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UK Anti-militarism Newswire Archive

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they DIED like whimpering DOGS, beggiing for mercy

27-06-2003 10:25

Stormtroopers executed by outraged townspeople begged to be spared by showing pictures of their loved ones. A witness said the stormtroopers wanted to demonstrate to their captors: "Look we are just like you...we have wives and children too." Their pleas were in vain - there was no mercy. More detail was also building up of stormtrooper provocation of townspeople during weapons-search patrols in the days before Tuesday's carnage in the Shi'ite area. Stormtroopers used dogs - which are not allowed in Muslim homes.

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Blur will record in Baghdad ?

27-06-2003 10:23

It seems that anti-war movement gave to Damon Albarn some musical ideas.

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U.S. weapons inspector in kilrush Ireland

27-06-2003 09:09

U.S. weapons inspector Scott Ritter,AND ex U.S Attorner General Ramsey clarke to give evidence in the defence of Mary Kelly in the courthouse Kilrush Co.Clare,Ireland; starting on mon 30th of june (this mon).Mary is accused of disarming a U.S. military plane at shannon airport.
Dennis Halliday is also expected(ex u.n.inspector) and also michael birmingham is flying from the mid east tomorrow to report on the effects of the war in court.A huge press gathering is expected

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27-06-2003 04:52

Reposted reader letter from

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USA Exposed as Fascist, Hegemonic and Increasingly Evil Empire

27-06-2003 03:32

America has become a shameful and bellicose deciever and lier to the rest of the world. The world needs to be aware that it is the U.S. that is the world's biggest rogue regime and to respond to its threat to the dignity and survival of the human race.

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oxford brookes stop the war society

26-06-2003 19:32

oxford brookes stundent union executive agrees to affiliate the Oxford Brookes Stop the War society.

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227 Years of Bloody Freedom on July 4th

26-06-2003 18:25

Americans ignore their bloody history of war but only they can
stop the madness.

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Prosecution back down - charges dropped against Anna & David!

26-06-2003 15:08

Two oxford activists had their charges of highway obstruction
dropped this afternoon.

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poodle ought to go down in flames

26-06-2003 14:36

flaming liars should be put down
why is Blair committing more men and women to die in a quagmire?

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Emotional rollercoaster at Oxford Magistrates Court

26-06-2003 10:51

There was celebration and confusion at Oxford Magistrates Court this morning when an
Oxford activist appeared on a charge of criminal damage.

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Menwith Hill Planned Protests in Local Media

26-06-2003 10:51

BLACK tie and ball gowns are the recommended dress for a Gatecrasher's Ball, an Independence Day protest planned for the United States signals intelligence station at Menwith Hill, near Harrogate.

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Bremer Cool as Temperatures Soar in Iraq

26-06-2003 04:49

Reporting from Baghdad, The Independent's Patrick Cockburn wrote that the situation became so unbearable last week that people in one decrepit neighborhood threatened to shoot Bassim Arman, manager of the al-Thawra substation. Arman said he told the hostile group that the station itself was not receiving power. He was not harmed, but had to close the substation after employees, fearing for their safety, refused to return to work.

Civil Administrator L. Paul Bremer contradicted complaints of failing electricity, stating that generally Baghdad received power 20 hours a day.

"It simply isn't true," Cockburn reported one incredulous Iraqi responding. "Everyone in Baghdad knows it."

"He and his staff don't really know what it is like, because if they go out at all, it is in air-conditioned cars," Kurdish politician Mahmoud Othman told Cockburn. "But I've walked the streets, and I know what it is like. They are ill-informed and ill-advised."

Knight Ridder correspondent, Tom Lasseter, noted that electricity is unevenly distributed, with some areas of the city receiving the stated 20 hours of electricity, while other have power for only two or three hours.

The Coalition Provisional Authority operates from the generator-backed Republican Palace compound in the center of Baghdad.

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Day of action about unexploded bombs in Iraq

25-06-2003 16:11

Tell the UK Government: Clear up your deadly litter.
Day of action in London, Friday 11th July.

Join us in London on the 11th July to campaign (non-violently) against the use of cluster bombs by coalition forces, and to show the British Government that we expect them to clear up their deadly litter ASAP, and to agree never to use such weapons again.

Meet at 10 am in Parliament Square.

- cover Whitehall and the surrounding area with paper cluster bombs,
- balloon ‘cluster bomb’ release at midday outside the Houses of Parliament,
- followed by a demonstration outside Parliament.

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Ulla Roder Faces Legal Hurdles Before Trial Even Begins

25-06-2003 12:58

The trial of Ulla Roder for damaging a Tornado jet at Leuchars airbase in March, is now scheduled to be heard sometime during the two weeks beginning 28th July, following another hearing on 22nd July to check whether she is prepared for trial, given the barriers she is facing in getting legal representation.

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25-06-2003 08:46

Iraqi townspeople furious over civilian deaths during a demonstration in Majar Al-Kabir chased down and killed six British military police, local officers said today.

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Neighborhood Bully Ramsey Clark on American Militarism

25-06-2003 02:30

When I picture a high-ranking government official, I think of someone who is corrupt. I think of a corporate shill. I think of someone who is not
a friend to the people of this country. I think of Lord Acton’s famous line about power corrupting, and absolute power corrupting absolutely. I
think of the disdain with which so many Americans have viewed so many of their leaders for so many years.

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Sheffield Indymedia at Peace in the Park

24-06-2003 21:01

Sheffield Indymedia stall
Sheffield Indymedia stall at Peace in the Park.

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Protest Against Putin - The Butcher of Grozny (Chechnya)

24-06-2003 20:00

Itinerary of Vladimir Putins UK State Visit

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Out after 3 months in jail for opposing an illegal war

24-06-2003 15:50

Coming out free
Pictures of Phil and Toby, the 'B-52 Two', out after three months in jail for opposing an illegal war...

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Electro-magnetic emissions enough to make some people sick

24-06-2003 11:50

Tower Torture. Industry Canada Tower Review Commitee - Extening Cellphone Coverage to Rural Areas - Testimonial of Dalan MCaren - No military experiment at Midway - Dean: Investigate Bush Statements on Iraq - Gen. says White House pushed Saddam link without evidence - Reason to Deceive