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UK Anti-militarism Newswire Archive

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EDO activsts have locked down in Brighton

17-07-2006 12:48

There are three brave and effective activists who have locked themselves to an oil drum and are blockading the EDO weapons factory at Farm Road in Moulescoomb, Brighton.

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Stop the Israeli assault on Gaza and Lebanon!

17-07-2006 12:37

Once again senseless small-scale provocative guerrilla action by the militias of Hamas and Hezbollah against Israel has triggered an enormously disproportionate response. In Gaza, Israel has deployed brutal military strikes with considerable civilian casualties that can only work against a viable long-term settlement.

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17-07-2006 12:08



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17-07-2006 10:23

Afghanistan. Iraq. Syria and Iran are next and it's already starting. Anybody feel a sense of deja-vu?

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"A man of the highest principle": an interview with Craig Murray.

17-07-2006 07:53

Craig Murray talks about the war on terror, British government complicity with torture and the growing authoritarianism of Western states.

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Brighton Arms Dealers Blockaded Now - You Can Support the Blockaders

17-07-2006 06:29

Support the blockaders by calling EDO on 01273 810 500 NOW

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Lebanon's Al Manar TV "Marked for Death"

17-07-2006 04:44

Targeting the press in the next Arab tragedy, under 'self-defense' and Holocaust Immunity

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US Vetoes 2nd UN Resolution on Israel: Summer Rain Intensifies, Widens

16-07-2006 19:48

What is it that has the Bliar Government so beholden to Israel and its Zionist Extremist leadership? Is the Israel Lobby in Britain as strong as in America?

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Fairford Peace ‘Disarmers’ - Trial At Bristol Crown Court Starts September 4th

16-07-2006 14:51

Three years of pre-trial hearings later, the trial of Margaret Jones and Paul Milling is due to begin. Archives of the pre-trial hearings and history are below the following press release.

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Are there still people that believe that violence works?

16-07-2006 08:10

Appalling violence and mayhem!
While we watch the latest round of appalling violence and mayhem spilling across our screens it is worth stepping back and looking at the process a little more simply

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Lidice 1942 Beirut 2006 (by Latuff)

16-07-2006 06:01

Lidice 1942 Beirut 2006
Copyleft artwork by Brazilian cartoonist Latuff.

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Diabetes and Depleted Uranium - Italian Embassy Cover up

16-07-2006 01:09

(San Francisco Bay View) Dr Mishra described June 29th to June 6 as "A week from Hell." International radiation expert Leuren Moret talked to Dr Mishra, a famous surgeon from India, the afternoon of July 7, 2006. Dr. Mishra's report was grim. I had tried to reach him by phone and email for a week. I was concerned about his safety. On July 10 Dr Mishra stated "I will not be cowed down."

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Depleted uranium: Dirty bombs, dirty missiles, dirty bullets

16-07-2006 01:03

A death sentence here and abroad
by Leuren Moret
At an April press conference, a group of New York Army National Guard vets raised their hands when asked if they have health problems. The soldiers, all from the 442nd Military Police Company, are complaining of headaches and fatigue after what they think is exposure to depleted uranium during their recent tour in Iraq.

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Close Guantanamo Bay Protest - Video & Pics

15-07-2006 19:09

Video Outside American Embassy
This is a short description of the Protest from Marble Arch to the American Embassy on Juy 15th 2006.

We marched to highlight the ongoing torture and illedla imprisonment by the Americans in Guantanamo Bay.

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press release: Iran’s Security Council referral condemned

15-07-2006 08:10

In a meeting in the House of Commons, Middle East experts will condemn the decision by the Foreign Ministers in Paris and the G8 leaders in St Petersburg to refer Iran to the UN Security Council. They will claim that decisions by the foreign ministers of the Security Council permanent members and the leaders of the G8 nations pave the road not just to sanctions but to military action against Iran.

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The Iraq Crisis: A Moral Perspective

14-07-2006 23:38

War destroys the lives of innocent people. This is wrong! This cannot be morally justified! We have created chaos in Iraq. The trail of hatred and resentment intensifies everry day.

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Trial continues of 5 Shannon peace activists

14-07-2006 20:09

The Catholic Worker 5 with Archbishop Desmond Tutu
The trial of 5 'catholic anarchists' from the Catholic Worker movement continued today in Dublin.

The five, including Karen Fallon from Scotland, are accused of causing US$2.5 million worth of damage to a U.S war plane in Shannon airport on February 3rd 2003. They face up to 10 years in prison if convicted.

Yesterday comedian Mark Thomas accompanied the morning procession to the four courts where there has been an ongoing presence of international friends and supporters.

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June Protests - Innovative

14-07-2006 18:52

And totally ignored by the corporate media.

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Jean Charles de Menezes anniversary & Forest Gate shooting meeting

14-07-2006 15:51

jean charles de menezes family campaign in conjunction with the justice for the kalam family & justice for the dogra family campaigns