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UK Anti-militarism Newswire Archive

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Dear Tony, I'm Leaving You. Love George

13-07-2003 23:42

Secret note written by George to Tony over the weekend

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STOP sharon in London

13-07-2003 12:19

The Muslim Association of Britain calls the Muslim community and the British public to participate in and support the protest that will be held outside Downing Street on Monday the 14th of July 2003, at 5.30 pm.

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Thank you for shopping at Wartrose

13-07-2003 12:01

Waitrose targeted for Fairford airborne arms fair

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12-07-2003 21:42

Picket Ariel Sharon
Monday 14th July. 5.30pm till 7.30pm Downing Street / Whitehall

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RECLAIM THE STREETS - Public Meeting for DSEi Street Party !!

12-07-2003 21:15

Party in the Streets to protest against Europe's biggest arms fair.
Open planning meeting to prepare of a street party which will form part of the Disarm DSEi campaign.

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12-07-2003 12:53

It would be great to see as many people from the Oxford area as possible at the protests against the DSEi.

Many thousands are expected and these demonstrations will also serve as a European focus for anti-WTO dissent in solidarity with those in Cancun, Mexico as called by People's Global Action. Below is the Disarm DSEi call to action.

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12-07-2003 12:33


One of the world’s biggest ever trade fairs for guns, bombs, military planes, small arms, mines and tanks is taking place in London from 9th – 12th September 2003.

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The Contemporary American Art Of War

12-07-2003 06:33

The Contemporary American Art of War

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~*~@ purple~peace~pixies @~*~ at the Fairford RIAT

11-07-2003 22:42

Gather a peace pixie posse of between 3 and 7 people, come and play and sing and bring peace, light and laughter to these rural lanes. Scatter purple petals, hand out sweeties and leaflets, be a pixie tour guide for a day or more, tell the RIAT tourists that pixies want the Cotswolds back for good.

~ * ~ @ War is Terrorism @ ~ * ~ @ Peace is Fun @ ~ * ~

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11-07-2003 21:16

Intelligence not evidence

Several analysts also believe that shortly before the war started on March 20, Baghdad had no missiles capable of reaching Saudi Arabia or Israel.

"Intelligence is not evidence," said Gregory Treverton, a former vice chair of the National Intelligence Council, which produces US security evaluations.

"The Bush administration has turned intelligence into evidence."

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Demo against Ariel Sharon's visit to London - 14 July 2003

11-07-2003 20:24

There will be a demo against the Occupation and Ariel Sharons Visit to London on 14th of July 2003 (5.30 pm - 9pm). He will be meeting Tony Blair for Dinner at Downing Street. Please come along. Bring banners, placard, flags, whistles. The louder the better.

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SchNEWS on UK Arms Industry and Indonesia + lots more (11th July)

11-07-2003 14:44

Latest weekly edition of the ace SchNEWS

See it on the web, print out the pdf + distribute! Easy!

ps they need to sort out about three and a half grand for the next years running costs (see below)

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Nuclear war head convoy on the move

11-07-2003 12:53

A nuclear war head convoy is due to arrive in Scotland on Friday 11th July. On it way from AWE Burghfield near Reading to Faslane navel base.

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IDF Prevents Farmers from Accessing Crops Beyond the Apartheid Wall

11-07-2003 00:01

Despite Promises:IDF Prevents Farmers from Accessing Crops Beyond the Apartheid Wall:For more information on the Wall of Apartheid see

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Impeach Bush cartoon

10-07-2003 22:54

Monkey Shines
Bush lied to the world. A high crime and impeachable offense.

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Congo Settling into Peaceful Routine, Hope Beginning to Rise

10-07-2003 21:25

After a civil war lasting nearly five years, involving seven foreign armies and producing up to 4.7 million deaths, it appears a lasting peace might be on the horizon.

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Palestine: ISM Update On Arrested Internationals

10-07-2003 20:21

Please help us protest the planned deportation of these international peace activists. Call, email, and fax the Minister of Interior

report from 10, July 2003 3PM EST. 4min39sec

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! ! ! STOP THE PRESSES ! ! ! - ! ! ! STOP THE PRESSES ! ! !

10-07-2003 19:34

Someone in the ""US Government", seems to think it would make a bad
image if Democracy's bush and cheney, truly knew before hand, of the
ACTUAL evidence they repeatedly sited, but didn't tell US publicly of,
all so they then could steal billions in an attempt to destroy our
freedoms while killing The People as not represented in their decision

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Declaration of Independence from America (full text)

10-07-2003 18:20

Declaration of Independence from America

Dated on 4th July 2003

Read and signed at US military bases in the UK

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SOS2003: Weekend Event Organized Against Bush Push for New Nukes

10-07-2003 15:15

Senior officials in the Bush administration who have proposed the production of a new generation of nuclear weapons have scheduled a meeting to discuss plans for nuclear proliferation at US Strategic Command (STRATCOM) during the first week of August 2003. We are going to be there to say NO! Join us!