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UK Anti-militarism Newswire Archive

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Naming the dead: a small report

04-11-2004 20:54

just a small report on today's "naming the dead" action on cornmarket street

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deMOCKracy PartY 2nite @rampART

04-11-2004 18:34

reaction to the election
activists activate now
peace movement uk election strategy discussion
live music: the rub
djs later...

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Activists break into US bomb store

04-11-2004 16:28

Picures taken insinde welford bomb store
Activists broke into US bomb store at Welford, UK, in protest at the iminent attacks on Iraq cities

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The Power of Nightmares

04-11-2004 13:49

According to the BBC al Qaida does not exist!

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Australian leaders____ congratulate Bush? Shit!

04-11-2004 05:49

Well Shitliffter without International Law the community won't come together especially with the Coalition of the Killing's war doctrine based on pre-emptive strikes on foreign nations and in light of the subsequent unauthorised occupations of those countries and in terms of the dead.

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US Empire Votes For Pre-Emptive War!

03-11-2004 23:26

Either that or the majority of the USA are simply barbarians who are prepared to kill, maim, mistreat and torture anyone who has the other two thirds of the oil and resources they need to maintain their status quo, greed, and ignorance towards the rest of the world including International law and human rights standards.

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"Global Funeral March" [anti-BUSH Protest]... Thursday 4th November

03-11-2004 15:51

Spread the word...

6.00 pm Thursday
Near Holborn tube.
March to US Embassy!

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Iraq: The Danger of The Triangle of Death.

03-11-2004 12:05

I have spent time in the "Triangle of Death" and have suffered great personal tragedy there. I cannot express how deeply I am opposed to the deployment of British troops to that area. I hope that the following piece will enlighten people to some Iraqi's opinions, as well as my own. In my view it is a political deployment, and it's about time our military "boys" acted like the big "men" that they claim to be, and stop getting pushed around by our politicians.

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Anti-War Protester Arrested In Foreign Office Protest

03-11-2004 10:09

An anti-war protester has been arrested outside the Foreign Office in
Whitehall in a dramatic visual protest against the imminent attacks on

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Who's counting the dead in Fallujah? CARE?

03-11-2004 04:39

The killing of 100,000 innocent men, women and children in Iraq to date should be enough for others who CARE. People not sure of the legality, validity and rational for their killing should understand the alleged demon Saddam Hussain wasn't worth the sacrifice of those innocent people. Does anyone CARE about this dead baby?

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Message from the People of Falluja

02-11-2004 17:38

We know that major new attacks on Iraq's cities are imminent, with the prospect of thousands more killed and maimed civilians. Thursday's Naming the Dead and Die-In at 3.00pm in Cornmarket will give you a chance to express your sorrow and indignation over those already unjustly killed.

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Photos of Justice for Gordon Gentle demo on Saturday 30th October 2004.

02-11-2004 16:40

Maxine and Rose Gentle at front. Just behind them is Reginald Keys.
Here are six photos from the demo by the `Campaign for Justice for Gordon Gentle` which took place on Saturday 30th October 2004 in Pollok, Glasgow.

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Osama's Endorsement

01-11-2004 13:09


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Roll call of dead Iraqi civlians

31-10-2004 23:36

URGENT ! - To all CamPeace supporters

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anti-EDO Halloween noise demo

31-10-2004 01:36

Brightons local arms manufacturer EDO MBM ( ) got a visit on Wed 27th Oct as the workers were finishing up their day messing around with bomb release mechanisms, and that kinda thing, by a crowd of 20 or so halloweened (ie masked and looking funky!) protesters, banging woks against railings, tooting car horns, whistleing, loud speakering, you know, generally making a racket.

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Fascism and the Republican Party

30-10-2004 17:04

The close relationship between fascist individuals and groups from the period of Nazi rule in Europe with the Republican Party of the United States.

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Police brutally arrest 2 peaceful anti-war protesters in the centre of leeds

30-10-2004 15:27

In a peaceful anti-war protest in the town centre of leeds 2 activists were brutally arrested by police on section 5 of the public order act. The Leeds Revolution staged a sponge throwing at an impersonation of George Bush on the eve of the US election. This started at about 1pm until 2:30pm where the police arrived and forcefully broke up the demonstration by arresting 2 activists.