organization
are really mobilized against war and have organized a travel to Iraq last spring.
One of them made a speach at the end of the demonstration reminding that the
war is actually going on since the first Gulf war, and that this war is also
against workers in USA and here. According to her the role of the trade union
is to protect the workers, any workers, Iraqis asweel as Belgian workers.

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by red kitten

04-111111.jpg, JPG image, 400x533

The well known NGO 11.11.11 took part to the demo with their
brass band.

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companies, the warmongers
by red kitten

05-esso.jpg, JPG image, 400x533

many signs and slogans weredirectly targeting oul companies
such as Esso or Texaco, while other were calling to boycott US goods, mile Mother
Earth, with its 'Boycott Bush' campain [ English:

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against war!
by red kitten

06-wedding.jpg, JPG image, 533x400

After a wedding, people use to go around in the city honking.
Those passed by the demo and did supported it by honking some more, taking posters
and waving them!

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citizen against war
by red kitten

07-quacker.jpg, JPG image, 400x533

Michael Wolf came from USA to express the voice of the people:
most of them are against the war and are suffering from the drastic cuts made
in the budgects of education and healthcare. Hundred of thousands of people
have been demonstrating in many cities in the USA but the 'not so elected' gevernment
don't listen to them.

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for peace ...
by red kitten

08-horn.jpg, JPG image, 533x400

... and much more noise is needed!
Next major anti-war mobilization in Belgium will be the 'Get
in SHAPE' on October 25th.
During this action, peace activists will try to enter the S.H.A.P.E. in the
NATO headquarter for Europe for a 'civilian inspection'.
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and Iraq: two occupations, one struggle
by red kitten

09-kids-freepalestine.jpg, JPG image, 400x533

The issue about Palestine and Iraq remain closely linked in
all demonstration. Both country are suffering from the imperialist Western policy
in the Middle East, and both resistance are inspiring and giving hope to many
people across the regio and around the world.

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peace sake!
by red kitten

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