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UK Anti-militarism Newswire Archive

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Ex-ambassador Craig Murray on Iraq and the London bombings

19-07-2005 09:46

"It is a foreign policy of oil grab cloaked in hypocrisy, and the impact of that policy on Muslims, that has caused this hate."

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We Go About Our Business

18-07-2005 21:32

The London and Iraq bombings, that took place recently are as a Londoner making me very concerned. What with all the inuendo and blame flying around. The prime minister B.Liar seems to me to be distancing himself from all the events to take the focus off the War In Iraq ! Peace. Kev.

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Reviewing Pre-1950 Iraqi History: Part 4

18-07-2005 14:48

Part 4 of a short review of pre-1950 Iraqi history for US and UK anti-war movement activists.

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Pentagon: Eastern European bases for fighting in Middle East!

18-07-2005 13:54

And the UK? - The U.S. Army is conducting joint military exercises this month in Bulgaria and Romania as a key test of Pentagon plans to develop Eastern European bases as staging areas for fighting in the Middle East.

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Report of vigil for London bomb victims in Edinburgh

18-07-2005 11:11

This is a 650 word piece on the vigil for the victims of the London bombing which was held in Edinburgh on Sunday 17th July. 7 photos are attached

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Portraits from vigil Russell Square Sunday 17th July

18-07-2005 10:49

Vigil organised by Stop the War Coalition and the Muslim Association of Britain in memory of the victims of the London bombings as well as victims of US/UK state treeorism in Iraq and Afganistan

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John Pilger on "Blair's Bombs" / G8 / Iraq - a "must read"

18-07-2005 10:42

Lest We Forget - These Were 'Blair's Bombs'

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Jaya Sacca's bail hearing

18-07-2005 10:25

Jaya Sacca, the peace activist currently in Lewes prison near Brighton, has a bail hearing this Wednesday at 10 at Lewes Crown Court. There will be a support demo outside the court from 10.

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Portratis from vigil, Russell Square, Sunday 17th July

18-07-2005 10:14

Vigil organised by Stop the War Coalition and The Muslim Associaltion of Britain in memory of the victims of the London bombings and US/UK state terrorism in Iraq and Afganistan as well as Israeli terrorism in Palestine.

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Resistance in Iraq legitimate: Sadr

18-07-2005 06:44

Iraqis should not be provoked by the coalition "occupation"
"So I call upon other parties like the Iraqi army and the Iraqi police to exercise self-restraint with Iraqi people and not be provoked [by] them or the occupying forces as this isn't in the interest of Iraq," he said.

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Iraqi Oil Workers Hold 24-hour Strike - Oil Exports Shut Down

17-07-2005 23:23

15,000 Southern Oil Company workers from the General Union of Oil Employees – Iraq’s largest independent union – began a 24-hour strike today Sunday July 17th 2005, stopping most oil exports from the south of Iraq.

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Images of Make Poverty History Demo, July 2, Edinburgh

17-07-2005 19:31

Adam Yosef in Edinburgh for Make Poverty History
Pictures from the Make Poverty History demonstration which took place at the Meadows in Ediburgh on Saturday 2 July 2005.
Use pics freely, accredit to Adam Yosef. Share your comments!

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The Bomb - 60 years on / John Pilgers powerful anti war Video-on FIGHT BACK Blog

17-07-2005 18:48

Today's news articles / Video on FIGHT BACK Blog

Thank you everyone that has looked so far - over 1250 in just over two weeks.

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Reviewing Pre-1950 Iraqi History: Part 3

17-07-2005 17:27

Part 3 of a short review of pre-1950 Iraqi history for US and UK anti-war movement activists.

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The small Faslane "On the Water" blockade

17-07-2005 16:31

Army boat
On Monday, 4th of July, during the Big Blockade at Faslane Nuclear Submarine Base, the weather was quite hot, so some people spontaneoulsy decided to add some water based actions to the road blockades.

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More pictures of G8 Faslane Big Blockade from 4th of July

17-07-2005 13:55

local opposition walking to North Gate
Faslane big publicity stunt at the Nuclear Base: at least 20 satelitte dishes of mainstream media were present at the North gate, interviewing MSP Thommy Sheridan or any other MSP.

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Pictures of the "Big Successfull Blockade" of Faslane Nuclear Base, at G8 2005

17-07-2005 12:56

invading the water with rebel kajaks
On Monday 4th of July, Scottish CND, Trident Ploughshares, the Faslane Peace Camp and friends celebrated one of their biggest success in the struggle against the Nuclear Weapons of Mass Destruction in Britain yet:
They closed down the Faslane Submarine Base near Helensburgh, north of Glasgow for a day - with hardly any arrests and a holiday for the workers.
On a sunny day, the victory of Non Violent Direct Action came at last for the campaigners.

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A view on the London bombings

17-07-2005 11:50

This is a 1,500 word piece on the awful events of July 7th with comparisons made to the attacks on New York and on Baghdad. 14 labelled photos are attached.

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Protest outside BBC AGM - Tuesday 19th July

16-07-2005 15:22

This Tuesday (19th July) 7pm, at the BBC Television Centre the Board of Governors are going to be holding their AGM, and we are going to be there to protest at their failure to cover the truth about the war against Iraq.

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John Pilger's - Breaking the Silence video - how "bombings" started!

16-07-2005 12:27

In case we forget how bombings started.